Change Your Pubic Hair Style In 2009

In 2009, custom pubic hair styling is the new, new thing. Nad’s Naughty Bikini Design Kit includes your usual home bikini waxing kit fare — with an added bonus for personalizing your pubes. With the Nad’s kit, you can wax your pubic hair into a variety of dramatic shapes so your vagina can speak for itself: Thunderstruck is a lightning bolt, Landing Strip offers the streamlined look, Bermuda Triangle is for the traditional girl who wants to convey an air of genital mystery, and Heartbreaker is the nether region hairdo that tells all those that encounter it: “I love you — for now.” If you’re more into dye jobs than topiary, Betty Beauty, creators of a popular line of pubic hair coloring for women whose carpets simply must match their drapes, is launching a new addition to their blond, brunette, and hot pink color line in ’09 that would be pretty punk rock matched with a crotch mohawk: lilac. Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more temporary, the high-fashion runway forecast for 2009 calls for merkins.

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