Archives: April, 2008

The Nookie Know-It-All: Chronic Diddler
Mexico's Sex Fair
The Daily Squeeze: Bad Bloggers, Stupid Laws, And Fly Sexual Behaviors
Poll: Have You Had An STD?
Hayden Panettiere: "Sexual Harassment Is Wrong, Even If It Makes You Feel Good"
Heidiwood Is Hollywood Circa 1987
The Yale Abortion Artist: Well Now We Feel Stupid.
Star Couplings: Ashlee Simpson Unconfirmed Pregnancy Already For Sale
Who Doesn't Love A Good Kiss?
We Can't Resist Kiss The Bride
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: HPV
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Michelle Rodriguez
Goodyear's Golden Girl
Scaring Army Guys Into Using Condoms
Slideshow: Dynamic Music Duos
Girl Scouts Wear Badges For A Reason
Crave: A Poster With A Bird, A French Fry, And A Message
See Ya Later, Pizza Face!
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Sex While Aunt Flo Is In Town
It's Evolution, Baby
The Joys Of Being An Older Sister
He Wants To Know: How Do You Ask A Girl Out On Public Transportation?
Get Fat Or Skinny Together
Style On The Street: Gladiators Aren't Always Disgusting
The Daily Hotness: Jason Segal
Love 101: Can You Forgive A Cheater?
More Public Transportation Love
Ivy League Student Induces Miscarriages In The Name Of Art!
Soap Operas Turn Rapists Into Heartthrobs
The Daily Squeeze: Meeting Guys In Bars, Brazil's Fertility Rate, And Arroused Men
Huge Sex And The City Movie Spoiler!
Oh Mimi! Mariah Carey On American Idol
Gossip Girl Ads Really Do Imply The F-Word
Star Couplings: Katie Holmes Defies Tom Cruise, Heads To New York?
Botox Gets A Whole Lot Scarier
Stars, They're Just Like Us!: Post-Partum Depression
"We're Living In A Green House...Not The Color Green"
Move Over, Peter Pan
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Tori Spelling
Fashion Slideshow: Hold On To Your Hat, It's Carolina Herrera Bridal!
Broadway Couple Has It Out In Court...And On YouTube?
What A Dame!
Stylist To The Stars Set To Become One Herself
Crave: Ikea Welcomes Summer
The Monogamist: Comparison Schmarison
How To Explain Mommy's New Face To Your Kids
Feminism And The City
Web-Cam: Go Ask Alice, She's Got The Answers
The Nookie Know-It-All: Lost Orgasm
Poll: Would You Front The Cash For Your Kid's Nose Job?
The Daily Squeeze: George Clooney, Vitamins, And Wembley Stadium
He Says/She Says: Usher's "Love In This Club"
Mirror Images: Marilyn Manson's Paramours
Decode My Dream: A Killer’s Target
Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Guy Wearing No Underpants
God, We Love That Dirty Little Hippie Jason Castro
Star Couplings: Ashlee Simpson Skirts The Issue Of Her "Pregnancy" On TRL
Divorce Is Not An Option
Crave: Downward Dog Anywhere, Anytime!
Bravo To Tim Gunn
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Ashton Kutcher on losing his virginity
Cynthia Nixon: I Had Breast Cancer
Will Models Be Getting Larger?
Love Vandal: Public Transportation
Romance On TV: Nice Knowing You Marshanna!
Bachelor Bar Crawl With William and Harry
Slideshow: A Honky-Tonkin' Good Time At The CMT Awards
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of April 15th 2008
Romance On TV: The Hills' Spencer Tugs At Our Heart Strings
Click & Tell: Just Another Bad Date
Finding Love On The Subway
Get Your Rocks Off: Nina Persson's Heartbreak Hymns Playlist
The Daily Hotness: Justin Bobby
The Daily Squeeze: Geriatric Sex, Bromances, And Small Brains
"Mummy, Can I Have A Boob Job For My Birthday?"
Boo! Hiss! It's April 15th!
Star Couplings: Faith Hill Must Be Pregnant Because Who Would Wear THAT?
Gross Guy Trend: Athletes With Horrific Facial Hair
Secrets Of The Sex And The City Movie!
Barbarella Does It Again
Stay Away From Rhino Horns
Tesco Markets Padded Bras To The Tween Set
Somewhere Out There, A Male Mouse Is Singing His Heart Out
Happy Black Day!
Crave: Celia Birtwell Brings Her Boho Prints To Express
Women Dominate Spain's New Cabinet
Just 'Cause She Dances Go-Go...
Ladies Love Hot Lesbians
Fashion Slideshow: Bridal Dress Showdown!
It Can Even Happen To Cameron Diaz
Breaking News! Ashlee Simpson Pregnant With Her First Emo-Punk Child!
Dealbreaker: Bad Music Taste
Is "Tasty Wedding Food" An Oxymoron?
First Time For Everything: Losing The V-Card
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Britney: Money Can't Buy Love
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Haven't We Seen This Chick Flick Before?
The Daily Squeeze: Marilyn Monroe On Her Knees, Guy Ritchie's Diet, And Married Couples
Pee Like A Man!
FriskyScopes With Kiki T
For The Week Of April 14-20, 2008
More Sexist Puppy Clothes!
Star Couplings: Cate Blanchett Births Another Adorable, Pretentiously Named Little Tyke
Activia Yogurt Gives Jamie Lee Curtis A Lil' Surprise
How To: Make Love In The Tub
Tina Fey Hits The Newsstand And Faces MILF Island
Friday Quickies!
Man Or Woman Game
We Heart The Midwest Teen Sex Show
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Don't Suck
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Grossest STDs
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Bartering With Sex
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Postpartum Depression Is As Common As Not Having A Landline
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Crave (For Him): Look-A-Like Cuff Links
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Disney Shows Get Girls Interested In Bad Boys Awfully Early
The Frisky Girl’s Guide to Wearing Lingerie
Cheney Cruises The Snake River
Men Rule, Girls Drool, Blah, Blah, Blah
The Nookie Know-It-All: Potty Sex
The Daily Hotness: Gaspard Ulliel
The Frisky TV: Does A Threesome Ruin A Relationship?
The Daily Squeeze: Carla Bruni's Increasing Value, Video Games, And A Sick Hamster
The Next-To-Last Hot Guy Got Voted Off American Idol
James Bond Enters The 21st Century
Star Couplings: Ashlee And Pete's Union Gets The Stamp Of Approval
Bonk: The Book
Cheaper Can Be Better
Kids Who Have Sex Young Don't Use Much Contraception
Wearin' Your Heart On Your Face
Did Roseanne Get Her Vag Remodeled?
Chastity Belts For Massage Therapists
The Frisky Guidebook: The City By The Bay
Plastic Surgery Comes With A Warning
Real Chick Lit: Confessions Of A Female Cabbie
The Frisky's Amelia Gets Fondled And Fitted!
The Daily Hotness: Usher
So I'm Engaged: 99% Of Wedding Dresses Are Fugly
Top Ten Movie Crushes
Hey, What's It Like Being A Lingerie Designer?
Poll: We're Having A Baby Of Indeterminate Sex!
The Daily Squeeze: Raids, Awkward Moments, And The End
Carrie & Co. Still Out Clubbing In Their 70s
Gossip Girl Ads Go For Text Speak
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No Cuddling Allowed In Germany
Remember Dionne From Clueless?
A Doggie Wedding Next Door!
Crave: A Different Kind Of Travel Guide
Vintage Lingerie Ads Were Kinda Cute And Cheeky
Bachelor Ryan Sutter Loves Boobs...Too Much
Hot Outta The Oven: Strawberry Crunch Toast
The Simpsons Get Shut Off
Fashion Designer Falls Through Runway, Disappears
The Five Most Important Things You Should Know About: Crabs
Do Jay-Z and Beyonce Need To Worry About Record Sales?
The Daily Hotness: Charlton Heston
Grannies Get Panties
Campus Confidential: Down And Dirty Dorm Room Hook-Ups
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Madonna
The Couple That Gets Inked Together, Stays Together
Daniel Radcliffe To Strip On Broadway
The Nookie Know-It-All: Morning After Etiquette
Computer: Hot or Not?
Poll: Dating Guys With Long Tresses
The Daily Squeeze: Get Happy, Watch An Indecent Cartoon, And Start Recycling
Playboy For Puppies!
History Of The Bra
Decode My Dream: Secret, Tacky Rooms
Star Couplings: Mary-Louise Parker Is Single Again
Yes, You Can!
Crave: Doo-Dads For Your Brassiere
Lauren Conrad's Hair Can Be Yours...If You Have Hours Of Free Time
Cindy McCain's Amazing Transformation
Condoms That Are Good For The Environment And Brazilian "Rubber Tappers"
Love Vandal: Scrawled On The Sidewalk
Romance On TV: Kelly Exposes Herself, Then Says Goodbye To The Bach
Shopping Better Than Sex
Fashion Slideshow: Bras To Bust Out Of
Wedding Advice: Try Not To Get Tased And/Or Arrested On Your Wedding Night
Grow Your Own Baby
Divorced Women Are City Dwellers
National Bra Fit Week Poll: Have You Ever Stuffed?
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The Daily Hotness: Moby
Is Beyonce Preggers With A Baby Z?
Paul McCartney Shares His Feelings
How Beetles Pick Up Girls
The Hills' Lessons On Life, Love, and Family
Writer Sells Out His Black Sheep Sis
STD Prevention Factoid!
John McCain Throws The C-Word Around