Get Your Rocks Off: Happy Birthday Bowie!

Forget Christmas. On this day in history, the glam messiah, David Bowie, was born. Although it isn’t one of those official holidays recognized by the Post Office and the bank, January 8, 1947, was, in fact, a day that literally rocked our world! While we have no confirmation that Bowie danced himself right out of the womb wearing platform pumps and guyliner, the man we’ve come to know and love has influenced many of his fellow artists. Hit songs like “Rebel Rebel,” “Heroes,” and “Fashion” have stood the test of time, just like his good looks. Damn, the dude still looks slick in a suit at 62! So, to celebrate this special day, we compiled a playlist of bands and musicians who also worship the Thin White Duke, after the jump…

Arcade Fire & David Bowie  Arcade Fire & David Bowie (“Wake Up”): During their nationally televised set during Fashion Rocks, the Canadian ensemble was joined by their hero to sing their hit “Wake Up” and then they backed Ziggy up on “Life on Mars?” and “Five Years.”

Nine Inch Nails  Nine Inch Nails (“Hurt”): After producing arguably his darkest record, Outside, Bowie toured with NIN at the height of their early success in 1995.

Flight of the Conchords  Flight Of The Conchords (“Bowie”): Jemain and Brett dedicated an entire episode of their HBO show, including a tribute song “Bowie’s In Space,” to their idol.

Nirvana  Nirvana (“The Man Who Sold The World”): Kurt Cobain and Co. covered “The Man Who Sold The World” in their infamous Unplugged set on MTV.

Semi Precious Weapons  Semi Precious Weapons (“Genius”): The New York glam outfit is the only band to have played the tribute party, Bowie Ball, twice.

TV On the Radio  TV On The Radio (“Province”): Before they really broke, Brooklyn’s sonic innovators asked Bowie to sing on their song “Province.” Bowie surprised them because he was already a huge fan of theirs too!

Kashmir  Kashmir (“The Cynic”): The band used Ziggy Stardust producer Tony Visconti for their 2005 record No Balance Palace and asked Bowie to sing.

Sonic Youth  Sonic Youth (“Teenage Riot”): Experimental noise rocker and extreme Bowie fan, Thurston Moore, curated his music videos for the MoMA back in December.

Klaxons  Klaxons (“Gravity’s Rainbow”): The UK band of boys told NME they consider Bowie their major influence.

Radiohead  Radiohead (“Karma Police”): Ed O’Brien credits Bowie for making him pick up a guitar as a kid.