Archives: July, 2008

Little Babies Are More Chaste Later In Life
Should A Rape Victim Be Obligated To Report Her Attacker?
Quick Pic: Cynthia Rodriguez Files For Divorces, Cites Husband's "Extra-Marital Affairs"
The Daily Hotness: Rafael Nadal
Space: The Final Frontier In Wedding Locations
Crave: "That's Mine" Luggage Tags
The Hottest Beaches For Getting Frisky
First Time For Everything: The Great Twentysomething Move-Out
Men Have Biological Clocks, Too
Busty Heart Kung Fu's Her Way Onto America's Got Talent
Slideshow: Just Another Weekend In Hollywood
Breaking News: Nicole Kidman Gives Birth!
A Faulty Wedding Dress Causes Bride To Sue Designer
Stylehiving: Lauren Conrad's Summer Chic
Quote Of The Day: Usher On His Sex Soundtrack
Poll: So Why Don't You Use Protection?
The Daily Squeeze: Happy Baby Faces, Accidental Porn, And Healthy Sperm
For The Week Of July 7-13, 2008
Yoga Does A Body Good
Bring On The Summer Lovin'
How to Kiss With Your Eyes Open
Star Couplings: More Madonna & Alex Rodriguez Drama
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Thursday Quickies!
The Top Ten Best Things About Being Single & Independent
Slideshow: "Oh, Say Can You See..."
A Spa For Women Concerned About Pelvic Fitness
The Frisky Guidebook: Vice City
Summer Camp For Girls Who Want To Be Rich
Jem Does Le Tigre
Craigslist Couch Is Start Of Marriage
Crave: Teeny-Tiny Bird Earrings
Lotion Up With Sunscreen That Works
Quick Pic: Jessica Simpson Practices Being A Mommy
Jokesters Replace Phone Number With Sex Line
How To Know When It's Really, Truly, Irreconcilably *Over*
The Daily NOTness: Carrot Top Hair At John Galliano
The Daily Squeeze: Cave Men, Private Rooms, And Smirting
Dating Don’ts: How NOT To Be Photographed For Your Online Personal Ad
Quote Of The Day: Blake Lively Doesn't See The Paris Hilton Similarities
Quick Pic: Lauren Conrad Is Freaked Out By Something
Star Couplings: Naomi Watts Expecting Another Baby
Wednesday Quickies!
Romance On TV: Tila Tequila Gets Dropped
Pete Wentz Makes Out With Dudes
Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan Is Still In Charge
Crave: Heart Pocket T
The Daily Hotness: Hunter Parrish
Song Of The Day: Marion Cotillard's "The Strong Ones"
Sex On TV: Belle Du Jour Double Books
Cleaning: For Women Only
Slideshow: Paris Fashion Week
Stimulus Checks Helping Online Porn Industry
Orbit's Biting Commentary On Breakups
The Man Who Is Becoming A Woman
Amazon's Pro-Date Rape T-Shirt
The Mankini: Hot or Not?
The Top Ten Most Pissed Off Breakup Songs
Prostitute Has Sex For Gas Card
Why We Keep Things
Sex Advice: My Girlfriend Has Vaginismus
90210 Spin-Off: The Bitch Is Back
The Daily Squeeze: Sex Offenders, The Tuatara, And Wednesdays
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of July 2nd 2008
Quick Pic: Liv Tyler Inhales Sister Chelsea
Quote Of The Day: Jake Gyllenhaal Remembers Kissing Heath Ledger
Star Couplings: Benji Madden Wants Paris Hilton To Stay Pure
Tuesday Quickies!
Why Men Go Ga-Ga
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Internet Stalking
Crave Slideshow: Cute Notebooks and Planners
Cliques Determine How Teenage Girls Think About Weight
The Daily Hotness: Ryan Lochte
Crave: French Connection Top
Love Vandal: Your Heart Is Talking
FDA Guards Gardasil's Market Share
Behold, The Boobycase
Quick Pic: Claudia Schiffer Wants Her Chanel And She Wants It Now
Playing Video Games Naked Is More Popular Among Men Than Women
Song Of The Day: Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" Remix
Scented Clothes, For People Who Forget To Put On Perfume (Or Deodorant)
Romance On TV: The Bachelorette Narrows Down To The Final Two, Plus The Men Tell All
Junk Food Is Bad For Babies
Our Bags Are Time Suckers
The Most Awesomely Douchey Phone Message Ever
The Daily Squeeze: Stubble, The Life For Sale Conclusion, And U.S. Drug Use
Quick Pic: Did Angelina Jolie Finally Pop?
Quote Of The Day: Posh Spice Dated One Of The Coreys?
Star Couplings: Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova Were Married But Now They Are Not
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