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Lose Weight When You Walk
The Top 5 Women's Rights Wins Of 2008
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There's Something So Wrong About This
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Church Of England On Its Way To Allowing Female Bishops
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Liveblogging "The City" Premiere
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Calendars To Start The Year Off Right
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Zooey Deschanel Engaged!
My 2009 New Year's Resolutions
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For The Week Of December 29, 2008-January 4, 2009
Virginity Pledges Don't Work
What Guys Really Don't Need To Say To Naked Women
Is Beyonce A Thief?
Coming This Week: Kiki T's 2009 Astrological Guide!
Interview: Christiana Yiallourides On Being "The Girl Before The Girlfriend"
Kate And Leo Don't TiVo "Titantic" Either!
Publication Of Holocaust Memoir, Loved By Oprah, Canceled
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Six Signs That Your Relationship Is Over
First Look At HBO's "Grey Gardens" Movie
Is That A Box Of Heart Shaped Candy Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
10 Things I Learned In 2008 & 10 Things I Hope To Learn In 2009
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The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For December 27-28th 2008
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Orgy For Peace Canceled!
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Famous Quotes: What Celebs Are Really Saying About Themselves
How To Dress Up A Plain Black Dress
The Best People Of 2008
When A Woman Isn't The Mood...Tough!
Fashion Slideshow: Lingerie For When The Heat Is On Full Blast
In Bed With ... Brad Pitt
Purrfect Singer, Dancer and Actress Eartha Kitt Dies At 81
Britney To Stop Biting And Other Celeb New Year's Resolutions
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Have You Given Up Champagne Toasts Because Of The Recession?
Phone Sex: In Living Color
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Ryan Gosling Sings!
10 Cool Things To Do On Christmas
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The Frisky & This Skiing Santa Wish You A Merry Christmas!
The Boob Tube: What's On TV Christmas Day 2008 And Beyond
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Lo Bosworth Has Forever 21-Inspired Style
Rick Warren Hums Along To Melissa Etheridge's Tune
Crave: Aphrodisiac Cookbook
Faking It: Sports Knowledge 101
Lavish Gifts Of Jewelry For Condoleezza Rice And Others
Your Personal Year In Review
Quick Pic: Mark Wahlberg & Family Are Just Like Us!
Sex, Santa, & Two Snooping Elves
Lance Armstrong Loves The Ladies
Marriage Proposals Are Awkward
Quick Pic: Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard Bundle Up
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of December 23rd 2008
Trend: Crafting Up Some Gifts
Lesbian Action Figures Snap Into Void In Market
Quick Pic: Barack & Michelle Obama Bid His Grandmother Farewell
Star Couplings: J. Lo Keeps Close Tabs On Skeletor
Beer Goggles Last Longer For Women
Are Noughties The New Feminists?
Quickies!: Paris Shows Off Her Pepto Pink Car
I Am A Test
Love Vandal: What's A Four-Letter Word That Starts With L?
Last 31 Days Of 2008: Donate To A Charity
In Defense Of A Semi-Real Semi-Housewife
Beyonce Needs A New Bag Of Tricks
Crave: Nikon Coolpix S60
Nigella Lawson's Super Sexy Xmas Spectacular
Last, Last-Minute Gifts That Don’t Seem So
"Intervention": Nicole Is NOT Walking On Sunshine
Get Your Rocks Off: Gringo Star Rocks On
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Is Short Hair Really A Boner Killer?
Mischa Barton's Headband Collection Debuts
Wife With A Life: The Greed And The Glory Of The Wedding Gift Registry
"The Hills" Finale Party Had Some Fashion Hits & Misses
Massager Kills, Plus 14 Other Dangerous Beauty Buys!
If The Couples In Ads Could Talk
'Tis The Season For Having Sex
Star Couplings: Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo Hoping To Get Pregs
Girl Talk: He’s The One, But Is This The Ring?
Are Men Turning Into Jerks?
Quickies!: Candy Canes Are The New Mace
A Chip For Your Brain That Will Screw Your Mind
Who IS Jemima Khan, Anyway?
Demi & Ashton Are Trying To Spawn
10 Things To Look Forward To In '09
Last-Minute Christmas Shopping: We're All In This Together
Crave: Studded Wrap Watch
Where Is The Music, MTV?
Stupid Product Alert: Tape Yourself Slim!
The Best Male Bloggers of 2008
RIP: Robert Pattinson's Hair
Dealbreaker: The Dumb Guy
The Breakup Diaries: My $527 Makeout
Can We Please Stop Fawning Over The Duggars?
What My Ex Taught Me About Relationships
Facebook Makes A Fuss About Breastfeeding
2008's Juiciest Celeb Love Stories
Star Couplings: Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Do It Again
For The Week Of December 22-28, 2008
12 Ways Porn Has Changed The Web
Why Guys Have A Hard Time Saying The L-Word
No One Wants To Talk About "Marley & Me" With Jennifer Aniston
Bless You! Sexual Thoughts Can Cause Sneezing Attacks
When Robert Pattinson Cuts His Hair...
Study: Pain Hurts More If The Person Hurting You Means It
The 10 Coolest Redheads Ever
The 10 Biggest Names Of 2008
Coming In January: Liveblogging "Lost"
The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Get A Sweet Tooth
Holiday Food Might Taste Good, But It Looks Disgusting
Actors Who Lose Their Sex Appeal When In Character
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For December 20th-21st 2008
Quickies!: Levi Johnston's Mom Is A Total Winner
Commenters Ball: Our Favorite Comments Of The Week
Last 31 Days Of 2008: Pay Your Cobbler A Visit
Handle It: Sleeping Arrangements At His Parents House
Crave: Creative Nail Design's Stickey Base Coat
Underage Boys Know More About Dating Than Grown Men
Star Trek Goes Gay, Finally
The 10 Worst Boyfriends Of 2008
Last-Minute Holiday Gifts That Don't Seem Desperate
Doin' It With Dr. V: Holiday Special
Sex Can Sell Anything, Even Fast Food
Obit: The First Lady Of "Star Trek," Majel Roddenberry
Little Girl Does Beyonce Proud
In Bed With ... Fabrizio Moretti
A Grade School View Of Marriage
Star Couplings: Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer Go Out In Public
Why Are Men And Women So Different?
Coco Rocha Has A Blog
Quickies: Own A Chunk Of Scarlett Johannson's Snot
Style On The Street: Black And Brown And Awesome All Over
Bush Makes The Most Of His Time Left In Office & Continues To Mess With Your Vagina
The 10 Best Boyfriends Of 2008
Does Tom Cruise Love Suri More Than His Adopted Kids, Connor And Bella?
The 15 Best Videos Of 2008
The Winter Solstice Brings New Beginnings
Crave: CC Skye Safety Pin Necklace
Baby, Can I "Smell Yo Dick" For Reals?
Holiday How-To: Button Earrings
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