Archives: February, 2008

Romance On TV: Desmond 'N' Penny 4 Eva
Teenage "Nancy Drew" Tracks Down Her Mugger
Knute , You've Got Competition!
StyleHiving: A Spontaneous Outfit Breakdown
The Frisky TV: How Often Should Healthy Couples Have Sex?
Italian Courts Get Their Laws On Men's Bodies
Poll: Happy Leap Year Day! Would You Do The Proposing?
Congrats Cody!
The Mind Of Man: The Deuce Is Gone
What We're Reading This Month
The Daily Hotness: Daniel Day-Lewis
Star Couplings: Javier Bardem Kisses Oscar And Penelope Cruz
Japanese Love Hotels Go Classy
Smells Like Expensive Teen Spirit
The X-Files Re-Opens
Female Celeb Proposes, Marriage Fails
Online Dating: Top 5 Niche Meat Markets
Romance On TV: Big Brother Is Exhaustingly Awesome
FCC Forbidden Fruit
Paris Hilton Picks A Girlfriend
The Daily Squeeze: Dita's Bras, Classical Music, And Movie Theater Popcorn
The Daily Hotness: Janet Jackson
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: PSAS - Blessing Or Curse?
Star Couplings: Ashlee Wears Pete's Promise
"Ecstatic Birth" Grosses Us Out
Natural Selection: Who Should You Cheat With?
Crave: Wine For Two
Japanese Dating Guru Owes It All To Wig
Slideshow: Hot Pieces Of Ass
House Of Winehouse
Artsy Condom Ads
Get Well Soon Supermodel!
Gennifer Flowers: Sex, Lies, and Audio Tapes
Romance On TV: Millionaire Matchmaker Recap
The Nookie Know-It-All: Diminished Sex Drive
The Daily Squeeze: Playing Dead, Pain Control, Puppies, And Pills
The Daily Hotness: Christian Siriano
Star Couplings: Nicole Kidman Gets Her Baby Bump Drunk!
Robocop A Feel
Gross Guy Trend: Embarassing Fake Hair
Reading, Writing, and Reproduction
Crave: Kama Sutra Sheets
The Hills Preview: Oh My Gosh, We're Gonna Die
Women Allowed To Take "Leap" Of Faith This Friday
Would You Say "Yes" To A Recycled Engagement Ring?
A Token Of (Someone Else's Unappreciated) Commitment
Hot Guy Trend: Guyliner
That Was Then, This Is NOW
J. Crew, I Love You
Pretty Girls Don't Have It All
The Daily Hotness: Luke Wilson
The Daily Squeeze: Bye-Bye Bald Men, Physical Therapy, And Russian Regulations
The Moment Of Truth Is So Uncomfortable
Star Couplings: Paris Hilton Adds A Madden To Her List
Girl Crush Alert: Marion Cotillard
Oscar: That Forgetful 80-Year Old
Parking: Too Pricey A Tradition For Teens
Who Was The Fiercest Oscar Starlet?
Slideshow: Highlights From Oscars' Red Carpet
Puritan Pop Stars
Coffee, Tea, And Chocolate Baths
Katie Holmes Does Not Want You To Forget How Much She Loves Tom Cruise
O No!: The Constant Climax
Harlequin Books Serialized On Your Cell
The Daily Squeeze: Infections, Housing Shortages, and Incomes
FriskyScopes With Kiki T
The Nookie Know-It-All: Seeking Stamina
Cold Feet: $25,000, Not Marrying the Wrong Person: Priceless
The Daily Hotness: James McAvoy
Star Couplings: Angelina Jolie Shows Off Her Baby Bump
Genius Idea: Tights That Fix Themselves
Stylehiving: Dressing Up For Date Night
You Need To Be Taught A Lesson!
We See Chick Flicks: Definitely, Maybe
Thrillist's Top 5 Things That Don't Suck
Made For A Woman, But Gentle And Anti-Aunty Flo Enough For A Man
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Breaking Wind
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Another L Word: Lurker
Tyra: Burns Bras Faster Than Benjamins
Text Message Abbreviations For The Advanced
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Which Film Should Go Home With Oscar Gold?
Star Couplings: A Hudson-Timberlake Offspring
OMG! The Sex And The City Movie Trailer!
Sex Tapes: Actually Scandalous In Hong Kong!
The Smurfs Are Coming!
Jesse McCartney Goys It Up On JDate
'Toon Sex
America's Next Top Model Gets Serious
Woman (Allegedly!) Takes A Stab At Man Who Calls Her Ugly
Would You Let A Friend Leave The House Wearing This?
Rejected On The Jumbotron
Love 101: The L(ong) D(istance) R(elationship)
More Inter-Species Love
The Daily Hotness: Mark Ronson
The Daily Squeeze: A Giant Rock, Genital Mutilation, And Cheating In Australia
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Strippers & Salsa, The Perfect Combination?
Daniel Baldwin: Black Eyed Please Ads Are Kind Of Inspiring
Scientists Get Closer To Finding The G-spot
Pianist Brings Sexy Trash to Carnegie Hall Recital
A CPK Love Story
Slideshow: Katie Holmes, Fashion Darling
Can You Unsubscribe From An Ex's Mailing List?
Bobaraba: Fat Bottomed Girls Make The Rockin' World Go Round
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The Daily Squeeze: Gene Simmons Caught On Tape, Throat Cancer, And Athletic Performance
An Open Letter To American Idol
Still Hot: Kathleen Turner
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eHarmony: The Video Game
Sex On Campus: Rare and Juicy
Crave: The T-Shirt That Contradicts The Jerry Maguire Script
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Student Sex Workers Rising Across The Pond
Agent Provocateur Breaks Up With Lily Allen
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Heidi Klum & Seal -- Cute Couple Alert!
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FriskyScopes With Kiki T
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The #1 Reason High School Guys Date
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Gross Guy Trend: Offensive Facial Fur
The Daily Hotness: Eddie Vedder
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Choreplay Is The New Foreplay
The Daily Squeeze: White Castle Weddings, STDs, And A Prime Minister's Sex Life
Relationship Novice: Sexual History 101
A Possible Upshot Of Moving
Amy Winehouse Covers Up
The Nookie Know-It-All: Getting In Sexual Shape
Get Your Rocks Off: The Frisky's Single Gal Date Mix
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Hugh Hefner's Decorating Tips
Finding Out True Love Is Blind
Crave: Belgium Chocolate Leg
Your Phone Knows Whether He Likes You
How Barack & Michelle Obama Fell In Love
Hey, What's It Like Being A Gynecologist?
Radio Station Breaks Up... Marriage
Losing It To Music
The Bad Girlfriend Humps The Boss
Who's Your Celebrity Soulmate?
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Facebook Will Lead To The Downfall Of Romance And Mystery!
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Lingerie We Hope You Never Have To Pretend You Like
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Karolina Kurkova Knows Underwear
Get Your Rocks Off: The Cheesiest Valentine's Day Mixtape Ever
Romance On TV: When A Millionaire Meditates, His Date Will Lose Interest
Sign Of The Times
Idaho Bagel Shop Knows What Their Customers Really Want
Scarlett and Natalie Act Like Sisters
Let Your Relationship R.I.P.
The Daily Squeeze: Hairy Men, Coworker Love, And A Fake Emergency
The Daily Hotness: Ryan Reynolds
Poll: Ever Made The Mistake Of Saying The L-Word?
Star Couplings: Rihanna and Chris Brown The Latest In Hip-Hop Royalty?
So I'm Engaged: The Thing About Commitment
Dolly Puts The Back In Backwoods Barbie
The Puppini Sisters On Getting Jilted
Sexercise: Sweat It Out
Valentine's Day Slideshow: Love Is For Breakfast
Japan Is For Lovers
Tame Your Manimal
Amy Winehouse And Her Blake Kind Of A Cute Couple?
The Daily Squeeze: Bad Pickup Lines, Sex Stress In Greece, And The Cost Of Dating
Researchers Prove You Can Love Someone Foreva-Eva
Worms Do Not Enhance The Taste Of Chocolate
What ILU Means, And Other Important Text Message Abbreviations
Swappin' Spit: When Was Your First?
Star Couplings: Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler End Their Union
Hot Pieces Of Ass: The Guys Of Gossip Girl
Music's Hottest Stars Hit The Grammys
Growing A Black Man's Willie
The Daily Squeeze: A Treatise On Undressing Men
Valentine's Day Isn't For Everyone
Mills' Name Is Mud
Crave: Secret Heart Necklace
Love and War: A Story That Will Melt Your Heart
A New Addams Family
Maxim Makes Another Stupid List
The Daily Hotness: Lipstick Jungle's Robert Buckley
Romance On TV: It's A Lipstick Jungle Out There
Silver Fox Publishes Sex-capades
Hollywood's Hottest Couples Come Out For Gucci/Malawi Benefit