Ask The Astrosexologist: Is A Gemini Commitment-Phobe Worth Waiting For?

My birthday is May 1st. My boyfriend’s birthday is June 15th. In March we’ll have been dating for eight years. I’m ready to get married and move the relationship forward. I was going to move in with him a few months back, but he said he knew that wouldn’t “entirely get him off the hook.” I know he is not ready to get married, nor does he know if he wants to have kids, while I know I do. He says I’ll just spend all his money, while I’ve said I would sign a pre-nup. Should I stick it out? I think I know the answer, but I’ve been too scared to break up with him.

To make my life more complicated, there is a guy; he is a Cancer (and seven years younger), and he has been wanting to date me badly. I can’t stop thinking about him. I keep stalling on doing anything because I don’t want to cheat on my boyfriend and I also don’t necessarily want to jump from my boyfriend to another guy. Please help! I need some advice! – Lost Taurus Gal You said it yourself — you know what to do. With the aspects Taurus has going on, 2009 is your year to fight for independence and start carving out a path of your own. Pluto and the eclipses are all causing action in your 9th house, which also represent spiritual journeys, individuality, truth, travel and foreign affairs. Holding out for a Gemini to make a decision, when he is obviously firmly set on being on the fence, is no way to live — especially for a steadfast Taurus girl like you. Ruled by the love side of Venus, the biggest challenge Taurian women face in relationships is maintaining their own value, needs and boundaries. They have a tendency to become doormats for love, out to please their lovers whether they deserve it or not. In your case, with the somewhat undermining excuses he is giving, he doesn’t seem to be worthy of you.

Seriously, fast-forward your life if you stick it out with the Gemini. Realize that how he is now is how he’d be if you got married, but worse — as in, you always having to fight for what you want. He’s not even wiling to give you a compromise, like living together with no mixed messages. Gemini boy obviously stuck in that line to put you back in your place and you know it. These are all telltale signs that your relationship with him is of a cat and mouse variety and that is never good enough.

As for the Cancer man, no, it’s never good to hop from one relationship into another — especially since you are at the point of wanting to marry the Gemini. Take this as a sign of what you can have and know there are options. However, the best move is to give yourself the opportunity to break free of the mess, take a time out for yourself, and reorganize your life onto your path and timeline, instead of waiting around for others to give you a green light. Pluto has already moved into position to help you and on January 11th the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn begin, helping you to clear up mental cobwebs and set up new goals. It’s all up to you now — wait for a miracle or make one happen.

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