10 Tips For Really Living Your Best Life

Since gaining 40 pounds over the last couple of years, Oprah’s getting back on the wagon and kicking off 2009 with this week’s “Live Your Best Life” series. Featuring a bunch of experts on fitness, wellness, finance, spiritualism, and style, Oprah hopes the week-long series will inspire viewers to tune in and get proactive about their health and happiness. But you don’t need Oprah and her experts to help you live your best life. You just need to follow these 10 helpful tips, after the jump…1. Buy your pants 2-3 sizes too big and instead of beating yourself up for growing out of your clothes, you can celebrate (with a piece of cake) as you grow into them!

2. Keep a bottle of champagne on hand for toasting those special occasions — like making it through another day.

3. Just like you do with fortune cookie fortunes, add the words “in bed” to every bit of advice you receive this year.

4. If you wear a 34B bra, try a 32C and brag to all your friends about growing a cup size overnight.

5. Drink copious amounts of Bailey’s in your morning coffee and tell your boss you’ve been enjoying the daily meetings more than ever.

6. Buy a bedazzler and turn it loose on your lingerie drawer.

7. Continue wishing everyone a “Happy New Year” until March. Nah, make it April.

8. Serenade your boyfriend with Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” every day until he proposes.

9. Don’t forget to wear a black leotard!

10. Since Madonna doesn’t need her faux British accent anymore, see if you can borrow it for an evening.