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Quickies!: Does Sarah Palin Ink Her Lip Liner?
Commenter's Ball: Our Five Favorite Comments Of The Week
Hollywood Exes: Why Did These Celeb Couples Break Up?
The Best Mean Girls In TV And Film
Fashion Slideshow: Under $100 Black Bags
Girl Talk: Your Significant Other And Your Family Don't Get Along
Crave: Doily Melamine Plate Set
Love Vandal: An Alleyway Scribble
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Sarah Palin & Her VPILFishness
The Frisky's Five Sexy Freebies
Quick Pic: Put On Your Crazy Hat
12 Things Mean Girls Do To Take Down the Competition
Five Things You Didn't Know About Robert Pattinson
Quote Of The Day: Kelly Osbourne On How She Learned About Sex
What's It Like...Being In An Interracial Marriage?
The Daily Squeeze: Katy Perry Dolls, Snake Massages, And Dolphin Diets
Dancing With The Stars: Lance Bass Kisses A Girl, Appears To Like It
Sex Sells: How Much Do We Spend On Doin' It?
Star Couplings: Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz's Bed Is Crowded
Quickies!: I'd Rather Be Single Than Sleep With A Non-Voter
Poll: If There Really Is A Britney Spears Sex Tape, Would You Watch It?
How To: Dita Von Teese Lights Up Your Love Life
Scarlett Johansson Isn't The Only Young Celebrity Bride
We See Chick Flicks: The Duchess
As The Stock Market Tumbles, Call Girls Reap The Rewards
Crave: Classic Trenchcoat
David Duchovny: The Sex Addict Returns
Five Things You Didn't Know About Abbie Cornish
Freaky But True: Teens Plot To Kill Mom For Breast Implants
The 10 Strangest Things About Being Suddenly Single
Why Does Sarah Palin Bring Out The Mean Girls In Us?
Quick Pic: Hair Hat
The Daily Squeeze: Child Prostitution, Breast Cancer, And Gossip Girl Sneak Peeks
Trends: Are Girls Jumping Off Buildings The New Black?
First Time For Everything: Shacking Up
Quote Of The Day: Ellen DeGeneres On How Marriage Has Changed Her
Star Couplings: Russell Crowe & Nicole Kidman Are Old-Fashioned Parents
For The Week Of September 29-October 5, 2008
The Frisky TV: Would You Rather Orgasm Every Five Minutes Forever Or Never Have One Again?
Slideshow: Mad Men's Christina Hendricks
Who Should Clay Aiken Date?
Just Married: Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds
Designer Lines Now At Urban Outfitters
Obit: Paul Newman
Pocket Change: Jessica Biel's "I'm Vacaying In Italy With Justin Timberlake" Style
Girl Talk: The Naked Truth
Bruno Storms Milan Fashion Week
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For September 27-28th 2008
Quickies!: Hateable Hipster Fashion Statements
Italian Hookers Have New Habits
New Reality TV Show To Feature Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys
Five Catalogs Your Mailbox Will Be Happy To Get
8 Ways To Celebrate National Singles And Unmarrieds Week
Crave: Destination Necklace
Romance On TV: Jim Proposes To Pam For Real This Time On "The Office"
Stunning Hosiery For Fall
Breast Cancer: What You Need To Know
Quick Pic: Convertible Hair
Quote Of The Day: Martha Stewart Likes A Long Wiener
Romance On TV: Grey's Anatomy Explains Why Men Cheat
5 Ways To Seek Digital Revenge On An Ex
My First Crush: The Senior
The Daily Squeeze: Stolen Nude Photos, Decisions At Home, And Jason Ritter
Fall TV: New Primetime TV Hotties
Star Couplings: Wah! Suri Cruise Has No Friends!
Britney Spears Is A Womanizer, Bitch
Quickies!: Whose Camel Toe Is This?
Project Runway: I'm In Love With Jerell
Style On The Street: "Gossip Girl" Extra
Project Runway's Kenley: I Take Back My Girl Crush
The Prince Albert: A (His)tory
Eight Ways To Get A Shopping High Without Shopping (Much)
Crave: Metalsgirl Resin and Herb Necklace
Hot Outta The Oven: Detox-Friendly Roasted Halibut
10 Movies, TV Shows, & Songs To Avoid During A Breakup
Having A Baby With Your Gay Best Friend: What's In It For The Ladies?
Boo Tyra And America's Next Top Model
What Happens When Your Heels Are Too High
Is Lindsay Lohan A Cutter?
Poll: What Are You Scrimping On During The Econonic Crisis?
The Daily Squeeze: It's Time To Celebrate, Single People!
Dating Don'ts: Five Reasons NOT To Go On A Date
Hookup Text Messages Seem Quaint When Embroidered
Star Couplings: Natalie Portman Dumps Her Dirty Hippie
Quote Of The Day: Donnie Wahlberg On New Kids On The Block's Reunion Tour
Quickies!: The Only Thing Allowed To Pump In Court Is The Gavel
The Daily Hotness: Peter Krause
TV Is Coming Out Like Clay Aiken
Fall TV: Returning Primetime Hotties
Essence Magazine: Voluptuous And Lovin' It Issue
Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon Launches Clothing Line Mirror/Dash
Crave: Sunny Yellow Peacoat
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Men Have Body Image Issues Too
How To Wear Sheer Clothes So You Don't Look Like A Hoochie
Slideshow: The Studs Symphonies Are Made Of
Sex Advice: What Are The Chances I'll Get Mono?
Quick Pic: Genius Or Crazy
Fans React To Clay Aiken Coming Out
Poll: Would You Wear Two-Toned Tights?
Five Fall Date Ideas
Get Your Rocks Off: Girl Talk's Songs To Send To Your Ex-Girlfriend...
Sexism Still Pays Off For Men
The Daily Squeeze: Breast Milk At Ben & Jerry's, Grandma Smells, And Bad Dreams
Free Sarah Palin! CNN's Campbell Brown Grows A Pair On Behalf Of The Media
Star Couplings: Drew Barrymore Dating Yet Another Younger Man
Quickies!: Dita Von Teese Shares Her Bras
Clay Aiken FINALLY Comes Out Of The Closet
Fashion Slideshow: Metallic Shoes
"Dead Ringers": Twin Gynos Still Creepy 20 Years Later
Scar-less Surgery Is The New Black
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of September 23rd 2008
10 Reasons We Love...Cloris Leachman
Crave: Sex And The City: The Movie
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop: A Little Bit Of Everything That Makes Up Her (Perfect) Life
The Frisky's Top 10 Girl Crushes
Gossip Girl: The Only Thing That Can Take Out A Queen B Is A Queen S
Love Vandal: Those Four Lovely Letters
Who IS January Jones, Anyway?
"Hot" Is No Longer Hot
Victims Charged For Rape Kits In Wasilla, Alaska
Go Ahead, Name Your Wang!
8 Celebrity Sex Tapes Not To Miss
Quick Pic: A Future Red Carpet Risk
The Daily Squeeze: Porn On TV, Pregnancy, And Dr. Drew
Sarah Haskins Targets The Rampant Sexualization of CLEANING
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Come Out!
Quickies!: Whitney Port Scores Her Own Show, Vows To End Every Word With A "G" Sound
Disturbing Trend: Virgins For Sale
Beware Of The Modelizers: David Blaine, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Josh Hartnett
Worst Moments Of The Boring Emmy Awards
Slideshow: The Only Thing Vaguely Interesting About The Emmy's Were The Clothes
Crave: iLuck Wrist Wraps
Girl Talk: When Marriage Means More To Families Than The Couples Themselves
Serious Bling: 500 Carat Diamond Discovered
Monday Menage: Emmy Winners Jeff Probst, Jeremy Piven, & Jon Stewart
We See Chick Flicks: My Best Friend's Girl
Quick Pic: Fly Away
How To Survive The First Week Of A Broken Heart
Kristin Davis' Clothing Line Is Very "Charlotte"
The Daily Squeeze: Sexism And Money, Discrimination, And The New James Bond
Leaked Celeb Confessions: Katie Holmes Uncensored
Star Couplings: Mark Wahlberg Adds To His Funky Bunch
For The Week Of September 22-28, 2008
Quick Pic: Jennifer Westfeldt Adores Don Draper Too!
The New York Times Wedding Announcements Are Amazing
Beauty How To: The 10 Hottest Trends For Fall
Seven Realities Of Shacking Up
Slideshow: Non-Engagement Rings
Pocket Change: Charlize Theron's Low-Key Menswear
DJ A.M. And Travis Barker Seriously Injured In Plane Crash, Four Others Dead
Poll: What Body Type Do You Prefer?
Handle This: Bring A Shy Guy Out Of His Shell
A Summer Fling: Will It Last Or Fade Along With Your Tan?
Slideshow: Sarah Palin & Other Tanorexic Stars
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For September 20th-21st 2008
Quickies!: Sarah Jessica Parker Won't Do Sex And The City Sequel, Timberlake Hearts Ellen and Portia
Waxing On About Waxing Off
FriskyPhile: The Weekend's Must-See Movies
Fashion Slideshow: Super Heroine-Inspired Fashion
Five Things You Might Not Know About Kate Middleton
On The Prowl: The Vag-Blocker
Crave: Ivana Helsinki Scarves & Purses
Poll: Does Man-On-Man Action Turn You On?
How To Go Goth
Good Dick Coming Soon
Quick Pic: Corpse Bride
Interview With A Call Girl Blogger
Sarah Palin's Lipstick On Your Face
Real Chick Lit: How To Date Like A Rock Star
The Daily Squeeze: George Clooney, Dylan McKay, And Female Condoms
Quote Of The Day: Diana Vreeland On Finding Your Place
Top Ten Reasons You Should Date Wall Street Guys Now
Rebecca Taylor Launches Accessories Line
Star Couplings: Ashton Kutcher Not As Brilliant As Previously Thought
Quickies!: Margaret Cho Is Maaaad!
Doin' It: The Top 10 Penis Types
Elizabeth Edwards Staying Tight-Lipped On John's Skirt-Chasing
Style On The Street: Belt It Out
Social Networking More Popular Than Pornography?
Project Runway: Don't Mess With Tim Gunn!
Crave: Razorblade Necklace
Breast Milk On The Menu
Diablo Cody Rips Blogosphere A New One
Is A Sex And The City Prequel Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Flashback: Lysol Is Not For Your Ladybits
Quick Pic: The Fanciest Hood Ever
Poll: How Soon Can You End A Bad Date?
Slideshow: Hot For Eva Mendes' Sexy Style
The Daily Squeeze: Drinking Green, Lindsay Lohan's New Company, And Educated Sex Workers
Dating Don'ts: Nine Types Of Guys To Get Over Immediately
Star Couplings: Brad Pitt Hearts Gay Rights
Quote Of The Day: Aubrey O'Day On Period Sex
Quickies!: Dating A Baby Daddy Is Pure Insanity
Ellen DeGeneres Is The New Face Of CoverGirl
Five Things You Might Not Know About Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus' New BF
The Top 10 Songs About Losing Your Virginity
Video: Hayden Panettiere Voting PSA
Crave: Betsey Johnson Studded Watch
Fashion Slideshow: Fall Florals
What It Feels Like For A Girl: When The Other Woman Is A Sex Doll
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