Who Should Sarah Jessica Parker Date Next?

Sarah Jessica Parker has stopped pretending she’s happy in her marriage with Matthew Broderick and is reportedly looking for her own place in New York City. Although Broderick was the one caught cheating, we think Parker will start dating someone else soon because she emotionally checked out of this marriage some time ago. Sean Penn: He’s married to Robin Wright, but the two have separated twice before, so we’re guessing their marriage isn’t all that solid. Parker’s acting career wouldn’t overshadow Penn’s, so the two would be able to enjoy each other’s successes. Penn wouldn’t be seen as the man with Parker, as Broderick came to be known.

Keanu Reeves: Both Parker and Reeves grew up in blended families, but Parker’s home life was much, more stable. She could be the grounding force to finally anchor Reeves, who didn’t purchase a permanent residence until 2003. In addition, Parker has been romantically linked to at least one musician, so we know she likes an artist-type. Reeves plays the bass and he could inject a great deal of excitement into Parker’s life as she gets over Broderick. She and Reeves also have their left-handedness in common.

Adrien Brody: Parker will need a take-charge kind of guy when her divorce proceedings begin and she starts filming the “Sex and the City” sequel. Brody fits that bill. He can inject some passion back into her life. Remember the back-breaking kiss he gave Halle Berry at the Oscars? They both have Jewish backgrounds. And his artsy swagger will complement her model-esque strut.

Luke Wilson: Parker loves those brunettes. And she had great chemistry with Wilson in “The Family Stone.” He is also definitely a family man, someone she wouldn’t mind having around son James Wilkie Broderick. He’d be the perfect comedic counterpart to her poised, serious nature.

Ben Roethlisberger: This would be a just for fun hookup because he’s so not her type. But she needs someone like Roethlisberger, who is young and popular. This hookup would be the perfect way to get back at Broderick. And since he has a demanding schedule, she’ll have time to devote to James.

[Photos: Splash News]