In Bed With … James Franco

Born: April 19, 1978, Time Unknown, Palo Alto, California
Sun Sign: Aries
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Virgo
Venus: Taurus
Mars: Leo Love Style:

Fiery and intense, James is the guy that’ll hunt you down once a passion for you ignites in him. Not one to hold back on his intensity or impulses, he’s a see, want, attack and stop at nothing until he gets what he’s after. He’ll wine, dine and do whatever it takes for you to fall for him, as he’s got a big vision of love. There’s never a cutting of corners for those he cares for, especially when it comes to the price. He’s a big spender and loves to spoil whom he loves. Over top in any way he can think, the good news is that he has just enough earthy elements to ground him, making him loyal and reliable all the while too. So, while he might come in like a hurricane, he settles into being a sunny and warm day.

Sex Style:

He’s no in and out jobber when it comes to love. Sure, he’ll know his way around a quickie, but that isn’t his style, as he’s all about giving a show that leaves you wanting to scream, “Encore.” Yes, James is a performer in every sense of the word and he likes to give epic sex. He serves his sensual delights as if every time were his last, as he loves connecting through sex. To increase his game, he likes a gal that is a supportive audience and can show her praise for him dramatically — as in being able to switch gears, taking him powerfully, passionately and with the element of surprise. He’ll all for savoring his worship as a bottom, as he appreciates a lady that knows what she is doing and isn’t scared to show off her own moves.

His Type:

James’ ideal lady is a natural, private and practical type. She is classically attractive and her style follows suit. He’s best being the flashy one and the star, with his partner as his supporting cast mate that compliments him to a tee. However, emotionally speaking, she isn’t passive. She has a strong sense of herself, is no-nonsense, reliable, artsy and a willing participant to all his ideas without feeling threaten. Also, she is motherly and is willing to be along side him to cater to his needs, a selfless type that puts her man’s needs in front of her own. Of course, not just in it for himself, he’ll do all the same for her too, as he’s a traditionalist in the art of love.