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Sleep Tight Without Fearing For Your Life
Beth & Val Discuss Having A Penis For A Day
Dirty Hair = Clean Air
100 Unsexiest Men, Plus Five Frisky Additions!
Hilary Duff's Got A Scorpion In Her Pants!
That's "Mister Anti-Choice" To You!
Swapping Spit
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Lauren Conrad
Where is Chloe Dao Now?
We See Chick Flicks: 21
Slideshow: The Hills Are Alive With The Style Of Whitney Port
Johnny Depp & Trojan To Pair Up?
Dealbreaker: The Drunk Embarrassment
Dita's Diamond
Poll: Would You Dump A Guy Based On His Bookshelf?
First Time For Everything: Having A Baby
Crave: Spring Nails
Weight Loss Wears Relationships Thin
Feature: A Not-So-Innocent E-mail Affair
Dogs As Family
The Nookie Know-It-All: Going Down
A Tribute To Anne With An "E"
The Squeeze: Alfie Allen, Text Messages, Kate Moss, And Weight Discrimination
"It's Not You, It's Your Books..."
FriskyScopes With Kiki T
The Daily Hotness: Shia LaBeouf
Star Couplings: Heath Ledger's Secret Spawn
Breaking News! Brangelina Tie/Did Not Tie The Knot!
Romance On TV: Questioning The Bach's Motives
YouTube Love: Chocolate Bunny Procreation
Tyra Banks Hosts The Fiercee Awards And The Frisky Wasn't Invited
Friday Quickies!
StyleHiving: Get Ashlee Simpson's Date Night Looks
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Don't Suck
Airport Security Plays With Pliers
Crave: Moisturize Your Horse Hair
Solid Advice For Guys From Vong
The Daily Hotness: The Men Of March Madness
Do You Put Out Like A Pro?
An Abacus For Your Menstrual Cycle
Feature: The Five Relationship Hurdles Faced When On Vacation
Tyra Teaches The Top Models How To Work A Stabbing Pain In Your Uterus
The Mind Of Man: How To Deal With A Pregnancy Scare
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Barack Obama
Hot Or Not? Gladiator Sandals
The Nookie Know-It-All: Spicing It Up In The Sack
Lessons In Love
Poll: Dream Celebrity Sex Tape
The Daily Squeeze: Men's Fears, A Proposition For Spitzer, Porn Camp
Yet Another Reason Why We Shop At Target
Sex Workers Geek Out
Star Couplings: Kirsten Dunst Is All Apologies
Dr. Pepper Is Gay For Axl Rose
Girl Crush Alert! Vanessa Paradis
Tampa Teachers Get Punished
Exotic Dancers In The Afterlife
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Playboy Philippines editor
The Frisky Guidebook: The City Of Angels
Jolie-Pitt Twins Worth A Cool $10 Million
Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield Go On A Diet
Crave: Wheel Of High-Heeled Fortune
Posh Spice Says Hello To Camel Toe
Buff And Smart? Sounds Like A Dream Come True
Hey, What's It Like Saving Yourself For Marriage?
Real Chick Lit: Judy McGuire's Bad Date Hall Of Fame
Chelsea Clinton Shuts 'Em Down
Everyone Wants To Be A Princess
So I'm Engaged: Babysitting
The Daily Hotness: Jim Sturgess
Hillary's Morning Routine
The Daily Squeeze: Texting On The Toilet, A Sex-Crazed Monkey, And Fines For Flashing
Fashion Slideshow: Boy Shorts With Sex Appeal
Star Couplings: Ryan Phillippe Maybe Procreates With Reese Look-A-Like
"Over The Hills": Lauren And Heidi Nearly Tear Each Other's Grey Hair Out
Aspiring To Be Miss Bimbo
The Good Fight
The Frisky TV: Would You Rather Have Sex In The Same Position Or A Brand New Position Every Night?
Depressed Women Do It More
Hot Outta The Oven: Honey Waffles
Slideshow: Cute Artists On Our Radar
The Hottest "Jesus"
Emails From Mom
Crave: "We Rob Banks"
A Hair Do For Hair You Don't Want
The Naked Font
Poll: Which Star Is The Most Trannylicious?
American Idol Contestants Continue To Maim Our Favorite Songs
Cards For The Incarcerated
The Daily Hotness: Johnny Depp
The Nookie Know-It-All: A Magnum Man
Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Gassy Pseudo Club Owner
The Daily Squeeze: Beautiful Brides, Premature Babies, And Larry King
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Paris Hilton on Africa
He Says/She Says: Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love"
Decode My Dream: Sleeping With A Beatle
Star Couplings: Carrie Underwood Ditches Chace Before He Cheats
Just Lay Down And Die
Should The Fashion Peanut Gallery Get A Voice In Wedding Gown Shopping?
Blood Lines: The Jolie-Pitt-Obama-Clinton Family
Good Guy Trend: '80s-Style B-Boy Kicks
Pandas Get Sex Lessons From Handlers, Other Pandas
Love Vandal: Heart On A Tree
If You Want A Baby, Stop Buying Marc Jacobs
Romance On TV: The Ladies Gamble On The Bachelor
The Name Game
"Touch My Body" Mariah Carey Pleads
Vagenius: The Evolution Of Monkey Business
Hey Baby, That's A Mighty Fine Four Letter Word...
Condoms, Lubricant, And The Photo Booth Showdown
The Pitfalls: Wet Blanket Wuss
Frisky Quote Of The Day: From Rod Stewart's Clothing Line
The Daily Hotness: Jeff Buckley
If Hillary and Barack Had A Baby
The Daily Squeeze: Circumcision, Crazy Bras, And Producing Heirs
Crave: Sculpt Your Way To Better Lovemakin'
Fashion Slideshow: Sexy Strapless Party Dresses
Romance On TV: Will Lauren & Brody, Not To Mention Heidi's Face, Ever Be The Same?
Vanishing Nailpolish Helps School Girls Avoid Detention
Star Couplings: Another One Of Pamela Anderson's Divorces Is Finalized
Crave: Dry Your Tears
Taking The Diss Out Of Sexual Dysfunction
Brave Female Cops Got Your Back
The Daily NOTness: Jared Leto In Chapter 27
Top 10 Reasons You Don't Need To Have Sex Tonight
Barsexual: Our New Favorite Word
Would You Wear This? The Paris Hilton Shoe Collection
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Kelly Osbourne
The Daily Hotness: Eugene Cussons From Escape To Chimp Eden
Sexy Firefights Feel The Heat
Catching Up With The Hills
Viagra Turns 10 [Insert Lame Erection Joke Here]
Gossip Girl Goes Gay!
Cut The Damsels In Distress Nonsense!
Tough Times For Gold-Diggers
The Daily Squeeze: Praying Mantis, Spanking, And Pamela Anderson's New Show
GQ's Sexy Fashion Spread
Four Words That Should Never Be Uttered
Slideshow: Movies We're Obsessed With This Month
Down and Dirty Advice Straight From The Stars
"Thanks For Stickin' It In Me" Is An Insta-Classic
FriskyScopes With Kiki T
Star Couplings: Lucky Jake Gets Ryan's Approval
Web-Cam: Need Help Getting Dressed? Copy Agathe.
Smell Like A Lilly
Male Birth Control: The Future Is Open Wide
Good Dates Make Bad Boyfriends
Crave: Candles, Candlestick Included
Underalls To the Rescue!
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Don't Suck
Kimora Lee Simmons' Doggie Diamond
Get Scared Into Aging Well
The Skinny On The Real Midlife Crisis
StyleHiving: Tips For Rocking A First Date
Which Is Worse: Sleeping With A Snorer Or Someone Wearing This Machine?
Hats On Or Hats Off
Study Finds Men Are Literally Clueless
The Nookie Know-It-All: Makin' A Break
Poll: Office Romances, Yay or Nay?
Fashion Slideshow: Target's Very Own GO Line
The Daily Squeeze: Prenatal Vitamins, Prehistoric Sex, And Mating Expectations
Teaching Kids About Safe Sex Doesn't Make Them Go Out And Hump Like Rabbits
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Mick Jagger
The First Transgender Pregnancy
Star Couplings: Say Hello To The $3 Million Babies!
Lindsay Lohan Plays Paris
Celebrity Easter Eggs
How Gay Millionaires Date
Spring Trend We Can Get Behind: Full Skirts
FDA Smackdown: Cervarix vs. Gardasil
Fashion Slideshow: Sky-High Heels
Crave: Light My Fire
High Blood Pressure And Marriage
Wrap Him Around Your Finger
Smoking And Lamaze: A Popular Combination
The Daily Hotness: Claire From America's Next Top Model
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Carla Bruni
South Park Blows Britney's Mind, Literally
Hot Or Not? Leather Leggings
Celebrity Sex Dolls Make Us Barfy
The Daily Squeeze: Abortions, Age Differences, And Sex While Depressed
Star Couplings: Double The Brangelina Babies!
Would Eating Steak Make Me More Attractive?
Dear Abby Diddles In Disturbing Territory
What Does It Mean To Be "Whipped"?
A Bed That'll Truly Take You To Cloud Nine
Widow's Voice Lives On
A Trend From Chile
Iranian Woman, Facing Death For Committing Adultery, Is Set Free
Drunkorexia: The Liquid Lunch Diet
Hillary Clinton Was Within 1000 Feet Of The Oval Office Bathroom On Blue-Dress-Stain Day!
Frisky Quote Of The Day: Sarah Jessica Parker in Grazia Magazine
Gay Blood Is As Good As Any, Darnit!
The Top Five Hottest Governors
The Bad Girlfriend Gets Caught Stealing
Poll: Have You Fibbed About Your Number?
Slideshow: Rachel Bilson Has Mad Style, Yo
The Nookie Know-It-All: Pregs On The 'Rod
The Daily Hotness: Lee Pace
The Daily Squeeze: Cheating, Red-Legged Frogs, And Married Life In Japan
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