Archives: April, 2008

Second Chance For "Accidental" Face Mangler
Star Couplings: Jennifer Lopez Wants Her Twins To Play In The Scientology Sandbox
Hot Guy Trend: Dudes In Tortoise Shell Wayfarers
Kate Moss Rocks Herself
Beware Of Coffee Offered By Strange Men
Project Runway Jumps The Shark
Incest Is Icky, Even If The Resulting Baby Is Adorable
Vanity Fair Is The Real Debbie Downer
Glamour Charts The Big-O
Women Writing More Checks For Presidential Candidates
Dumped Via Text Message?
VD Is For Everybody
Crave: Celebrity Mirror Shows You're Big Enough To Be A-list
Poll: Should You Wear White To A Wedding?
The Daily Hotness: Mark Consuelos
Polygamist Compound Raided
The Matrimommy: Remote Control Rumble
Fashion Slideshow: Your Love On A T
The Nookie Know-It-All: Love Bites
The Daily Squeeze: Housework, Wiener Worship, And A Personal Mastectomy Story
Ellen Page Does Teen Vogue
Get Your Rocks Off: Covering Billie Holiday
For The Week Of April 7-13, 2008
FriskyScopes With Kiki T
Mornin', And Happy Bra Fit Week!
What Reese, Jake, Ryan, And Kirsten May All Have In Common
Star Couplings: Beyonce And Jay-Z Tie The Knot
Jenny McCarthy Is A Bad Ass
Friday Quickies!
Brit Wants To Do A Line
Slideshow: Musical Ladies
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Don't Suck
Sneak Peak: National Bra Fit Week!
Kiki T Gives The Straight Dope On Pleasing Every Sign In The Zodiac
StyleHiving: The Mini Dress
A Very Special Episode Of The Moment Of Truth: Perez Vs. Mayer
Where Are They Now?: Heathers
The Daily Hotness: Heath Ledger
Feature: The Other Woman
"I Was Raped" Shirt Sparks Controversy & Discussion
The Nookie Know-It-All: Your Sexual Tool Kit
That's One Ugly Baby!
The Daily Squeeze: Blondie, A Transgender Talk Show Host, Lindsay Lohan, And Online Safety
Pregnant, Transgender Man Appears On Oprah
Wine Choice A Key To Sexuality?
A List Every Guy Would Love To Be On
Live-Blogging The NKOTB Appearance On The Today Show
Star Couplings: Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend Bounces A Check
David Beckham, First Choice Among Porn Stars
Madonna Featuring Justin Timberlake: "Four Minutes"
Crave: Mood-Changing Doormat
Lip Taken Out Of Service
Anne Boleyn's Changing Reputation
Her Love Will Go On
Here Comes The Underage Bride
Slideshow: Smokin' Hot Celebrity Beards
Back On The Block
Personalize Your Smile
John Mayer Swings Three Ways: Straight, Gay, And Annoying Blogger
Not So "Nice" Guys
The Daily Hotness: Henry Cavill
Scandal! Angelina Jolie Modeled Hideous Bikinis When She Was 16!
Britney: Just Say No To Kevin
The Daily Squeeze: Sex Contracts, Drinking Water, And A Bitter Divorce
Girl Crush Alert! Jena Malone
Star Couplings: Jay-Z and Beyonce Are Going To Make Their Crazy Love Official
Does Tyra Want The Top Models To Act Like Street Walkers?
Ten Women Draw Sex Like It Is
Billboard Charts The Apocalyspe
Style On The Street: Rainy Day Chic
Crave: Bare Back
Women Get Richer, Men Get Alimony
Fit For A Queen
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Fake Boobage
Where The Boys At? Um, Not On The East Coast
To Cut Or Not To Cut? That Is The Question.
Poll: Norah Jones Got A Haircut!
Woody Allen Beats Off American Apparel
The Nookie Know-It-All: Back Door Business
More Wrinkle-Obsessed Narcissists Choosing Dermal Fillers
Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Penny-Pinching Male Feminist
The Daily Squeeze: SATC Vacays, Sex Toys, And Housing In Paris
What Are Hillary And Obama Doing?
The Daily Hotness: Gavin Rossdale
Decode My Dream: My Perfect Ex
American Idol Goes To Dollywood
Star Couplings: Clooney And His Geef Win Us Over
Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices, Finally An Inkling Of Human Decency
Crave: Good Girl Vs. Bad Girl
The Presidential (Fashion) Race
Surrogacy Delivers
Breaking News! Jay-Z And Beyonce Get A Piece Of Paper!
Face-Off: Old Heidi Vs. New Heidi
Send NSFW Links With Care
Clark Gable: Gayer Than Gone With The Wind
Love Vandal: Telephone Pole Heart
The Daily Hotness: Chris Brown
Romance On TV: A Bachelorette Gets The Meeps
The Greatest Invention Ever (For Nosy Nellies)
Fashion Slideshow: Barely There Bralettes
Text Message Abbreviations Cropping Up On Birth Certificates
Buffy Likes Big Butts
The Frisky TV: Should I Confess That I Cheated?
More Bed-Buying Tips
The Frisky Doohickie: Download Our Headline Widget!
Who Wants Their Wedding Theme To Be "Tacky"?
Get Your Rocks Off: Secondhand Serenade's Playlist Of Ooey Gooey Love Songs
Smells Like Trouble
The Daily NOTness: Adam Duritz Of The Counting Crows
The Daily Squeeze: Cancer, Genital Warts, And War Zones -- Fun!
Read For Free
90210 Spin-Off Writers Totally Read The Frisky
The Kardashian Sisters Gossip About Aunt Flo
Star Couplings: Cameron Diaz Admits To Liking Boys
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