A Big, Fat Booty May Be Good For Your Health

A big butt makes Sir-Mix-A-Lot horny, but it can make you healthy. New research suggests the fat responsible for causing pear shapes, like those of Beyonce and J. Lo, may protect women from developing type 2 diabetes.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School injected mice with buttocks and hip fat from other mice. The injected mice easily used the insulin hormone and were able to make better use of the insulin. Insulin is the main hormone linked to diabetes and many diabetics take it regulate their blood sugar. The mice also lost weight. People whose fat is stored around their stomachs can be more prone to type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Those with pear shapes are less likely to be afflicted with these disorders. Researcher Dr. Ronald Kahn insists that not all fat is bad for your health. He said it wasn’t where the fat was located, but what type of fat it was. Adding that subcutaneous fat, the fat injected into the mice, was producing a good effect. “I think it’s an important result because not only does it say that not all fat is bad, but I think it points to a special aspect of fat where we need to do more research,” said Kahn. [New.com.au via FOXNews.com]