Spitzer Madam Weighs In On Call Girl Profitability Of Celebrities

Kristin Davis, a New York madam whose clients included Lov Gov Eliot Spitzer, weighs on what she thinks celebrities would be worth if they were to leave behind their careers as thespians and take up working as call girls. Find out her top ten picks for celebrity escorts after the jump.1. Britney Spears: “If she cleaned herself up maybe I could get a thousand dollars an hour for her.”

2. Paris Hilton: “She’s blonde and I could get away with selling her as a Ford model.”

3. Beth Ostrosky: “It’s always a homerun if I can get a girl who’s 5’9” or above.”

4. Katie Holmes: “Katie would be very popular because she has that All American, college girl look.”

5. Angelina Jolie: “She would be my top girl.”

6. Sarah Palin: “I wouldn’t have any market for her.”

7. Playboy Playmates: “Usually, they’re boobs are too big or too fake looking.”

8. Lindsay Lohan: “Men would eat her up!”

9. Rihanna: “Rihanna wouldn’t bring in any business for me.”

10. Melania Trump: “I could get $2,000 an hour for her if she played along and didn’t let it slip where she’s from.”

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