Archives: June, 2008

Frisky Quote Of The Day: Pete Wentz
Crave: Absolutely Fabulous Boxset
Drinking Young Means A Higher Risk Of Dependence
The Daily Squeeze: Old TV Is New, Nicole Richie Designs, And The French First Lady Sings
Numbnut -- Can You Please Use That In A Sentence?
Quick Pic: Liv Tyler & Milo Go On A Wild Ride
Star Couplings: Christina Aguilera Fights For Her Right To Party
Anderson Cooper Ain't Nobody's Boo
Quick Pic: Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Share A Picturesque Embrace
The Truth About Internet Dating
Barack & Michelle Obama Share A Fist Pound
The Daily Hotness: Reggie Love
Another Walk Of Shame Music Video
We May Own Mobile Phones, But We Still Sit At Home
Tilda Swinton: Polyamorous Poster Girl
Fashion Slideshow: Flip-Flop Madness
He-Man To Become Master Of The Big Screen
Are "Women's" Books Necessary...Or Just Lame?
Top Five Words Of Love From R&B Singers
Why Does Ed McMahon Have A Mirrored Wall In His Bedroom?
He Says/She Says: Estelle's "American Boy"
Poll: Would You Still Work If You Married A Millionaire?
Girl Crush Alert! Double Dutchess
Same-Sex Weddings In Greece
The Nookie Know-It-All: Squirting Stats
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Charlie Sheen
Baby Boomers Like Sex
The Daily Squeeze: Aging Gracefully, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's Husband, and Ivana Trump's Wedding
Crave: Sally Hansen Nail Pen
Quick Pic: Two D-Bags Go To Disneyland...
Star Couplings: Gwyneth Paltrow May Have Another Baby, If She Can Muster Up The Macrobiotic Energy
Hot Guys With No Eyebrows Still As Hot?
Guys, Are You A Carrie, A Charlotte, A Samantha, Or A Miranda?
Gadgets: Ye Olde Speculum
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Tila Tequila
Crave: "True Love Waits" Sweat Pants
Love Vandal: Parents Need Love, Too
Sensitive Skin, Hot Sex
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of June 3rd 2008
Fewer Guys Born
Slideshow: 2008 CFDA Awards
The Daily Hotness: Hayden Christensen
The Pitfalls: Breaking Up (With His Family) Is Hard To Do
What People Are "Too Busy" For This Week
Even Prehistoric Men Fought Over Women
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do More Of...
The Daily Squeeze: Kristin Davis Designs, The Uninsured, And Old People
Quick Pic: Amy Poehler Brings Her Bump Out
Star Couplings: Courtney Love Loses Kurt Cobain's Remains
Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker Hangs Her Head In Shame
Jane Pratt's Rough Ride
Madonna "Gives It" To Us
Poll: Should Kate Middleton Get A Job?
Has Bill Clinton Been A Naughty Boy Again...And Again...And Again?
Bring Home The Bacon...Or The Sex
Crave: Super Homey Wall Stickers
"Women Are ALWAYS Thinking About Weddings!"
Men Want To Marry Virgins
I'm Too Sexy For Insurance
Pole-Dancing Tee: Billy Elliot Lives!
Slideshow: 2008 MTV Movie Awards
Dealbreaker: The Bad Speller
Extravagant And Strange Celeb Gifts
First Time For Everything: The Rebound
The Daily Hotness: Yves Saint Laurent, 1936-2008
The Nookie Know-It-All: Scratch & Sniff
This Month In The Lady Mags: Marriage, Marriage, Marriage!
The Daily Squeeze: Box Office Results, The Sharper Image, And Marrying Men
What We Thought Of Sex And The City
For The Week Of June 2-8, 2008
Quick Pic: Christina Aguilera's Very, Very High-Heels
Star Couplings: Charlie Sheen Nabs Another Gullible Wife
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