Quickies!: This Is What Happens When You Over-Pluck Those Brows

  • I’m a cat lover, but never have I considered swapping my eyebrows for a cat tattoo. All of the women in these pics should grow bangs. [Just Whatever]
  • Awww. These guys proposed to their girlfriends in Essence magazine, and now you can help them win a $50,000 dream wedding by voting on their surprise marriage proposal videos. [Essence.com]
  • A recent study claims women who practice yoga report more satisfying sex lives. Well, duh, you’d have to be a yogi to get into most Kama Sutra positions. [Your Tango]
  • If you and your ex are trying to reconcile, it’s reasonable to ask him to cut off ties with the woman he slept with while you two were apart. [Dear Sugar]
  • You can give your old college T-shirts a second, more purposeful life. And begin a new hobby while you’re at it.[College Candy]
  • In an effort to get people to stop confusing him with Ellen DeGeneres, Owen Wilson has declared January “Owen Wilson Awareness Month.” [Candy Kirby]
  • Only 63 of you ladies think Courtney Love needs a makeover in 2009, but after you see this pic we bet she’ll get more votes. [Dlisted]
  • Hillary Clinton still has a $6.3 million presidential campaign debt to pay back, so So Jon Bon Jovi is performing at a fundraiser in her honor. [Perez Hilton]