Archives: June, 2008

The Daily Hotness: Kevin Garnett Of The Boston Celtics
Wonderbra Plans The Largest Lingerie Shoot Ever
Quick Pic: Who Are The Clique Girlz & Why Do They Scare Us?
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Their Sleaziest Moves
The Daily Squeeze: Lil Wayne's Success, Carbs, And Another Cindy McCain's Recipe Blunder
Quote Of The Day: Usher Explains Lesbianism
Quick Pic: Lauren Conrad's Shiny Workout Pants
Star Couplings: Gisele Bundchen Thinks Tom Brady Is Da Bomb
Tuesday Quickies!
The Equal Pay Act Of 1963 Turns 45
Chimpanzees That Scream Are Doing It With Lesser Males
Hello Kitty: The Stuff Lunchboxes Are Made Of
Quick Pic: Rachel Bilson Is On A Shopping MISSION & Cannot Be Stopped!
The G-Spot: What, Where, & How!
10 Hotter Vampires Than Edward Cullen In Twilight
Quote Of The Day: Mary Louise Parker Is Good/Dangerous In Bed
Sweet Release: What's In and Out The Week Of June 17th 2008
Female Ensemble Movies: The Frisky's Top Five
Love Vandal: Writing On The Wall
Poll: Election 2008, How Do You Vote?
Quick Pic: Keira Knightly Is Mad About Plaid
Nearly Naked Soccer: Are Shoes Allowed?
Condoms And Conjugal Visits: Possible Solutions To Stop The Spread Of HIV/AIDS
Gay Marriage Legal In CA: Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin Cut The Cake
Crave Slideshow: Peacock Feathers Everywhere!
The Daily Hotness: Tiger Woods
Quick Pic: Rihanna Talks And Walks
Astronomers Find A Trio Of Super-Earths
The Daily Squeeze: Paris Hilton's Puppies, Italian Woman In Captivity, & An Iron Kidnapping
Quick Pic: Kelly Ripa Braves A Rain Storm
Sex On TV: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Wets Our Appetite
Star Couplings: Amy Winehouse Keeps Getting Nuttier
Monday Quickies!
Study Shows Link Between Brain And Sexuality
Sweden's Got The World's Most Beautiful Women
Quick Pic: What Happened To Kristen Wiig's Face?
R. Kelly Gets Off 14 Times
Presidential Candidates' Spouses Participate In Cookie Bake-Off
Quote Of The Day: Liv Tyler On Her Dad, Steven Tyler
Handcuffs In The Bedroom: A Lesson
Crave Slideshow: Retro-Inspired Swimwear
Lesbian Couple Of 55 Years Plans To Finally Wed
American Apparel Starts Selling Vibrators Alongside Overpriced T-Shirts
Poor Strawberry Shortcake! Make The Cartoon Makovers Stop!
Quick Pic: George Clooney Goes For A Spin Around Lake Como
Pro-Life Pharmacies Will Not Fill Your Birth Control Prescription
The Daily Hotness: Daniel Craig, Crying
What Strippers Should Tell Their Parents
The Matrimommy: Sometimes A Little Lie Doesn't Hurt...
Sesame Seeds And Men's Sexual Health: The Little Seeds That Might Help Men Spread Theirs
First Time For Everything: Dating A Good Guy
The Daily Squeeze: Natasha Bedingfield Opens For NKOTB And Justin Timberlake Learned About Love
Quick Pic: Kate Hudson & Lance Armstrong Go To See Iron Maiden
For The Week Of June 16-22, 2008
Mike Myers Has A Man Crush On Justin Timberlake
Star Couplings: Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Did Not Get Married
Quick Pic: Happy Father's Day!
Friday Quickies!
Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums
Quick Pic: Mariska Hargitay, Her Hot Husband, & Adorable Kid Do Disneyland
Watermelon Is Vitamin-Filled And Yummy
Thrillist's Top 6 Father's Day Gifts, With Help From TV Dad Patrick Duffy!
StyleHiving: Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad Look
Friday The 13th: Tim Russert Dead & R. Kelly Acquitted
I Dream Of Jeannie Coming To Theaters, But Hopefully Not So Sexist?
The Daily Hotness Slideshow: DILFS
Sofia Coppola: Daddy's Girl
The Top Six Trashy Books You Must Read This Summer
Quote Of The Day: Secret Diary Of A Call Girl
Quick Pic: Pamela Anderson Wants You To Say "Cheese!"
Pixar's Wall-E: A Robot Love Story
The Nookie Know-It-All: His Cigs And Your Cervix
The Daily Squeeze: Entourage Movie, Wedding Day Troubles, And Justin Timberlake's Wedding Thoughts
The Frisky TV: Could You Date Someone With Different Political Views?
Poll: Would You Date A Friend's Ex?
Quick Pic: Nicole Richie Favors Bright Prints For Traffic School
Just Evil: High-Heeled Baby Slippers
Star Couplings: Billy Bob Thorton Wishes Upon A Star
Thursday Quickies!
Quick Pic: I Spy A Unicorn!
Crave: High-Heeled Gladiators
Web-Cam: We Heart Polaroids
Gwen Stefani's Baby Will Go Ga-Ga For Goth
A Bride Without A Dress Is Like A Desert Without Sand
The Olsen Twins Give Good Prune Face
(Vintage) Quick Pic: Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee Want To Prove That The Fourth Time's The Charm
Fashion Slideshow: Bridesmaids Dresses You CAN Wear Again!
Style On The Street: A Little Denim Jacket
Poll: How Do You Feel About Guys Who Wear Makeup?
So I'm Engaged: Not Gonna Be My Father's Day
The Daily Hotness: Mark Wahlberg
Quick Pic: Helena Christensen & Paul Banks Go For A Stroll & A Smoke
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The Monogamist: Avoiding Co-Dependence
Hot Outta The Oven: Indian Summer Pasta
The Daily Squeeze: Unmarried Women, Dementia, And Websites
Everything You Need To Know About That Seemingly Endless Democratic Primary In Eight Minutes
Quick Pic: Zooey Deschanel, Nice Gams
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Angelina Jolie
Star Couplings: Chris Martin Wants To Bang
Quick Pic: Mischa Barton Forgot To Check
Chanel's Must-Have Summer Accessory
Co-Ed Naked Bike Riding (Not Just A T-Shirt Slogan)
Hemorrhoid Hunks
Crave: Glasses For Around Your Neck
Japanese Do Diets Right
Debate This: Does It Suck Or Rule To Be A Bridesmaid?
Disney Movies For When It's Too Hot To Do Anything
Top Five Menstrual Songs
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Heidi Klum
The Daily Hotness: Gilles Marini
Fashion Slideshow: 10 Maxi Dresses With Sex Appeal
Quick Pic: Who Is Chasing Kate Hudson?
Poll: How Are Your Hedges Trimmed?
Wedding Weight Loss To The Extreme
Sex In A Church Confessional
The Nookie Know-It-All: Doin' The Crimson Wave
Another Geek Gets The Hollywood Treatment
Are Rape Scenes Really "Sex" Scenes?
The Daily Squeeze: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy's Lovers, Facebook Changes, And Chicago Bulls' Garters
Quick Pic: Jessica Simpson Survives The Heat Wave
Christina Aguilera As Samantha Jones: "Ladies, I'm A Dude..."
Star Couplings: Madonna Considering Divorce! Or Not!
White Lies In That Movie
Crave: Prada's Floral Pumps
Quick Pic: Lily Allen Drives A Mini!
Jerry Hall Auctions Off Her Jagger Whites
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of June 10th 2008
Crave: Tracy Matthews Screw Earrings
Poll: What Is Brody Jenner's Biggest Flaw?
Love Vandal: Hope You're Having A Good Week!
Stephen Colbert Spanks Philip Weiss
Hot Girl Nerds Are Not New
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: 365 Days Of Sex Is Not What You Think It Is
Slideshow: Pink Ladies
Quick Pic: Heidi Montag Takes Out A Twenty
Let's Make A Muxtape, Shall We?
Do Affairs Help Relationships?
Use Facebook Instead Of Sending Wedding Invitations
The Daily Hotness: Justin Nozuka
The Daily Squeeze: Brody Jenner's TV Show, Kim Kardashian's Cupcakes, And Staying Up Late
Frisky Quote Of The Day: James McAvoy
Quick Pic: A Lohan/Ronson Reunion
Star Couplings: Donna Martin Procreates!
Happily Married Women Get Good Night's Rest
Quick Pic: Agyness Deyn, You So Foxy
Brokeback Mountain: The Musical
Condoms: Just the Tips
Soon, You'll Be Able To Create Your Own Energy
Crave: Phoney Hickies
"Freemale" To Be You And Me
Free Condoms All Around In Antarctica
Quick Pic: Tori Spelling Has A Happy Baby
The Daily Hotness: Jon Hamm
Panda Mating In BBC Documentary
Crave: The Post-Beach Cover-Up
Feature: Pathetic Male Movie Leads, Get Lost!
The Hairwash Photo Project
The Nookie Know-It-All: His G-Spot
Poll: Could You Have Sex Every Day For A Year?
The Daily Squeeze: Wedding Jitters, Man Breasts, And Naked Cycling
Quick Pic: NOW's Curvaceous "Love Your Body" Winner
For The Week Of June 9-15, 2008
Mad Men: "1960, I Am So Over You"
Quick Pic: The Golden Girls Get An Award
Star Couplings: Jessica Alba Pops
Friday Quickies!
The Top Five "Hot" Women That Give Us The Icks
The Mother Of Invention Could Be You
Faux-Virgin Rejected By French Court
StyleHiving: Sweet & Flirty Dresses
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
K-Swiss Should Keep It Real
Slideshow: Political PDA!
Puberty Won't Stop The Little Chippendales!
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Gavin Rossdale
Gossip Girl Author Expanding Into Adult Territory
Mind Of Man: Why Dudes Love To Play The Trumpet Of Fleshy Delights (And Other Sex Secrets)
Crave: Quiksilver's New Duds
The Nookie Know-It-All: Anti-Depressants & Libido
Quick Pic: Chris Brown Works One Glove, White Leather Jacket
K-Mart Says Their Sweats Don't Advocate Abstinence, But Their Website Tells A Different Story
The Daily Squeeze: Harvard Hates Harry Potter, Nudism, Women Voters, And Teen Sex On The Rise
I Am Neurotic And So Are You!
Quick Pic: Justin Timberlake Preps For A Hole-In-One
Star Couplings: Shania Twain Ain't No Quitter
An Extra Special Star Trek Wedding
Quick Pic: Claudia Schiffer Is Glam, In Mourning
Miley Cyrus Dating Backup Dancer?
Thank Kylie Minogue For Your Mammogram!
The Frisky Guidebook: The City of HOTlanta
Style On The Street: Red Hair And Basic Sneakers
Slideshow: Mandy Moore Can Get Under Our Umbrella
Real Chick Lit: Love & Life Lessons From Young Adult Novels
The Daily Hotness: Sophia Loren
Lying About Plastic Surgery Is Bad
Lesbian Kiss Gets A Finger Wag In Seattle
Poll: What Do You Think Of "Cat Men"?
Michelle Obama Has Sweet Fashion Sense