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Monday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Derek Jeter Uses The Best A Man Can Get
Wall-E Tells Eve He Loves Her Without Using Those Three Words
Anne Hathaway Is Real Life Agent 99
The Frisky's Guide To Sealing The Deal Without Shrinking Like A Violet
How To Get Perfume To Stay
Quick Pic: Colin Firth's Wife Is Happy To Be At The Mamma Mia Premiere
Stem Cells: Regrow Your Own Perfect Body
Stylehiving: Sienna Miller's A Star In Stripes
Sex In The Bible
Slideshow: Musical Mayem At The Glastonbury Festival
Hot Or Not? Guys With Long Hair
Quote Of The Day: Heidi Montag Is Just Like Jesus Christ
Nicole Kidman's Birthing Playlist
Crave: Kimchi & Blue Plaid Frock
The Daily Hotness: Daniel Craig, Plus The Quantum Of Solace Trailer
Dealbreaker: The Pretty Boy
Poll: Is Technology A Part Of Your Sex Life?
The Daily Squeeze: A Blow Up Bra, Brothels, And Sexual Violence
Quick Pic: Dave Grohl's Fashionable Family
For The Week Of June 30-July 6, 2008
Lover's Lullaby: Pete Doherty Dedicates Song & Video To Kate Moss
Star Couplings: Everything Is Peachy For Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner
Friday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Uma Thurman Gets Engaged!
Thank God It's The Weekend!
DIY Album Cover Girl
The Daily Hotness: Wall-E
Crave: Richard Chai For Target
Fashion Slideshow: Cute Tops For Showing Off Your Guns
Gross Guy Trend: The Medge
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
No Porn For Troops
Relationship Advice From Dogs
Quick Pic: Chuck Bass Plays With Balls
Facebook Goes Gender Specific
Sarah Jessica Parker: Single In The City Again?
Modeling Competition For Women With Disabilities
British Favor Watching TV Over Interacting With People
Top Eight Music Videos Featuring Sweet Dance Moves
Anne Hathaway's Dog Caught In The Middle Of Her Breakup
The Daily Squeeze: Nicole Richie's Recipes, Law & Order, And Baby Names
Current's Sarah Haskins Targets Botox
The Frisky's Top 5 Metrosexual Musicians
Quick Pic: Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber Take Alexander For A Stroll
Star Couplings: Mary Kate Olsen Says Spencer Pratt Is Wormy
Thursday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Jennifer Garner & Violet Feed The Ducks
Slideshow: Men's Fashion Trends We Totally Like
Supermodel Karolina Kurkova Gets Called Fat
The Daily Hotness: Anonymous Male Model
Standing Up For One Night Stands
Weird Guy Trend: Total Manscaping
So I'm Engaged: Wherefore Art Thou, God?
No Gay Pride In Cuba
Style On The Street: Flower Power
Quick Pic: Benji Madden Has A New Summer 'Do
Top Five Songs About Straight Girls Making Out
The Ever-Expanding Internet
Having Less Choices Might Help Our Love Lives
Soap Opera Among War Correspondants
The Place With A "No Boys Allowed" Policy
The Bad Girlfriend Discovers Her Boyfriend Is Gay
Quick Pic: Mary-Kate Olsen Celebrates The Wackness
The Daily Squeeze: Cucumbers, Gypsies On The Runway, And A Gay Kiss
He Wants To Know: How Do I Tell My Friend I Scored With His Pal?
Hot Outta The Oven: SoCal Fish Tacos
Star Couplings: Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Still Have The Most Boring Marriage In The World.
Quote Of The Day: Pam Anderson On Tommy Lee's Internet Stalking
Wednesday Quickies!
Quick Pic: Audrina Says Goodbye, You Say Hello
Gardasil Has Been Gettin' Some Haters
Get Rid Of Unwanted Back Hair With The Mangroomer
Quote Of The Day: Miley Cyrus On Orlando Bloom
Rejected: Federal Funding For Abstinence
Kate Moss Gets Help From Jerry Springer
The Daily Hotness: Matthew Tully from Shear Genius
Made Up Song Saves Pregnant Mom's Life
Back To The '80s: Mall Hair
Slideshow: Men's Summer Fashion Trends We Hate
Obama's iPod
Just Do It: Deleting A Guy's Number
Stylehiving: Get Reese Witherspoon's Jet-Setter Steez
Crave: Rebecca Minkoff Necessities Tote
Poll: How Often Do You Use A Condom During Sex?
STD Prevention Videos Help Prevent STDs
Chuck E. Cheese Does "Love In This Club"
The Daily Squeeze: Marilyn Monroe's Receipt, Casual Sex, And A Tragic Death
Engagement Side Effect: TV Wedding Phobia
Quick Pic: Justin Timberlake Parties With The French
Star Couplings: Agyness Deyn & Albert Hammond Jr. Make Sweet Indie Love
Tuesday Quickies!
Obama & McCain Condoms: Protection You Can Count On
First Female Nominated For Four Stars
The Daily NOTness: Mario Lopez, AGAIN.
Quick Pic: Gwen, Gavin, Kingston, & Belly Are One Big Happy Family
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of June 24th 2008
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Man Crushes
Love Vandal: I Love You In Paris
Sex On TV: "Call Girl" Has Family Values
Slideshow: Sweet & Sexy Short Do's
Quote Of The Day: John Mayer On Cheating
Click & Tell: How To Give Good Email
Weird Marriage Laws That We Just Don't Understand
Masturbating Walrus Dies
Arranged Marriages: The Solution For Busy People?
Quick Pic: Andy Roddick Pours His Sports Drink Into The Gutter
Sports Bra To The Rescue!
Get Your Rocks Off: a'tris' Love Is An Emotional Rollercoaster Playlist
The Daily Hotness: Graham Bunn
Pregnant Teen Says There Was No Pact
The Daily Squeeze: Same-Sex Marriage, Cynthia Nixon, And A Drunk Groom
The Top 50 Dirtiest Album Covers Bring Back Memories
Quick Pic: Kirsten Dunst En Route To Coldplay Concert
Star Couplings: Mary-Kate Olsen, Her Boyfriend, & Nicole Richie Go Grunge
Monday Quickies!
Raise Your Hand If You Think Wedding Traditions Are Stupid
Is Hair-Pulling During Sex So Taboo?
Quick Pic: Liv Tyler & Milo Get Some Fresh Air
Crave: Little Piggy Ear Buds
Birth Defects Linked to UTIs and STDs
Hillary Clinton & Sexism In The Media
The Daily Hotness: Daniel Henney
Would You Move If You And Your BF Lived Together, Then Broke Up?
Peanut Butter Does A Sex Life Good
Celebs Go For Sheer Style
10 Classic Books To Put On Your Reading List
Hugh Hefner Got Around With His Family
Planned Parenthood: Loaded And Growing
Quick Pic: James McAvoy Trolls The Streets Of Manhattan
Slideshow: Glitter & Gold At The Daytime Emmys
Australian Man's Life Is Worth $2 Million On eBay
The Daily Squeeze: The Pill Online, Keira Knightley's Mom, And Family Dinners And Drugs
The Frisky TV: Admit It, Do You Fart In Front Of Your Significant Other?
For The Week Of June 23-29, 2008
Quick Pic: Camila Alves Is About To Pop But Matthew McConaughey Is Still Shirtless
Star Couplings: Jake Gyllenhaal Really Wants To Make It Official With Reese Witherspoon
Friday Quickies!
Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums
Quick Pic: Seriously, Rihanna, What Is Up With The Hat?
Thank God It's The Weekend!
Stylehiving: Get Hilary Duff's Look No Matter The Size Of Your Wallet
Ten Chic, Irresistible Straw Hats
The Daily Hotness: Josh Duhamel
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Massachusetts Teen Pregnancy Pact A Total Sham?
Prince William's Thinning Hair Is Making Him Shy
My Little Pony Gets A Celeb Makeover
Quick Pic: Anne Hathaway Shoulders Breakup Emotions
Martha Stewart Must Stay On This Side Of The Pond
Tween Sues Father...And Wins
Mind Of Man: Five Things About Pregnancy That Will Eff You Up
Crave: Dress That's Business In The Front, Party In The Back
The Relationship Novice: 5 Things To Know Before Committing
The Most Popular Computer Passwords -- You Didn't Hear Them From Us
New Batwoman Is For The Ladies
Quick Pic: Paris Hilton Accessorizes With A Hair Wreath & Benji Madden
The Daily Squeeze: Tattoo Discrimination, Miley Cyrus' Fans In Prison, And Bad Boys
Quote Of The Day: James McAvoy On Filming Sex Scenes
Star Couplings: Anne Hathaway Dumps Her Italian BF
Thursday Quickies!
Hotel Porn Doesn't Bring In That Much Money
Documentary Suggests All Women Are Gay
Crave: I Heart Umbrella Will Keep You Dry
Slideshow: Sexy Celebrity Vegetarians
The Daily Hotness: David Beckham's Billboard
Top Five Ways to Learn A Second Language In Bed: French
Vogue Italia's "Black Issue" Doesn't Address The Real Issue
Quick Pic: Chloe Sevigny Hearts Cartier
Style On The Street: She's Blue
Turn-On Trend: Tube Socks
Quick Pic: The Boys From Entourage Engage In Some Play Fighting
The Frisky Guidebook: The City Of Brotherly Love
The Ten New(ish) Books You Should Read This Summer
High School Girls In MA Want To Get Pregnant
Barbara Walters Audiobook Is G-Rated
Top Five T-Shirts That Will Not Get You Laid, Fellas
Quick Pic: Liv Tyler Needs Directions
Sex May Cause Weight Gain
Diamonds From Tequila
The Daily Squeeze: Pink Bark, Menstrual Emails, And Narcissistic Men
Quick Pic: Paris Hilton Is Actually Kind Of Glowing
Quote Of The Day: Chris Martin Tries To Live Up To Brad Pitt
Star Couplings: Jamie Lynn Spears Prepares For A C-Section
Wednesday Quickies!
Katy Perry On The Young And The Restless Mag
Mattel Releases Barbie For The Birds
Danger! Beware Of Thong!
Porn, Starring Grandpa
Quick Pic: Blake Lively's Dog Penny Peed On Her
Transform Your Face Into A Whole Lotta Ugly
Slideshow: Hollywood's Hottest Out On The Town
He Says/She Says: The Ting Tings' "Great DJ"
Prom Crosses The Pond
Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Will Not Get Married Together
Crave: Clutch This
Top Five Songs That Objectify Men
Shopping For Lingerie In Saudi Arabia
Quick Pic: Charlize Theron Wears Black Booties
Sexual Preference From A Fertility Gene?
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