What Does Being Smart Mean For Your Sex Life?

Women are always on the hunt for a smart man. Smarter men have more money, more success and apparently more sperm. Researchers have found that smarter men produce more sperm than not-so-smart men. The logic behind this theory is that smarter men take better care of themselves and live a healthier life than the not-so-intelligent dudes (also known as the the people who eat triple bacon cheeseburgers from Wendy’s).

In other smart study-related news, women with graduate degrees are more likely to have an orgasm than their less-educated counterpart. Whereas, another study contradicts that theory entirely and claims smarter women are less likely to be satisfied by sex because they are thinking about it too much. OMG! I’m so confused and I have a master’s degree. So which one is it? Am I going to have amazing, mind-blowing sex? Or am I going to over think about how much I want to enjoy sex and then end up faking it? Can sex and smarts co-exist? Maybe ignorance is bliss. It’s not fair that men still get to enjoy sex whether they are dumb or smart AND as a bonus, smart men shoot out a bunch of sperm. Either way, all of these “I’m smarter than you” studies are a load of bologna. In order to achieve better sex, it doesn’t matter what your IQ is or how many degrees you have. The key to achieving great sex is about how much liquor you drink. Duh!