In Bed With … Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Born: July 27, 1977 in Dublin (United Kingdom Ireland)
Sun Sign: Leo
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Sagittarius
Mercury: Leo
Venus: Gemini
Mars: Gemini Love Style:

Having played a king, the King — as in Elvis — and a Bowie-esque rock star isn’t a far stretch of the imagination when it comes to expressing all those side of this Magic Man in the art of love. Yes, chances are he too is open to swinging from all sides of the fence, so long as what he’s holding onto is something sparkly, beautiful, curious and rare. This is a boy filled with more passion that most would know what to do with, including himself. To him, love is an action adventure, with a spiritual and intellectual bent. Although he’s a most romantic and delicate creature, it’s more of the dark variety and no matter how much he thrives on having another at his side; he’s not wired for the long-term. Best in fleeting and intense affairs, as it goes for a dreamer like him, creating fantasy trumps dealing with the mundane details of building something forever.

Sex Style:

Dynamic, kinky, passionate, fiery, rough, romantic, adventurous, unpredictable and fast — that’s the way Jonathan lives his life and that is the way he expresses his sex. This is a boy that will stop at nothing to get off, the more daring and dangerous the better. He’s not one for routines and is all about trying new things that strike his fancy and the more spontaneous and off the beaten path, the more he’ll appreciate the ride. He’s not one to sit around and wait for life to happen, as he’s the boy that loves to get on top and ride out every opportunity and whim that comes his way and go at it hardcore. He’s driven to experience life decadently and beautifully, and the more unique the opportunity, the more muscle he’ll throw in, working his body and psyche to the extremes.

His Type:

Jonathan is so dramatic, emotional and extreme that he is beyond having a type, as what floats his boat changes at any given moment. He’ll follow the mysterious unknown any day over placing any rules on himself as to “have a type.” In his point of view, he’s after someone that takes him on a journey beyond the realm of the senses, sparking his imagination and driving his curiosities to the edge — via style, cultural intrigue, religious offerings or just flat out craziness. No matter the sex of his person, Jonathan is a man that follows a more ethereal side to his heart and has no limits to his love. He’s all fire, looking to burn with passion and be free to journey into any uncharted possibility that appears in his presence.