The Roman Polanski Sex Case

Director Roman Polanski’s now notorious sex case is making news again because his attorneys filed a request to dismiss the charges against him in December 2008. Tuesday, Los Angeles prosecutors filed a motion stating they will fight the dismissal. In response, Polanski’s lawyer accused the Los Angeles Superior Court of bias and prejudice against the director and is seeking to move the case. Although Polanski’s sex case is notorious, I’m sure there are some people, myself included, that don’t know what actually happened so many years ago. Apparently, this case was a sensation when it broke in the late ’70s. Polanski, whose wife Sharon Tate was murdered by the Manson family, was arrested for having sex with a 13-year-old model he hired for a photo shoot at actor Jack Nicholson’s home. Nicholson was not home at the time. Polanski was accused of giving the girl part of a Quaalude and champagne. According to the prosecutor’s motion, which drew details of the incident from transcripts from grand jury hearings in 1977, Polanski forced the girl to disrobe and perform “oral copulation,” intercourse and sodomy. After pleading guilty to a single charge of sex with a minor and other charges, Polanski fled the United States and has been in a self-imposed exile in France for 30 years. Although the victim reportedly asked Polanski to stop several times and was in tears when he drove her home, she has said she never wanted Polanski to go to prison and wants the case dismissed. The victim is now a 44-year-old woman.