“Sex and the City” Sequel Is A Definite

This time around there won’t be any will-it-ever-happen talk like there was with “Sex and the City: The Movie” because Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall and HBO have confirmed a sequel to the $153 million grossing film. In order to have a 2010 release, said Parker, production would have to begin this summer. Costume designer Patricia Field told MTV that a sequel is in the works, but only in the very early states and she has yet to receive any official information — which we take to mean a plot and a script. That’s because writer/director Michael Patrick King hasn’t settled on an idea, though he has a truckload of stories. The big issue is whether the idea is the right idea. One thing is for sure, though, Parker thinks it would be manipulative for Carrie Bradshaw to become a mother because the character is headed in a different direction. And don’t expect there to be any explanation of the women’s lives when they were younger. “We made the conscious choice to not think about a life prior to New York City,” said Parker. Although I can’t get enough of “Sex and the City,” I wonder how adding to the franchise will affect the careers of the leading ladies in the long run. Although I know better, I tend to think Parker’s life has followed the same patterns as Carrie’s. And Cattrall is Samantha Jones to me. These women, including Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, are so talented that I hate to think of them as being pigeon-holed. [MTV.com]