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For The Week Of July 21-27, 2008
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Thursday Quickies!
The CFDA and Vogue Announce the Fashion Fund Finalists
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Amy Poehler May Star In Office Spin Off
Crave: Off-The-Shoulder T
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U.S. Ban On People With HIV Could Be Repealed
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Wednesday Quickies!
Nerd Love: Bloggers Exposed!
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Hola! From Miami...
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Bond Is Going To Be A Broad
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Tuesday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Gossip Girl's Dan & Serena Swap Spit
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of July 15th 2008
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South Carolina Is So Gay
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Masterpiece Theater: This Is Art
Quote Of The Day: Lauren Conrad Google-Stalks As Much As We Do
Monday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Aubrey O'Day Drops The Tanning Lotion, Picks Up A Bat
Christian Bale On Heath Ledger & The Joker
S&M: Maybe She's Born With It
British Family Walks In On Hotel Workers Bumpin'
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Vogue Italia's "Black Issue" Gets A Distribution Increase
British Birds In Love
Skin Cancer: Tanorexia Takes Its Toll
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We Don't Want To Be Like Our Parents
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Quote Of The Day: Rue McClanahan Admires Blanche
For The Week Of July 14-20, 2008
Song/Video Of The Day: She & Him's "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here"
Star Couplings: Madonna Messes Up Alex Rodriguez's Game
Breaking News: Angelina Jolie Finally Pushes Out The Twins
Get Your Rocks Off: Katy Perry's Summer Lovin' Playlist
Friday Quickies!
July 12 Was A Big Day For Women In '84
Mind Of Man: Are Men Having An Identity Crisis?
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Guys Are Born Sleazy, But They Can Be Trained
The Daily Show Threesome
South Dakota Sustains Guilt-Tripping Abortion Law
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Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
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John McCain And Nancy Reagan Drifted Apart After The Presidential Candidate's Divorce
Alert: Queen Bees Attacking Tonight
The Washingtonienne Comes To HBO
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The 16 Best iPhone Applications That Won't Bore The Heck Out Of The Ladies
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Forget To Buy A Wedding Gift? Put Money In The Couple's Bank
The Daily Squeeze: Online Abortions, David Beckhams Fave Food, And An Online Soap Opera
Juno Lied: Pregnancy Tests Aren't Plan B, People
Quick Pic: That Haircut Suits Hayden Panettiere
Star Couplings: Madonna Has A Thing For Baseball Player Sperm
Thursday Quickes!
The Original Plastic Flamingo Company Is Bankrupt
Quick Pic: ZOMG! Lindsay Lohan Is Pregnant!
Sign Of The Times: Women At Work
Is Your Car Dealership Certified Female Friendly?
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Dating On Demand
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A Cure For The Common Cold Sore
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Death By Folding Couch
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Real Chick Lit: "American Wife" Is The Closest We'll Get To Presidential Erotica
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Wednesday Quickies!
Crave: Bubble Calendar
The Pin That Will Help You Meet People
Quick Pic: Kelly Ripa Runs In High Heels
The Daily Hotness: Rob Brown
The Top Six Relationship Red Flags
Seniors & STDs: Grandma's Got Herpes!
Polyamory Gets A Guidebook
We See Chick Flicks: Not-To-Miss DVDs During Summer Blockbuster Season
Rock-A-Bye Baby: Hookup Music For The Kiddies!
Hot Outta The Oven: Idiot-Proof Grilled Hanger Steak
Stylehiving: Kirsten Dunst Is Mad About Plaid
Quick Pic: Selma Blair Hopes You Like Her Silky Jumper
Wii Game "Pong Toss," Alcohol Not Included
Former Call-Girl Ashley Dupre Looks for Love and More Fame
Having Sex On The Beach Could Get You Arrested
Obesity Can Cause Fertility Problems
Folding Clothes Is Just Not That Serious
Quote Of The Day: Chris Martin On Baby Names
The Top Ten Most Pathetically Emo Songs Written By Dudes
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How Do I Look? Gets Served
The Daily Squeeze: Retirement, Kissing Lessons, And Senior Sex
Quick Pic: Britney Spears Is, Like, Totally Psyched Her Escalade Has Arrived
Drumroll! We Want Your Nominations For The First Ever Frisky HOTNESS Awards!
My Feet No Longer Make Me Feel Ashamed: Why I Love The Ped-Egg
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Get Committed
Tuesday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Tony Romo Has A Jessica Simpson Growing From His Armpit
Microbicides: Condoms May Become A Thing Of The Past
Quote Of The Day: James McAvoy Doesn't Like That Kelis Song
The Daily Hotness: Josh Peck
Poll: How Often Do You Get Tested For STDs?
Fashion Slideshow: Dress Like Gossip Girl's Rich, Preppy Snots!
Amy Winehouse's New Addiction
Bras And Bull Semen Are Being Exported To Iran
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of July 8th 2008
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun On Vacation
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Rubber Usage
Love Vandal: Look What The Dog Sniffed
Guys, Protect Your Packages When Biking
Quick Pic: We Would Totally Maybe Rock Ugly Betty's Outfit
Tea Soothes Criminal
Let's Make A Muxtape, Shall We?
Wedding Trend: Not Inviting Children
The Daily Squeeze: Hand Washing, Breakup Songs, And Tucker Max
Romance On TV + Poll: The Bachelorette Picks Her Man
Quick Pic: Lily Allen Needs A Snickers, Okay?
Star Couplings: It's A Hunk For Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves
Crave: Kahla Velvet Cups
Monday Quickies!
It's Never Too Late To Spawn
Erectile Disfunction: Use It Or Lose It
Could The Acceptance Of "Ethnic" Foods Help Prevent Racism In Kids?