Can I Get Some Privacy Please Facebook?!

Every time I go to check my email, this feeling of fear passes over me. Not because I’m worried about getting an email from my boss, or a Dear John type letter from a guy who’s just not that in to me. But because Facebook is going to send me a message that says “One of your friends tagged you in a photo.” WHAT! Why are my friends tagging me in photos for all of my other Facebook friends to see? Have I approved these photos to get posted? What am I doing in the photo – am I drunk? The big question is, how do I look in the photo? If we are going to remain Facebook friends, you cannot tag me in a pic where I look like I could go outside and frighten small children. That’s like an unwritten rule. But how did my social gatherings with friends and personal details of my life now become a public viewing spectacle and a topic of thread discussions on the Internet.
It brings up the point, can you have any privacy with a Facebook account? Can any part of your life remain to yourself? It was designed to be this wonderful tool for staying in touch with people in your past and present, but come on let’s be real. Facebook puts our lives on full display for everyone to read, gawk at and talk crap about. Privacy no longer exists if you have a Facebook account. I recently changed my status on Facebook because I didn’t want to be listed as in a relationship. Now all of my 300 friends could see “Persia is no longer listed as in a relationship.” I didn’t even say I was single. I just wanted to remove the relationship category altogether because I don’t think it’s anyone’s business. I must have gotten like 20 comments over the next few days about that. Dam, is it that big of a deal that I don’t have a man. But think about. Facebook is where you get all your friends info. I found out one of my best friends was engaged on Facebook. Another was pregnant. Another took a trip to Greece.
If you are in a relationship with someone on Facebook, you put your status as, “In a relationship with blah blah.” So imagine if you breakup with blah blah on Facebook. Everyone is going to know because one or both of you is going to change your status. And to make matters worse, what if you two have mutual friends and your friends are real bitter about how the relationship ended. They can post nasty comments on your ex’s page calling him all types of names so all his friends can read, ‘Hope the herpes doesn’t flare up since you cheated on my best friend with some skank ho.”
Or you could be blissfully happy in your relationship, until your man sees a tag of you in a pic all hugged up on some dude you met at the club and you were just dancing with him because you were drinking and the DJ was playing Single Ladies. So inevitably a fight ensues and he cusses you out, on Facebook nonetheless, for all to read. And while all of this drama is going down, your boss comments on your page, “Hope you’re doing ok,” because, of course, he/she is your friend of Facebook.

Moral of the story. Facebook is really the devil that wants to lure you to the bad side with a pitchfork and horns. But it’s a great way to keep in touch!