Sex Positions Around The Globe

Men’s Health mag surveyed sex positions around the globe. Although, no nasty move is indigenous to one area because we all universally get freaky! Well, here’s what they found rocked people’s worlds in different areas:

India: The Fusion
When I think of fusion, either nuclear or pan-Asian flare comes to mind. But this is a dish best served hot. He leans back, you sit on top, facing him, and lean back too. Make sure you bend your knees and pump away with a full view of all the crotch action!
Spain: Downward Dog
The twist on the classic doggy style has the woman rest her arms and chest on the bed while keeping her ass up. Supposedly this position makes her tighter and it easier for you to hit the G-spot…assuming she’s got one.

Brazil: The Amazon
It’s your turn to attack! Turn your man into pretzel and have him lie on his back with his knees to his chest. Sit on him with a leg to each side of his tummy. Then hold his hands for balance as you bounce up and down. According to the mag, of you’re not fit enough to full on cowgirl, you can still be an Amazon.

Hungary: The Lazy Lady
While this position name makes me go, “Pfft!” The day I’m lazy in bed, I’ll be dead. But the actually action sounds like a fun ride! So, ignore the crap title and try this: let him spoon you. Lift your top leg, so he can enter from behind and reach around to stimulate your clit. It’s a 2 for1!

What’s “The American?” Apparently, 48% of US men go for missionary. That’s sadly 6% above the world average. In 2009, it’s time to go effin’ wild and improve our international relations!