Who IS Rose Byrne, Anyway?

FX’s popular suspenseful drama “Damages” begins its second season tonight and we’ve heard tons of great things about the show. Unfortunately, the first season’s episodes are not available online, but you can read the recaps here if you want to get up to speed before trying the show out this evening. Glenn Close, who we adore in basically everything, is the star, but recognizable (and beautiful) face Rose Byrne plays Ellen Parsons, the naive goody-two shoes attorney working for a devious, slightly psychotic boss. From what we understand, this season Ellen sheds her good girl image and transforms into this manipulative back-stabbing vixen, giving her boss some competition. So how do you know Rose’s face? Everything we could find out about her, after the jump…

LOVES: Rose is definitely the monogamous type. She’s been in a five year relationship with Brendan Cowell, a fellow Aussie and a locally-known writer, director and actor. Previous to their relationship, she dated Australian writer, director Gregor Jordan who directed her in the film “Two Hands.” Brendan must be quite the catch, considering Rose has had love scenes with Josh Hartnett (“Wicker Park”) and Brad Pitt (“Troy”).

CREW: Like her men, Rose’s best friends are all fellow Australians — particularly Aussie actress Nadia Townsend, who she has known since she was 8, as well as Abbie Cornish (Ryan Phillippe’s current girlfriend). Additionally, while filming “Damages” in the U.S., she’s become very close to her on-screen co-star Glenn Close, who’s been somewhat of a mother figure in the States for the 29 year old. While in the U.S. Byrne seems to stick close to home and isn’t known for making the rounds in the NYC or L.A. party scenes.

Born outside Sydney, Australia on July 24, 1979, Rose was her parents’ fourth child — she has an older brother and two older sisters. She was cast in her first film at the age of 12 and appeared in many Australian TV shows and movies, including “Two Hands” with the late Heath Ledger. In 2002, she got her big break starring as Natalie Portman’s friend Dorme in “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.” Additionally, she was Brad Pitt’s lover in “Troy,” worked with Sofia Coppola on “Marie Antoinette” as the Duchesse de Polignac, and was ravaged in the zombie flick “28 Days Later.” Meanwhile, her beautiful face and enviable complexion scored her a campaign for Max Factor, for whom she was the face between 2004 and 2006. Scoring the role of Ellen on “Damages,” for which she got a Golden Globe nomination, promises to break Byrne into the mainstream, especially as buzz surrounding the first season ensures even more viewers for the second.