Archives: August, 2008

Reverse Sexism: Man Fights For Equal Rights
The Daily Hotness: Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte Face-Off
Celebrities Would Jew Anything For Love
Style On The Street: Is It A Shirt? Is It A Dress?
Seven Signs You're Truly Comfortable In Your Relationship
Crave: Big Buddha Tyler Tote
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The Hotness Awards Winners Are Here!
Rad Girls Move To Men's Network
Poll: Do You Use Feminine Wipes?
Quick Pic: John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Or The Unabomber?
Quote Of The Day: Dave Coulier On When He First Heard Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"
Dating Don'ts: How Not To Dump Him
The Daily Squeeze: U.S. Alcohol Consumption, A Sad Story, and Mark Consuelos' Second Job
Doc Gets Slap On The Wrist For Unauthorized Sterilization
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan Says Ali Did Not Have A Boob Job
Quickies!: Jennifer Aniston Closes The Chapter On Friends
Obit: World's Tallest Woman Dies
Fashion Slideshow: Sexy And Comfortable Lounge Wear
The Daily Hotness: Leslie Hall
Five "Philias" That Freak Us Out & Five That Don't Sound So Bad
Happy 15th Birthday Bust Magazine!
Crave: Klein Canvas Tool Bag
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of August 12th 2008
Poll: Have You Ever Used A Female Condom?
Handle This: His Friends Are Hateable
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Seduction Stories
America's Next Top Model: Hot Tranny Success?
Female Chastity Piercing Available On Amazon
MA Teen Pregnancy Pact: The Conclusion
Quick Pic: Rihanna & Chris Brown Practice Water Safety
The Daily Squeeze: Angelina And Brad, Shoe-Hoarding Men, and A Naughty Policeman
Jake Gyllenhaal Brings Out The Big Guns For New Action Film
Star Couplings: Tony Romo Is Still Blowin' Up Carrie Underwood's Cell
Quickies!: Who Doesn't Love Michael Phelps?
Sound Bites: How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many?
Infomercials From The Past: The Rejuvenator!
Fashion Slideshow: Lucky Shops
Brooke Hogan, I've Got Some Advice For You
Crave: Enamel Bow Earrings
Men: Stay Healthy, Stay Single
Tom Cruise And Angelina Jolie: Practically The Same Person
Vogue Italia's "Black Issue" Is A Success, But What Will Its Impact REALLY Be?
The Witches Of Eastwick Swoops Onto The Small Screen
Love Vandal: Down Under
Click & Tell: Your Breakup Options
Real Chick Lit: Everything I Need To Know I Learned From A Chick Flick
The Daily Squeeze: Zara Vs. Gap, A Real Invisibility Cloak, And Madonna's Tour Costumes
It's Britney, Bitch: Spears To Make A Comeback At The 2008 VMAs?!
Star Couplings: Tom Cruise Lets Katie Wear The Pants, Er, Heels
Quickies!: Lynne Spears Has Parenting Advice For You
10 Fall Movies We Can't Wait To See
Monday Menage: The Men Of Pineapple Express
Plan B In Pop Culture
The Daily Hotness: Idris Elba
Politicians Cheat On Their Wives -- Who Cares?
Crave: Threaded Peep-Toe Pump
How Do We Still Love You, Don Draper?
Below-The-Belt Chic: Designer Condoms
Sex On TV: Network TV Caught With Their Pants Down
Sexual Trend: Lesbian Is The New Black
No Plan B: Teen Girls Don't Know About Emergency Contraception
Quick Pic: "Sienna Miller? Never Heard Of Her!"
Male Swimmers: Abandon Full-Body Suits So We See Your Abs, Please
Dealbreaker: The Junk Food Junkie
Big, Big Love: One Man, 86 Wives
The Daily Squeeze: It Was A Sad Weekend
Tara Reid Is Not Classy Enough For "Dancing With The Stars"
For The Week Of August 11-17, 2008
Star Couplings: Hayden Panettiere's Dad In Big Trouble
This Week On The Frisky: Polyamory, Kinky Fox News, Tyra Banks, & The Mile High Club
Quickies!: Real Call Girls On The "Secret Diary Of A Call Girl"
The Daily Hotness: Eddie Vedder
Classic Levi's Sell For $36,099 On eBay
Hollywood Trend: Celebrities Say "No" To "I Do"
Stupid Trend Alert: Band-Aids As Fashion Accessory
Who IS Balthazar Getty, Anyway?
Couples Who Ended Up Looking Like Each Other
Crave: "Beverly Hills, 90210" iPod Nano
Eww, John Edwards, You Are A DOG!
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: The Third Date Rule
The Top Female Olympic Athletes You Cannot Miss
Death To This Debate: What Makes A Person A Slut?
Will Gwen Stefani Ever Give Birth?
L'Oreal Denies Lightening Beyonce's Skin
In One Region Of Spain, Women Dominate Winemaking
Quick Pic: Is That A Glowstick, Lindsay Lohan?
The Daily Squeeze: Adoption, Melons, Beer, And Bike Seats
Hormones May Make You Less Crazy
Listen Up, Tabloids: Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone!
Star Couplings: Jewel Gets Hitched To Her Cowboy
Quickies!: Sex In An Auto Made Comfy
Orgasm With The Slightest Touch
Poll: Which Couple Was Your Favorite On "So You Think You Can Dance"?
Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Get Matching Ink
Dancing With The Stars Goes Gay: Lance Should Dance With A Man!
Project Runway: I Heart Blayne & The Retro Olympics
Style On The Street: She Keeps Her Finger On The Pulse
Quote Of The Day: Eva Longoria Parker On Her Role As A Wife
Crave: Standing Nemo Vase
The Top Ten Studliest Summer Olympians
Beyonce Is Not L'Oreal's Beauty Ideal
Love In The Stratosphere: Learn How To Join The Mile-High Club
We See Chick Flicks: The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2
Quick Pic: Katie Holmes Is Just Like US!
The Monogamist: Taking Each Other For Granted
Is Internet Fame All It’s Cracked Up To Be?
Dating Don'ts: How To Know When It’s Time To Dump Him
The Daily Squeeze: The Making Of Paris Hilton's Video, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" And Sex On TV
Star Couplings: Jennifer Aniston & John Meyer NOT Heading Down The Aisle
Quickies!: Marijuana Smokers Have Risky Sex
Quick Pic: Dear God, What Is Pink Doing?
The Daily Hotness: T.I.
James Franco: Funny Bone
Friendship Groups Work In Films But Not In Reality
Crave: Cute As A Button Charm
Obama And McCain Are Dolls
Top Ten Songs With Sexually Suggestive Food Metaphors
Tyra Does Michelle Obama, Plus Her 6 Craziest Stunts
Poll: The Bachelor Wants His Ring Back -- Should Shayne Lamas Return It?
Slideshow: Quiksilver's Amazing Fall Collection
Playgirl's Gone, But We'd Never Really Lusted Over Its Pages Anyway
Sex Advice: My Guy Won't Stop Talking Dirty!
The Daily Squeeze: Special Police Bras, Circumcision And AIDS, And Smart Spiders
Quick Pic: Suri Cruise Is About To Go Flying
Paris For President: Hilton On McCain, Obama, & Her Own Energy Policy
Star Couplings: Jenna Jameson Expecting Her First Child!
Quickies!: IUDs Don't Cause Infertility Or Infections
Quick Pic: Violet Affleck Is So Cute It Hurts
Head Scratcher: Is In-Vitro Fertilization The New Gastric Bypass?
Slideshow: Completely & Totally Crazy Celebrity Rumors
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of August 5th 2008
Quick Pic: Somebody Is Watching Katie Holmes
Crave: Deco Chaise Lounge
He Says/She Says: M83's "Kim and Jessie"
If Men Can Write-Off NFL Tickets, Women Should Be Allowed To Write-Off Shoe Shopping Doesn't Know Squat About Brangelina
Fox News Does Kinky Sex
The Daily Hotness: Jeffrey Donovan
Love Vandal: At A Campsite
But What If I Want The Blue One?
This Month In The Lady Mags: What's The Deal With Having An Ideal?
High Prices Cause Women To Trade Sex For Food
The Daily Squeeze: Victoria Beckham's Relative, Cleaning Up The Streets, And A Movie Deal
Sex On TV: "Swingtown" Makes Us Yearn For The Sexy Summer Of '76
Quick Pic: Aubrey O'Day & Lydia Hearst Try To Steal LiLo & Ronson's Thunder
Star Couplings: Lauren Conrad Steals Another Sister From Speidi
Quickies!: Mary-Kate Olsen Keeps Quiet On Heath Ledger
Friday's The Big, Lucky Day For Many Couples
Quick Pic: Blake Lively Gets Windblown
Style Profile: This Guy Is Not A Billboard
What Would Mad Men's Joan Holloway Do?
The Daily Hotness: Kele Okereke
Make A Tie-Dye Scarf Like Rihanna's
Look Like LC On The Cheap
Crave: Melting Heart Earrings
Graphic Lives Of Malaysian Politicians Can't Be Censored Online
The Festival Devoted To The Female Sex Organ
A Romantic Movie That Doesn't Suck?
Slideshow: Attack Of The Plastic Celebrities!
Quick Pic: Kate Hudson Is All Jah Rastafari
Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Feminist? Hell Yeah.
Debate This: Is The Recession Ruining Your Sex Life?
Daily Squeeze: HIV Rates, Teen Choice Awards, Jodie Sweetin
Quote Of The Day: Alanis Morissette On Getting Over A Breakup
For The Week Of Aug. 4-10, 2008
Star Couplings: Hollywood/Rock's Hottest Couples In Love Again?
Quick Pic: The Wonder Twins Have Arrived!
Quickies!: Pics Of The Brangelina Twins Are Coming
This Week On The Frisky: Bed Death, Prostitution, Tie-Dye, Christian The Lion, & Lots Of Self-Love
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Quick Pic: Jennifer Garner Beams At Her Ben
Ask Men Survey Reveals Men Are Lonely, Depressed, & Into Euro Fashion
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Speaking Of Self-Love...
Forget Below-The-Belt Surgery: Love Your Lady Flower!
Crave: Rechargeable Glowing Lantern
Slideshow: Fashion Is In The Genes For These Young Starlets
NYC Night Inspires Project Runway Designers
Fashion Conundrum: Would You Wear This?
The Frisky Guidebook: The Twin Cities
Bono Isn't The Only Famous Godparent
Poll: Who Should Win "So You Think You Can Dance"?
Quick Pic: Despite Being Married, Jay-Z Still Walks 10 Paces Ahead Of Beyonce
Project Runway: Why Don't We Hate Tim Gunn Yet?
The Daily Squeeze: Beijing's Fashion Dress Code And Problems With Being Single
Quote Of The Day: Liz Taylor Has The Support Of Her White Diamonds
Star Couplings: Heather Matarazzo Asks Her Girlfriend To Join Her Special People's Club