Woman Sets Her Site On a Husband

Picture this: You’re single, you’re 42, and you’re determined to get a husband this year. But just how far would you go to meet your soul mate? Would you let the whole world know you are actively seeking out a life-long mate? That’s what 42-year-old Neenah Pickett is doing. She publicly announced she was looking for a man to put a ring on it, by creating a website called 52Weeks2FindHim.com. The site is completely devoted to her conquest to find a husband before the end of 2009. Pickett blogs daily, pondering about having children and reminding herself how amazing she is. She describes herself as a media consultant from New Jersey who’s religious and has an adventurous spirit. In order to find Mr. Right, Pickett plans to go on as many dates as possible. Even though we’re only a few days into 2009, she already has dates lined up, having received more than 100 emails from guys since the site launched.

Actually, Pickett might be on to something here. It’s probably cheaper than going through some online dating service, and you can let the men know upfront what you want so there isn’t any booty-call confusion. And what I love about this story is Neenah doesn’t care what others think about her for doing this. She’s not worried that some people may think this is completely humiliating and/or a desperate attempt to meet a man. She’s not concerned she might scare men away with all this talk of finding a husband. She’s got balls, unlike myself. I don’t do half the crap I want to say or do around a man because I don’t want him thinking I’m a complete nut job. Gotta save some of the mystery! But I totally commend her in her efforts and wish her the best of luck.