Archives: August, 2008

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Star Couplings: David Duchovny Goes To Rehab For Sex Addiction, World Cringes
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Audrey Tautou's Coco Chanel Movie
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Nun Pageant Canceled
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For The Week Of August 25-31, 2008
Star Couplings: Don't Mess With Faith Evans
Barack Obama Picks Joe Biden As His Running Mate!
This Week On The Frisky: Picking Obama's Running Mate, Songs About Vaginas, & How To Snoop
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Political Conventions And Call Girls
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Text Messaging Ruins Jennifer Aniston's Love Life Too
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Quote Of The Day: Amanda Beard On The Rumour That She's Dating Michael Phelps
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The Straight Guy Index: Ten Types Of Hetero Lovers
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They're Bringing Kinky Back
We See Chick Flicks: Vicky Cristina Barcelona
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Perez Hilton, A Celebrity In His Own Right
Handle This: Dating A Mama's Boy
Hallmark To Sell Same-Sex Marriage Cards
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Women: Now With Fewer Babies Than Ever Before!
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Having A Step Family Isn't Easy
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5 Reasons We Love...Passion Pit
The 8 Sex Toys You Didn't Realize You Already Have
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Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Should Ladies Curse?
Turtle Gets Wheels, Action
The Blame Game: Intoxicated Rape Victims Deserve Less Sympathy
Bush Says Birth Control Equals Abortion
Romance On TV: "The Hills" Is Back And More Scripted Than Ever
The Daily Squeeze: No Men In The Women, Diddy's Favorite Sport, And Frank Sintra Kissed Kate Moss
First Look At Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi's Wedding Pictures
Star Couplings: Ashlee Simpson Shows Off Her Expanding Belly
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Monday Menage: Tropic Thunder
Socialite Did Not Start The Korean War
Celebrity Girlfriends/Wives We Don't Envy
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Who IS Chris Brown, Anyway?
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Ten Awesome Women In The News
Michael Phelps: Who To Go For The Gold With?
Crushes As Foreplay
Soap Stars Recreate Iconic Presidential Photos
Quick Pic: Suri Cruise Picks Her Nose, Looks Fierce In Orange
Australian Mayor Wants Ugly Women To Move To His Town
Dealbreaker: The Silent Type
Actress Lisa Raye Attacks Turks & Caicos Premier
Urban Outfitters Launches Secondary Lines With Indie Designers
The Daily Squeeze: Gossip Girl Scenes, Virgin Waxing, And Madonna's Underwear
For The Week Of August 18-24, 2008
Star Couplings: Sam Ronson Isn't Lindsay Lohan's First Lesbian Love
Quickies!: Is Vanity Keeping You Poor?
Craves We Regret: Nail Pens, Target Dresses, & Hooker Heels
Interesting Findings About Men And Sex
The Daily Hotness: Nastia Liukin And Shawn Johnson
Loud Sex Lover Banned In The UK
Crave: Denim Dress By Kensie
If You're Really Into Recycling
Jennifer Aniston: Who To Do Next?
Fashion Slideshow: Fun (Non-Traditional) Fashion Icons
How To End Your Summer
Beauty How To: Brigitte Bardot's Bedroom Hair
The Daily Squeeze: Birth On The Front Lawn, Awkward Love Scenes, And Punishment For Loud Sex
Quick Pic: Katie Holmes Is Just So Thrilled To Be Strollin' With The Hubs
The Bitch Is Back: "90210" Debuts September 2
Star Couplings: Ellen & Portia Set To Wed
Quickies!: Pegged Jeans Are Cruel Fashion Joke