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Quickies!: 10 Sex Toys In Disguise
Quote Of The Day: Mindy Kaling On "Smart", Hot Women
The Daily Hotness: Jason Statham
Quick Pic: That Inner-Tube Is Not Going To Fit Ben Harper
Fashion Slideshow: Groovy Tie-Dye
Be Like Cher From Clueless, Only With A Driver's License
The Pill's Five Forms Of Kryptonite
Style On The Street: Acceptable Ankle Love
Crave: Richard Chai For Target
Quick Pic: Katie Holmes Or Tom Cruise?
Old-School Online Dating
How To: Turn Your Bad Kisser Good
The Frisky's Top 15 Songs For Gettin' Busy
Hollywood Stars' Secret Porn Pasts
Quote Of The Day: Catherine Zeta-Jones On What Her Son Thinks His Parents Do For A Living
Elizabeth Taylor's 10 Greatest Films, Three Most Glamorous Perfume Commercials
Five Reasons Guys Should Not Wear Shorts To Work
Quick Pic: Rihanna Looks Fierce & Knows It
Poll: Who Would Make The Best Catwoman?
Dating Don'ts: How Not To Cheat (Or Seem Like You Are)
The Daily Squeeze: Amazing Animals, Native Americans, And Low-Weight Babies
Orgasms: Walk This Way
Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Stick Together
Star Couplings: Ali Lohan Accidentally Auditions For Porn Director
Quickies!: A Woman Sues Her Ex Over Cancelled Wedding...And Wins!
Quick Pic: Sam Ronson Bids Goodbye To The Fedora, Hello To A New 'Do
Jumpsuits As Punishment
Thongs For Abstinence Or Marketing
The Daily Hotness: Q-Tip
STFree Gives You A License to Lay
Royal Mix-Up: Prince Charles Invites Dita Von Teese Over
Biology Causes Teen Girls To Act Like Sobbing Nut Jobs At Jonas Brothers' Concerts
Crave: Travel Thread Kit
Quote Of The Day: Miley Cyrus Doesn't Want To Kiss A Girl
Love Vandal: Kissing In A Tree
The Top 10 Songs About Ample Derrieres
Britney Spears: Then Vs. Now
Prostitution: To Legalize Or Not?
How Much Jail Time Might Shia LaBeouf Get?
Sex Advice: Dreaming Of Daniel Craig
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince Is Totally Going To Be Tom Riddle's Show
The Daily Squeeze: Sienna Miller's Hair, Transsexual Bathrooms, And Angelina Jolie's Upcoming Roles
Your Spending Secret Is Out
Gross Guy Trend: Bragging About Reviving A Heinous Fashion Craze
Study: Self-Deprecating Humor Scores With Women
Christian The Lion Will Send Your Tear Ducts Into Overdrive
Star Couplings: Lance Armstrong Needs To Find A New Ride
Hookers On Film: Want A Best Actress Oscar? Play A Whore!
Quickies!: Your Cosmetics Could Contain Cow Dung
Slideshow: Boob Schmoobs!
The Daily Hotness: James Franco
Quick Pic: Madonna Needs Some R&R
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of July 29th 2008
Men Say They Prefer A Girl With Curves
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do They All Have "Types"?
Crave: Grey Gardens
Men Get Happier With Age, Women Do Not
On The Rack: Breasts And A Starlet's Career
Three Reasons To Wear Sunblock
Love 101: The Inadvertent Mistress
Underage Sex In Advertising Attracts Older Consumers
Quick Pic: We Love The Sisterhood!
Why Carla Bruni And Nicolas Sarkozy's Marriage Will Work
The Hotness Awards: Hottest Male Singers
The Daily Squeeze: Romeo And Juliet, Bones And Breast Cancer, And Tim Gunn's Big Day
Music Video Of The Day: Chromeo's "Momma's Boy"
Quick Pic: Look! It's Whitney From Top Model!
Star Couplings: Matt Damon To Drown In Estrogen
Quickies!: Panic Attack! I Dreamt I Was Pregnant
Did Ali Lohan Get A Boob Job?
The Daily Hotness: Carlos Sastre
The Five Quickies You Must Try
Quick Pic: Just Another Rough Night For Amy Winehouse
Fashion Slideshow: The '90s Are Back!
The Monday Menage: Metronomy
The Little Blue Pill Might Help Women With The Blues
Crave: Rad Ronson Romper
Miley Cyrus, Condom Spokesperson?
Quick Pic: Whoopi Kissed A Girl...
The Young & The Condomless: Is Herpes The New HPV?
The Hotness Awards: Hottest Female Singer
New York Subway Love Story: The Conclusion
J.Crew To Sell Vintage Rolex Watches
Five Female Bloggers (Not Named Julia Allison) Who Should Be On The Cover Of A Magazine
Who IS Samantha Ronson, Anyway?
Dealbreaker: The Guy With Many Eccentricities
The Daily Squeeze: SATC's Fake/Real Book, A Star Wars Wedding, And Ponies
Watch out Duggars! You've Got Competition!
For The Week Of July 28- Aug. 3, 2008
Quote Of The Day: Tila Tequila On Promoting Safe Sex
Star Couplings: Madonna Behind Ciccone's Scandalous Tell-All?
Crave: Ready To Wear Robot
The Hotness Awards: Hottest Bands
The Hotness Awards: Hottest Movies
Quickies!: Willie Nelson For President, Gastrosexuals, & The Benefits Of Marriage
Quick Pic: Even Gossip Girl Stars Get Their Own Personal Umbrella Holder
Poll: Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized?
Thrillist's Top 4 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Video Games: Chick Flicks Get Played
The Daily Hotness: David Duchovny
Slideshow: Celebrities Who Date The Same Type
French Abandoning Bottled Water
Crave: Morning-After Makeup Bag
Men's Sexual Fantasies & Some Sweet Tips
Heath Ledger's Baby Mama Is Dating Spike Jonze
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's Rise In Popularity Since Getting With The French Prez
The Hotness Awards: Hottest Actors
Quick Pic: Miley Cyrus' Mic-Stand Is Worth More Than Our Laptop
Mind Of Man: In Defense Of Gender Stereotypes
Rolex For J. Crew?
The Daily Squeeze: Soy May Be OK, Bad Bras, And Animal Sex
The Hotness Awards: Hottest Actresses
Quick Pic: Jessica Simpson Stares Blankly
Star Couplings: Feds Seize Anne Hathway's Diaries
Quickies!: Viagra May Be Helpful To Women On Antidepressants
Girls Like Math
NASA Considers Exploring Sex
Mother Saw Suicide As The Solution To Foreclosure
Thoughts From Gals On Our IM: First Date Don'ts
In-Vitro Fertilization Turns 30!
Water Detox: Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Bad
Project Runway Designers Demonstrate Why More Clothes Aren't Green
Style On The Street: Bare Belly
Crave: Lancôme's Ôscillation Mascara
So I'm Engaged: You Have To Love His Flaws, Er, Differences
Brides Are Demanding Botox For Bridesmaids
Christian Siriano's Bluefly Collection: Fierce In A Bad Way
Celebrity Commitment Symbols: Not Your Average Diamonds
Bad Names: How Can Parents Do This To Their Children?
Hotness Awards Nominations From BitchBuzz PLUS It's Time To Start VOTING!
Quick Pic: Justin Timberlake Needs To Remind Jessica Biel To Buckle Up
Dating Don'ts: How To Avoid Being Labeled "A Crazy"
The Daily Squeeze: Guy Vegetarians, Flavored Breast Milk, And Marriage Stats
Hooray! We Can Go Back To Loving Christian Bale!
Stylehiving: Get Joan Holloway's Mad Men Style
So You Think You Can Dance Does Duffy's "Mercy"
Eight-Year-Old Boy Redefines Romance
Star Couplings: Matthew Broderick Spending His Days Off With Someone Other Than SJP?
Quickies!: The Recession's Impact On Birth Control & Porn
The Daily NOTness: Zac Efron With A Ponytail
What Makes Songs Ubiquitous
Fashion Slideshow: The Simplest Canvas Sneakers
Poll: Does Cheating Make You Uglier?
John Edwards' Alleged Affair & The National Enquirer's Past Accuracies
The Three Sex Styles
Crave: Botkier's Gray & Hot Pink Xenia Boots
Quote Of The Day: Matthew McConaughey Probably Brought Bongos Into The Delivery Room
Hot Outta The Oven: Summer Salad With Feta
Pantyhose Is Driving Massachusetts Town Mad
The Ins And Outs Of Project Runway
Quick Pic: The Real Amy Winehouse OR A Wax Figure?
Tweens And Teens Victims Of Dating Abuse
Beauty Buzz: 10 Rules For Going Red
Sex Advice: First Time Role-Player
Music Video Of The Day: Rihanna's Freaky "Disturbia"
The Daily Squeeze: A Nude Blacklist, Bestiality, And Viagra For Women
Political Magazine The Nation Debuts Sex Column
Quick Pic: Why So Grumpy Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson?
Frosting Can't Compare To Tequila
Star Couplings: Matthew McConaughey's Baby Boy Makes His Magazine Debut
Quickies!: Lady Bunny's PETA Billboard, Summer Reading, & Boozing
Quick Pic: Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Wearing A Jumpsuit Not A Dress!
Tattoo Regret: The Stink Over Ink
CBS & Janet Jackson Win Fight For Their Right To Flash
Christian Bale Accused Of Assault: Batman Don't Make Us Quit You
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of July 22nd 2008
The Daily Hotness: Estelle Getty
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Have You Tried To Change A Woman's Style?
Slideshow: Granny Panties
Crave: Heart Measuring Spoons
Chocolate Cake For One
Twins Give Birth To Siblings, Not Cousins
Love Vandal: Brook Is One Lucky Lady
Lesbians Are Free To Call Themselves Just That
The Hills Season Four Preview: All About Boyz
Wired Magazine: The Difference Between, Um, Us & Covergirl Julia Allison
Talk About The Weather, Make Friends
Relationship Conundrum: When His Career Comes "First"
Hayden Panettiere Should Stick To Cheerleading On TV
The Daily Squeeze: Miley Cyrus Nude, Christian Syriano For Eloise, And Mirrors
Quick Pic: George Michael Gives Sarah Jessica Parker Everything She Wants
90210 Nail Polish: The Best Thing To Happen To Your Manicure Since The Invention Of Cuticle Clippers
Star Couplings: Natalie Portman Is Devendra Banhart's Video Girl
The L Word: The Show Must Go On (The Web)
How To: Get A Divorce When Your Wife Doesn't Want One
The Daily Hotness: The Women Of Mad Men
Fashion Slideshow: Totally Wearable Jumpsuits
Fish Were First To Make Mating Noises
We See Chick Flicks, Er, Action Movies Starring Dearly Departed Aussies: The Dark Knight
Poll: How Old Were You When You Went On Your First Date?
NYC Abandons Plans To Stop Public Transit Pervs
Crave: Coral Branch Hoops
The Dark Knight Is Bad For Small Bladders
Japanese iPhone Doesn't Allow For Sneaky, Dirty Pictures
Quote Of The Day: Brooke Hogan Demonstrates Why She Should Not Vote
Hotness Awards Nominations From College Candy!
Lindsay Lohan Holds Pinkies, Not Hands
Quick Pic: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Look Tough
Happy National Ice Cream Month!
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