Quickies!: Ann Coulter Has A Bone To Pick With Single Mothers

  • Check out Ann Coulter’s appearance on “The Today Show” discussing her dislike for single mothers. Hmm, like Bristol Palin? [AOL]
  • Speaking of, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy Levi Johnston quit his job and little Tripp’s baby grandma, Sherry Johnston, plead not guilty to drug charges. Just an average day for the Palin-Johnston family. [National Enquirer]
  • Ha! This has got to be a joke. The porno industry is looking for a $5 million bailout. Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen. [College Candy]
  • Yay! Taylor Lautner might reprise his role as Jacob Black in “New Moon.” [Perez Hilton]
  • Tori Spelling is thisclose to reprising her role as Donna Martin on “90210.” Now, if only they can make her a virgin again. Ooh, what if goes to grad school and then we can all cheer, “Donna Martin Graduates” again! [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Are you so over over dealing with your boyfriend’s mother? Here’s some polite advice for telling her to leave you the goddamn hell alone. [Dear Sugar]