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Handle This: Makeover Your Man
The Daily Squeeze: When Are Blair And Chuck Going To Get It On? Plus Prada At TJ Maxx
Star Couplings: Ginnifer Goodwin And Chris Klein Call It Quits
For The Week Of December 8-14, 2008
Does College Turn Women Into Drunks?
Men: The Weaker Sex?
Girl Talk: Friends With Benefits? I Don't Think So
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Watch The First Five Seasons Of "Nip/Tuck"
"J**z In My Pants" = Our New Jam
Seven Scandalous Spouse Stealers
Top Ten Celebrities Who Should Not Have Had Cosmetic Surgery
Britney Spears' "Circus" Music Video Debuts
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Try A New Recipe
Feel Better, Bettie!
The Frisky Gift Guide: Don't Forget Your Manners
Poll: Which Gown Should Michelle Obama Rock To The Inauguration Ball?
The Frisky Gift Guide: Home Sweet Home
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For December 6-7th 2008
Quickies!: Jessica Simpson Wants To Get Closer To God
Fake It With A Phone Call!
The Frisky Guidebook: The City Of Love
Commenters Ball: Our Favorite Comments Of The Week
Crave: Modofly Notebooks (Win These!)
Planned Parenthood's Gift Certificates Cause Controversy
Doin' It With Dr. V: Anal Sex
25 Things A Man Should Never Say To A Woman
In Bed With ... Emile Hirsch
The Breakup Diaries: Let's Hear It For The Boys!
Girl Talk: Dads Always Ruin Men For Women
Keri Russell Gets Grimy For Details Magazine
Poll: Is Fantasizing About Someone Else During Sex Cheating?
The Daily Squeeze: Marketing Of The Pill & A "Grey's Anatomy" SPOILER
The Trend Continues: Girdles For Men
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Organize Or Clip Your Magazines
Star Couplings: Marilyn Manson Brings Out His New Dita Replacement
Can’t Female In-Laws Just Get Along?
Britney Spears To Appear On Project Runway?
Slideshow: Our Favorite Love Vandals
Quickies!: Happy Holidays! Have A Free Pap Smear!
The Best Boob News Of 2008
Sashay! Diva Davanna Is America's Next Top Model
Songs We Were Obsessed With In 2008
Open Letter To Angelina Jolie, Re: Zahara's Hair
The Breakup Diaries: My Six-Month Sex Sabbatical
Crave: Adult Version Loaded Questions Board Game
'Tis The Season For Luxurious Velvet
The Frisky Gift Guide: Beauty Booty
Handle It: When Financial Troubles Cause Friction In Your Relationship
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Donate Your Old Coat
Elisha Cuthbert's Tangled Web Of Drama
Style On The Street: There's No Wrong Way To Wear A Blazer
Bootie Pies: Convenience I Don't Understand
Ask The Astrosexologist: My Sagittarius Booty Call Runs Hot & Cold!
The Daily Squeeze: Scarlett Goes Brunette, Curvy Bodies, And The New "Gossip Girl" Couple
Dating Don'ts: How Not To Become A Party Pariah
Gossip Site Makes Light Of Hudson Family Tragedy
Star Couplings: Heidi Montag's Mom Doesn't Think Speidi's Marriage Will Last
Does This Victoria's Secret Model Look Fat To You?
Women Execs On The Rise In The Adult Movie Industry
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Update Your iPod
Quickies!: Boobs Lost At Sea
No Time To Write Your Life Story? Compose A Six-Word Memoir Instead
The Top 10 Male Nude Scenes of 2008
The Frisky Gift Guide: Our Dream Gifts
K-Fed: For The Record
Frisky News: Two New Must-Read Columns!
Crave: Lulu's Matte Jersey Knit Vest
The Frisky Guide To Dressing For Holiday Parties
Nip/Tuck As Wack As Ever
Mind Of Man: Why We Love Strippers
Tips From A Recessionista: Celebrating The Holidays On A Budget
Prop 8: The Musical
The Daily Squeeze: Homeless NeNe, Michelle Obama's Inauguration Night Gown, And Marriage Check-Ups
Break Up, Already!
Eight Signs Your Man Might Be Depressed
Facebook Group Not Sure If It’s On Crazy Pills or Just Hates Nicole Kidman
Star Couplings: NHL Star Sean Avery Suspended For Calling Elisha Cuthbert "Sloppy Seconds"
Real Chick Lit: Passport To Pleasure
Who's Your Sugar Daddy?
Quickies!: 'Tis The Season For Social Drinking
How To Get Your Eggs Nogged At A Holiday Party
Poll: Will You Brave The After-Christmas Crowds For Thakoon's Target Collection?
A 9-Year-Old Pick-Up Artist Shares His Secrets
The Frisky Gift Guide: Guy-Approved Boyfriend Gifts
10 Pop Culture Phenomena We Hope Don't Come Back In 2009
Love Vandal: Italians Do It Better, Part Due
Crave: Measuring Tape Wallet
Hot Trend: Butt Cleavage Body Jewelry
The Frisky Gift Guide: 25 Awesome Gifts Under $25
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Even With Girlfriends
Wife With A Life: How My Mom Planned My Entire Wedding and Nobody Got Hurt
Get Your Rocks Off: The Postelles Get Happy
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: The "Before Marriage" Sex List
Bras For Men...Feel Tight & Good
The Daily Squeeze: Male Breast Cancer, Acupuncture, And French Men
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Eat Whatever The Hell You Want
Who IS James Franco, Anyway?
Star Couplings: Marriage Is In The Hands Of The Jolie-Pitt Kids
Girl Scouts Want To Ban Airbrushing
Tina Fey Tells All
Quickies!: When It Comes To Weewee Size, The French Have The Greeks Beat
Tyra Forces Her Neck On Robert Pattinson
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Watch The First Four Seasons Of "Lost"
Cyber Monday: One Reason To Do Your Holiday Shopping Online
10 Butt-Kicking Breakup Ballads
Crave: Mary Green Sleep Mask
What Would You Give Up For Love?
The Frisky Gift Guide: He Said/She Said Gift Giving For Couples
Why A Woman Shouldn’t Say “I Love You” First
The Frisky Gift Guide: Gifts For Your BFFs and BSFs
World AIDS Day Marks 20th Anniversary Of Togetherness
Dating Drama: For Some, Flirting Is A Sport
Hooray For Hillary!: Clinton Nominated For Secretary Of State
Debate This: Should You Live Together Before Marriage?
Dealbreaker: French Guys
Britney Spears Is Sad, Y'all
The Daily Squeeze: "Fame," Cheap Movies, And Prostitutes Who Don't Use Condoms
For The Week Of December 1-7, 2008
Star Couplings: These Two Are Not Getting Hitched
Brits Blame Promiscuity On Women's Rights
Has The Business Of Making Babies Gone Too Far?
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