Five Things You Didn’t Know About Whitney Casey

Whitney Casey’s The Man Plan: Drive Men Wild… Not Away promises to help you find Mr. Right or a bunch of Mr. Right Nows. How? We’re not sure, but as a “relationship expert” on, a TV personality and international journalist, Casey, we’re sure, has a wealth of knowledge regarding the opposite sex. Check out some facts about Casey and other ways to find her relationship advice after the jump.

  1. She has a BS in Exercise Science from the University of Virginia. That’s Bachelor of Science, not Bull S**t.
  2. She writes a column called “Relationships With Whit” for the Houston Chronicle and was the senior producer/host of “Great Day Houston.”
  3. She has 153 fans on Facebook and thinks the social networking site is a great place to meet new dates.
  4. Her book was originally titled, Manopoly.
  5. And she plays fantasy football