Archives: May, 2008

Girl Crush Goes A Little Limp: Agyness Deyn
Crave: Catch My Love Coffee Mug
The Orgy & The Onion
Birth Control Makes You Sterile And Other Lies!
Female Fighting Increases In The U.K.
J.Love's Butt Gets Cover
The Most Magical Widget In The World
Did Suri Cruise Get Highlights?
Take A Break From Your Talkative Friends' Twitters
Breaking News! Scarlett Johansson Engaged To Van Wilder!
Crave: A T-Shirt That's More Than A Little Special
Poll: How Do You Keep The Babies Away?
The Daily (Double-Dose Of) Hotness: Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna
Fashion Slideshow: The Cutest Shorts In Shortsland!
Prepare Your Feet For Their Summer Wardrobe
Are Victoria Beckham And Katie Holmes Still Friends?
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Miley Cyrus
The Matrimommy: Not Lovin' McLovin'
Quick Pic: Christina Ricci Is Stunned, Stunning
The Daily Squeeze: Lindsay Lohan On Ugly Betty, Excuses, And Aspririn
Maybe NO ONE Dies In The Sex And The City Movie!
For The Week Of May 5-11, 2008
The Dark Knight Is Jam-Packed With Scary, Hot Goodness
Star Couplings: Kate Hudson Gets On The Stalker Bandwagon
RIP Eight Belles
Add Them To Your Playlist: Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Friday Quickies!
Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums
If You're Old And Single, You Should Go Online
A Totally Scientific Dateability Quiz
StyleHiving: Lauren Conrad's Date Style
The Daily Hotness: Ira Glass
Rock The Cradle Seriously Rocks
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Texting Your Way To Love
Stop! In The Name Of Civic Pride
Sexual Assault Is No Laughing Matter
Fashion Slideshow: Spring & Summer Dresses
Kentucky Derby Horse Is Not A Stud
The Pharaoh Who Could Have Been Mistaken For A Girl
Crave: Laying Out The Welcome Mat
The Daily Squeeze: A Sexually Frustrated Seal, Another Use For Birth Control, And SFW Porn
Katie Holmes' Not So Fun Vacay
Oprah's Audience Goes Cuh-razy For The Cast Of Sex And The City
Quick Pic: Ashton & Cameron Yuck It Up
Barbara Walters Got Around In The '70s
Star Couplings: Beyonce & Jay-Z Get The Baby Rumors
The Sound Of Sexiness
A Bathtub, A Blender, And A Hospital Visit
Isle Of Lesbos v. Lesbians
Gross Guy Trend: Perms
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Grand Theft Auto IV
Slideshow: Cutest & Coolest Hollywood Couples Not Named TomKat
Gynecologists Are Also Comedians
The Daily Hotness: Robert Pattinson
Style On The Street: Bright Shoes
Table Test
Jiffy Lube
Crave: The Best Of Old Navy
Your Computer Is Home To Many Unwelcome Friends
Heidi Montag Continues To Run Her Mouth On Letterman
Happy Birthday Calamity Jane!
Breaking News! Mariah Carey Already Married To Nick Cannon!
Poll: Is Grand Theft Auto IV Super Duper Offensive?
Good Times With Caligula
If You're Not Competitive, You Might Be Low On Estrogen
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Pete Wentz on Ashley Simpson
The Daily Squeeze: Disney Push-Up Bras, Heart Attacks, And Banksy's Sex Life
Sexist Ad Hangover
Jon Stewart Endorses A More Innocent Version Of The Horizontal Tango
Quick Pic: Madonna (With JT) In Concert
Simon Cowell Relives His First Kiss On American Idol
Star Couplings: Mimi Engaged With A Hand-Me-Down Ring?
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