Snitch Saved Martha Stewart In Prison

A former prison inmate who was incarcerated at the same time as Martha Stewart said she saved the businesswoman’s life while they were locked up. Stewart was released from Alderson Federal Prison in 2005, so why is former inmate Lisa Guarino revealing this now? Guarino said now that she is in a life or death battle with breast cancer, Stewart has turned her back on her. Although Guarino said Stewart promised to find her a top doctor, she has been unable to reach Stewart.

Stewart claims she keeps in touch with several of her former inmates. “Some of the women who became my friends while I was incarcerated have visited with me,” Martha said in a recent interview. “There are some very interesting women there of great value to society, and I keep in contact with them.” Guarino recently approached Stewart for help, but was given an autographed photo instead.

The two became friends after Guarino loaned Stewart some blush, said Guarino. (Am I the only one that finds it hard to believe Martha Stewart would borrow blush from a fellow prisoner?) The two would workout at night in the prison recreation night. One night, said Guarino, Stewart shot her mouth off when the two found lesbians having sex in the recreation center with the lights off. “I warned Martha not to go in there, but she said it was our time to exercise, swung open the door, turned on the light and said, ‘Chop! Chop! Ladies,” revealed Guarino. She added that the women were more masculine than professional boxers and one threatened to kill Stewart, who turned white and started to panic. “Don’t let them hurt me!” said Stewart to Guarino. []