NeNe Isn’t A Real Housewife Anymore

Rumor has it, NeNe Leakes, from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is leaving the show. But don’t worry! NeNe is in talks to get her very own show, a spin-off which focuses on her life. What life?! NeNe, you run some bogus foundation. And as much as we love you, you are NOTHING without Kim and Sheree to fight with. What are we going to do? Watch you as you feed your sweet, old husband, drive around in your Escalade and look for your real daddy? BORING. The only thing I may be interested in seeing on her show is her gay friend — the honorary sixth housewife who isn’t scared of the color pink because it is a masculine color. But while we’re on the subject of casting change, the housewife who really needs to leave the show is DeShawn [DeYawn! — Editor]. DeShawn’s segments on the show really help with insomnia. That chick is a snore. If NeNe does get her own show, I hope she has some other elite Atlanta bitchy socialite friends to talk about behind their backs. Otherwise, this has disaster written all over it. [Media Takeout]