Archives: May, 2008

Romance On TV: Jim Advises Michael On Office Romances
Another Reason To Get Tested For HPV
The Daily Squeeze: Plan B, A Sexy Stabbing, And Rihanna's Flirting Tips
New Kids On The Block Don't Quite Have The Right Stuff
Quick Pic: Posh Challenges Her Shadow To A Pose-Off
Star Couplings: Ellen And Portia Plan To Make It Legal
The Frisky's Top Five Additions (And Subtractions) To Maxim's Hot 100
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Christina Aguilera
RuPaul Gets Ready For A Drag-Off
The McGreevey's Divorce Should Be Made Into A Movie
Real Chick Lit: What Shamu Taught Me About Not Being An Annoying Nag
Crave: Day-Glo Slides
Poll: What's Your Ideal Date?
California Says "I Do" To Same Sex Marriage
The Daily Hotness: Chris Brown
Style On The Street: Dressy Sweats
Quick Pic: Brangelina & The Largest Bump Ever At Cannes
Fashion Slideshow: Rogan For Target
This American Life: Two Sides To A Jackie O Sighting
Hooray For Bikes!
Virtual Is Never As Good As Reality
Starbucks Unveils Its New Topless Logo
The Monogamist: Blind Trust Isn't A Bad Thing
What Daughters Want To Know About Mothers
The Daily Squeeze: Shark Fin Soup, A Burning Man, And Premature Ejaculation
Young Woman Takes Her Sexual Assault Story To YouTube
Quick Pic: Sex And The City Has Its Fans & Foes
Penelope Cruz & Scarlett Johansson Get Their Smooch On
Star Couplings: Tom Cruise Drives His Way In Mr. Holmes' Heart
Quick Pic: Chapel Of Love
The Frisky's Top Six Fantasy Guys (According To Profession)
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Jessica Alba
Poll: Are You A Faker?
Your Boyfriend Thinks You're Purdy
The Frisky TV: Are You Hornier During The Spring?
Coming Soon: Anonymous Rape Kits
Crave: Pervy Posters Fit For A Child's Bedroom
Put Him Under Your Sexy Spell
Breaking News! It's Twins! It's Twins!
Authentic Sound Of Music Theme Wedding Now Possible
Don't Clam Up At The Doc's
Slideshow: Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis Are Cute And Kooky
Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Nosy Psychoanalyst
Campus Confidential: Slumber Parties, Tila Tequila, and College Lesbians
This Piece Of Chocolate Looks Awfully Familiar
Like Red Nailpolish? You'd Make A Horrible Wife
The Daily Hotness: Joaquin Phoenix
Mannequins Of All (Boob) Sizes
The Daily Squeeze: A Child Dominatrix, Expensive Texts, And A Thief In The Bed
The Daily NOTness: American Idol's David Archuleta
Quick Pic: A Shrinking Top Model
Romance On TV: Survivor's Ozzy & Amanda Make Up For Lost Time
Quick Pic: Showtime's Pleasure Girls
Star Couplings: Jessica Simpson Fumbles With Tony Romo
A Secret Rendez-Vous Gone Wrong
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Shia LeBeouf
Good Guy Trend: Moobs
No, Shayne, No!
Slideshow: What We're Reading & Listening To This Month
The Worst Kiss Ever (I Hope)
He Says/She Says: Rihanna's "Take A Bow"
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of May 13th 2008
Buy Your Own Mr. Big
Love Vandal: Lennon and McCartney Were Right
The Daily Hotness: Viggo Mortensen
Poll: Preventing Pregnancy Should Not Be A Game Of Russion Roulette
Names That Are Popular With Real People And Celebs
Secret Way That Facebook Reveals Your Top Five Stalkers! Maybe!
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Getting Her To The Big O
Big Apple Hotel Offers Mr. Big Package
Crave: Artsy Fartsy T-Shirts For Cheap
Commercials Make Men Less Likely To Clean
Get Your Rocks Off: Craig David's Favorite Sultry Booty Jams
Freedom Of Choice: Jeans That Have Nothing To Do With Roe V. Wade
More Life Lessons From The Hills
The Daily Squeeze: Bluetooth Love Notes, Safe Sex, And Wedding Dresses
Quick Pic: Lindsay Price, You Are Very Pretty, But Please Eat A Sandwich
Romance On TV: The Bach Proposes To His Monkey
Star Couplings: Ashlee & Pete Rush To The Altar
Pedophiles Will Soon Be Forbidden From Serving Ice Cream
Wooden Figurines Show You How To Do It Up Against A Wall!
Crave: The Toned-Down Version Of Carrie Bradshaw
Girl Crush Alert! Audrey Tautou
Tyra Talks Trampling, Plus A Poll About Fetishes
Fashion Conundrum: What The Hell Do I Wear With My New Leather Vest?
Women Aren't Prepared To Put In Long Hours? Ha.
Fashion Slideshow: Protect Your Peepers With Some Sweet Shades
Second Life Sexperts
Cuddle Parties: Hugs For Fugs
Quick Pic: Sarah Jessica Parker, What Is That On Your Head?
The Daily Hotness: Cristiano Ronaldo
Wear Glasses When You Lie
Show We'll Be Watching: Swingtown
Look Like Lindsay Lohan!
Jesus Knows You're Watching Porn!
The Nookie Know-It-All: Orgasm Stats
The Daily Squeeze: Matthew McConaughey Gets Ready, Love In Saudia Arabia, And A Forbidden Dress
Quick Pic: Jenna Bush Looked Awfully Purdy At Her Wedding
Romance On TV: Ozzy Tells Amanda He Wuvs Her On The Survivor Finale
For The Week Of May 12-18, 2008
Star Couplings: Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson Engaged...Maybe?
Quick Pic: Happy Mother's Day!
Kelly Taylor Returns To 90210...As A Guidance Counselor!
Friday Quickies!
Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums
Pornography From The Past
Don't Steal Sex Toys From An Ex
Crave: These Rings Are Explosive
The Frisky TV: Too Much Information About My First Boyfriend
Five Easy Ways To Spot A Douche Bag
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Virtual Reality Gets Randy
Stylehiving: Whitney Port's Got Style
Cleavage For Charity
Slideshow: National Pet Week
Dove's Side Of The Airbrushing Story
The Mind Of Man: An Insider Look At A Pickup Network
The Duggar Family: Eternally Pregnant For Jesus
Ten Mother's Day Gifts Under $30
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Ashton Kutcher
The Daily Hotness: Slug From Atmosphere
Yes, That Flair Does Make You Look Like A Rapist
Cuckoos Are Clever Birds
Sexified Schweppes Ad
The Daily Squeeze: Taser Parties, Motherhood In Sweden, And Sex On Drugs
Beyonce Plays Dress Up With Your Kids
Star Couplings: Britney & Kevin Do It Over The Phone
Carrie Bradshaw Would Like Her Desk Back
E-Venge: The Scary New Trend In Breakups
Style On The Street: Three's Company
Guys Shouldn't Wear Bling
Can No One Make It Work Anymore?
The Frisky Guidebook: The Weirdest City In Texas
Cellulite Like A Celeb
Should You Drink To Your Health?
The Top 5 Space Studs Of Sci-Fi Films
The Daily Hotness Slideshow: Guys In Hats
Male Wasps Think Orchids Are Sexy
What's It Like Dating A Guy In Jail?
Crave: Swimsuits That Let Your Belly Hide Out
So I'm Engaged: The Politics Of Choosing A Bridesmaid
Even "Real" Women Are Digitally Enhanced
Marrying Young Isn't Just For Rich Old Guys Like Donald Trump
The Frisky TV + Poll: Is Cyber Sex Cheating?
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Paris Hilton
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Taking Her Last Name
The Daily Squeeze: Lost Rings, Monkey Porn, And Breast Cancer
2 Girls, 1 Baby Stewie
U.S. Representative Proposes Ban On Men's Magazines At Military Bases
Quick Pic: That Is Scar Jo's Engagement Ring
Star Couplings: Angelina's Uterus Ruins Our Future Love Life
National Pet Week: This Dog Challenges Your Pet To A Cute-Off
Young Men Are Where It's At For Kim Cattrall
The Daily Hotness: Indiana Jones
Get Ready For Jenna Bush's Wedding!
Let's Make A Muxtape, Shall We?
Is It Still Gum If It's Not Sticky?
Love Vandal: Kissing In Budapest
Menage A Trois: A Man, A Broom, And A Dustpan
Talk Sex Gets Finished Off
Female Seagulls Can Handle More
Star Trek: Bead-Dazzled
Today In Terribleness: Sexual Assault, Crying Rape, And That Austrian Psycho
Crave: A Necklace For Women Who Like It Raw
Read People's Loves, Hates, Thoughts, and Feelings
Babies And Marriage
The Daily Squeeze: Gwyneth's Heels, Face Symmetry, And Jane Eyre
Quick Pic: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon's Wedded Bliss
Bad Date Hall Of Fame: Donald Duck, The Swim Instructor
Jason Castro Jah-Rastafari's Himself Right Out Of Our Hearts
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Spencer Pratt
Star Couplings: Uma Thurman's Stalker Headed To The Clink
National Pet Week: Make Us Want To Kidnap Your Animal Because Of Its Cuteness
Trend We Thought Died: High-Heeled Sneakers
Make Money Off Your Ex
Loving & Marriage
Slideshow: Super Hot Messes At The Met
Poll: Which One Of These Things Will End First?
The Daily Hotness: Rufus Wainwright
Romance On TV: Being Gay Is So Not Cool On The Upper East Side
In The Shades Of Red
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of May 6th 2008
Mash-Up: Miss Piggy Learns The Teaches Of Peaches
Slideshow: Lovely Ladies To The Rescue!
Stealing A Friend's Friend
Crave: A DVD To Sink Your Teeth Into
Kate Moss Will Wear Agent Provacateur On Her Wedding Night
Slideshow: Hot Super-Couples At The Costume Institute Gala
Breastfeeding Is Good For The Mind
The Pitfalls: Becoming A Smug Married
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Sarah Jessica Parker
The Daily Squeeze: Happy Foods, Obesity, Canada, And Prostitutes
Mr. & Mrs. Mariah Carey Immortalized On MTV
Quick Pic: Ashley Olsen Drags Her Corpse Twin Out For A Party
Star Couplings: Reese Witherspoon Sports A Subtle Bloat Baby
Romance On TV: The Bachelor's Women Tell All
Dina Lohan To Be Honored As A Mother Of The Year
What's Your Nationality In The Bedroom?
Rich Men Don't Like Sequins Or Fake Tans
Bound & Bothered