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Friday Quickies!
Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums
The Daily Hotness: Christian Bale
Crave: Patricia Field Pumps
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Angelina Jolie on pregnancy
StyleHiving: More Sex And The City Style (We Told You It Wasn't Over Yet!)
Eva Mendes Is Too Sexy For TV
Slideshow: Quirky Celebrity Smiles!
Lingerie And Bikinis Cause Men To Act Impulsively
Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Have Two Girls
Golf Is Good
Angela Lansbury Plays (With) Herself
Final Purge: Sex And The City Mania!
Quick Pic: Usher Starts To Take It Off
The Nookie Know-It-All: My Boyfriend Has Herpes
Poll: What Will Be The Hot Summer Jam Of 2008?
The Daily Squeeze: Hot Royalty, Paris Hilton's Tinkberbell, And Carrie Bradshaw
Breaking News! Did Angelina Jolie Give Birth To Her Magical Twins?
The Lost Finale Rocked My World
Quick Pic: The Many Faces Of Tyra Banks
Star Couplings: Harrison Ford Pops The Question
Birth A Kid, Lose A Tooth
Women's Prisons Are So Hot Right Now
Quick Pic: Jason Lewis Forced To Drink A Cosmo
Divorced Couples Battle Over Custody Of The Dog
Crave: You Make A Nice Couple Poster
Impossible! Clay Aiken Impregnates A Woman! With His Own Sperm!
The Top 5 Words You Should Never Say On A First Date
Damn You, Bill Murray
The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: What To Buy Us For Our (Mostly, Imaginary) Wedding
The Daily NOTness: James McAvoy As Bilbo Baggins
Debate This: How Did Sex And The City Make You FEEL?
Style On The Street: She's A-Blaze!
Shopping and Stuffing Your Face
Sex And The City: The Reason Women Wear Dresses
Further Proof Men Won't Be Seeing Sex And The City
So I'm Engaged: Meet The Parents
The Daily Hotness Slideshow: The Men Of Lost
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Sienna Miller
Wedding Gift Advice From Gregory Krum, Shopping Expert
The Bad Girlfriend Hides Her Vices
Poll: Who Is It Most Important To Impress -- Friends Or Family?
The Daily Squeeze, SATC Edition: As Big As Bond, Blue Shoes, And Fascinating Fascinators
Women Are Being Put To The Test
Quick Pic: The New York Times Gets Fierce With Tyra Banks
Get REALLY Skinny For Bikini Season!
Star Couplings: Pete & Ashlee Wentz Confirm The Worst Kept Secret In Hollywood
Roadtrippin' With Lifestyles Condoms
Two Tanning Teens Hit By Train
Quick Pic: Italy's New Baby Giraffe
He's Just Not That Into You Trailer
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Ashlee Simpson
Crave: Cake-sicle Molds
Pharrell Wiliams' Rockin' Chair
Sex And The City: Even Carrie's Apartment Grew Up
The Jonas Brothers Vs. Hanson: What's The Diff?
Women's Underwear Causes Fear Among Myanmar Junta
The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: 10 Crazy Gifts You Should Totally Register For
Quick Pic: Mariah Carey Plays With Balls
Girl Must Decide Whether To Use Mother's Eggs Before She's 18
Fashion Slideshow: Fun & Fancy-Free Flat Sandals
How To: Smoke-ify Your Eyes
The Daily Hotness: Penn Badgley
The Nookie Know-It-All: Low Tide For The Crimson Wave
The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: 10 Home Items Worth The Clutter
The Daily Squeeze: A Self-Help Book By Tila Tequila, A Song For Britney Spears, And A Crystal Carpet
What Men Would Rather Do Than See Sex And The City
Quick Pic: The Sexiest (Potentially Fake) Marilyn Monroe Image Ever
Living Lohan Scares Us To Our Core
Jessica Simpson Goes A Little Bit Country
Quick Pic: Carrie Bradshow Comes Home To NYC
Star Couplings: Will Smith Doesn't Believe In The "D" Word
Nude Maid Is Also Suspected Jewelry Thief
Poll: Would You Ever Elope?
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Sex And The City Madness
The 5 Worst Cake Toppers Ever Molded
Man Calls Toll-Free Number Just To Hear The Voice Of A Woman
Love Vandal: Chalk It Up
Slideshow: Natalie Portman Is A Girl Who Likes Ruffles
Men Rate Sexual Positions
Exercise Your (And His!) Kegel Power
Stay Away From Strange "Aphrodisiacs"
Get Your Rocks Off: Ohbijou's "Frisky On Land & Water" Playlist
The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: Only Online
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of May 27th 2008
Sex And The City Is Going To Do Just Fine
The Daily Hotness: So You Think You Can Dance's Robert Muraine
The Daily Squeeze: Jamie Oliver's Advice, Singapore's Banned Websites, And A Wedding Shooting
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Faye Dunaway
The Daily NOTness: Mario Lopez
Ellen Asks John McCain To Walk Her Down The Aisle
Quick Pic: Kate Pierson Of The B-52s Is About To Take Off
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan Engaged To Her Bestie?
For The Week Of May 26-June 1, 2008
Quick Pic: Happy Memorial Day!
Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums
The Penis in Print
StyleHiving: The Women Of Sex And The City
Friday Quickies!
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Your Dude Is Totally Going To Want
Cease Fire For Homosexuals In The Military
The Daily Hotness: Adam Sandler
Manimony: Dollar Sign Of The Times
Sex With (Not In) Cars
Penance For Sex Positions In The Middle Ages
Mind Of Man: Simple Thoughts On Settling Down
One Woman's Response To Catcalls: Stripping
The Nookie Know-It-All: Curious About Nymphomania
Exclusive! Square Pegs Minisode
The Daily Squeeze: PETA's Sexy Cat Ad, Tila Tequila's Breakup, And Paint's Effect On Sperm
Quick Pic: Michelle Williams Is Smiling Again
Star Couplings: Paris Hilton Is Ready For A Baby
Chinese Policewoman Breastfeeds Orphans
Virgin Sacrifice: Father/Daughter Dance
Women Top "Best Idea" Charts
Crave: iPod Boombox
The Frisky Guidebook: The Windy City
Quick Pic: More Love In China's Earthquake Rubble
British Airways' Fancy Flight Attendant Uniforms
Illegal Sex Workers In India Elligible For Life Insurance
Poll: The Worst American Idol Guest Appearance
Condom-Themed Restaurants In Thailand
Girls Who Think They're Hot Are More Likely To Be Bullied
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Kat Von D
American Idol: Interesting Fashion Choices And Advice From Paula
Love 101: Ex Sex -- Don't Go There, Girl!
Quick Pic: Eva Herzigova Shows Some Leg
The Daily Squeeze: R. Kelly's Trial, A Flying Penis, And Girls In Gangs
Tony Blair's Wife Tells All
Star Couplings: Winona & Keanu 4 Eva!
The Daily Hotness: Dancing With The Stars' Cristian De La Fuente
Crave: SJP In Square Pegs
If You Never Promise To Be Monogamous, You'll Never HAVE To Cheat
We've Still Got It All On Tape
Poll: Which American Idol Contestant Is Hotter -- David Or, Um, David?
Baskin Robbins Says Happy Bump Day!
Quick Pic: Ashlee & Pete's Fantasy Wedding
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Mel B (Scary Spice)
No SATC Ads In Jerusalem
Warning: Side Effects May Include More Reasons To Be Depressed
How To: Select And Apply Bronzer
The Nookie Know-It-All: Grossed Out By Oral
Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Prank-Pulling Pretty Boy
The Daily Squeeze: A Date With Hayden Panettiere, Foreplay Ideas, And Patricia Field's Project
Quick Pic: Shia Lebeouf Gives A Fan The Camera Phone Picture Of Their Dreams
Star Couplings: Jessica Alba Joins The Wife Brigade
Levi Strauss, Thanks For Everything!
Christians Convert Penthouse
Fashion Slideshow: Headbands Galore!
The 90210 Spinoff Preview
Love Vandal: Graffiti Research Lab Shows How It's Done
Quick Pic: Fergie Sings While Headstanding
Poll: Do You Shut Your Eyes While Smooching?
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week of May 20th 2008
Protect Your Ears From Nickel
Romance On TV: Chuck Can't Handle Love
Volunteers Pose Naked In Austria
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Natalie Portman
Click & Tell: When You're Having An Online Dating Dry Spell
Crave: Love Is Blind Vase
The Daily Squeeze: Naked Pics Of Nicole Kidman, Touch And Feel Phones, And Breastfeeding
Quick Pic: Gwyneth Paltrow Flirts With Her Eyes
Star Couplings: Angelina Wants To Name Her Twin Girls After Some Twin Boys
Bigger Would Be Better On America's Next Top Model
Pick Up An Austrian
Heidi Fleiss Airs Her Dirty Laundry
How To Give A Wedding Speech
Crave: Faux Taxidermy
Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon: Match Made in Closet
The Daily NOTness: Ryan Cabrera
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Jimmy Fallon
Couple Survives China Earthquake Together
Egypt's First Female "Maazun"
Quick Pic: Indiana Jones Makes Out
Do Girls Love Watching Guys Who Like Guys?
The Nookie Know-It-All: Big Lipped Lass
Quick Pic: Nicole Kidman Looks Radiant Pregnant & Botox-Free
Garden Tribute For Beatle George Harrison
The Daily Squeeze: Hated Celebs, HIV Infections, And Homosexuality In Nature
Star Couplings: Ashlee & Pete Make It Legal And Reveal Their Big Secret
For The Week Of May 19-25, 2008
Friday Quickies!
Crave: Be Careful What You Do While Carrying This Bag
Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford: The Truth About Their Catfight
Web-Cam: Better Than A Cup Of Tea Is A Cup Of Jo
Top Five "Hot" Guys Who Make Us Feel Icky
Fewer Mothers Receiving Assistance Than In 1996
StyleHiving: Rock It Like Audrina Partridge
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Charlize Theron
Slideshow: Pretty People Come Out To Play At Cannes
Poll: How Soon Do You "Friend" Guys You're Dating?
Are You Even Attracted To Hot Guys?
The Daily Hotness: Ben Barnes
Quick Pic: Amy Sedaris Pops Out Of A Bust Birthday Cake
Clip: Ellen Announces Her Engagement To Portia On Her Show
Well-Endowed Museum
Happy National Masturbation Month!
The Relationship Novice: When To Go Dutch
Hollywood Babylon: An R-Rated Coffee Table Book
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