Archives: October, 2008

The Seven Phallic Wonders Of The Modern World
Dealbreaker: Musicians/Rock Stars/Singer-Songwriters
The Breakup Diaries: Laughter Is The Best Medicine
The Daily Squeeze: Sarah Palin On TV, Britney's Sex Ban
Star Couplings: Angelina Jolie Inks Vivian & Knox
For The Week Of October 6-12, 2008
Fashion Slideshow: Colorful Pumps
Men Hate Our Clutter
Girl Talk: "Friendships" In The Technological Age
Flashback: Kimberly Rips Off Her Wig On Melrose Place
Jonathan Saunders At Target Today!
As Budgets Tighten, Skin Sags
Slideshow: Cheap Home Stuff
10 Nude Scenes We'd Like To Forget
Quick Pic: The New Mr. & Mrs. Howard Stern
Fertility And The Affections Of Men
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For October 4-5th 2008
Quickies!: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Might Break Up
Quick Pic: Presidential (A)Dress
Jessica Alba & Hayden Panettiere Really Want You To Vote
Five Things You Should Know About Jacqueline Susann
Crave: Cappuccio Hooded Scarf
To Eat Yoplait Yogurt Or Not, That Is The Question
"Bride Wars": "Mean Girls" For Grown Women!
Poll: Does The Pill Affect Your Sex Drive?
We See Chick Flicks: Rachel Getting Married
VP Debate: 15 Random Things We Noticed About Sarah Palin
Fashion Slideshow: Striped Cardigans
The Top Five Female Lushes On TV
When To "Satisfice" Yourself For The Sake Of Your Relationship
The Daily Squeeze: No Sex In Space Movie & Male Birds' Singing
Quote Of The Day: Barack Obama On How To Rule At Marriage
Star Couplings: Madonna & A-Rod Dare To Dine Together
Twilight Hottie Robert Pattinson SINGS!
Crave: Black Smocked Hooded Tunic Top
Sarah Palin Hustler Adult Video Exclusive
Quickies!: Angelina Jolie Could Win An Oscar For Changeling
RIP: Rupert, The Adorable Teeny, Tiny Deer
Playboy Hits Wall Street Harder Than The Recession
Fashion Slideshow: Multi-Finger Rings
Sex On TV: Dirty Sexy Money Is Back With A Bang
The Frisky Guidebook: London
Debate This: Psychiatric Medications & Their Positive And Negative Effects
Crave: Bow Halter Slip
The Daily Hotness: Jack White
Quick Pic: Make And Wear Dress
How To Throw The Awesomest Vice-Presidential Debate Party This Side Of Russia
Style On The Street: Biker Chic
Project Runway: The Cop Out
Six Things You Can Do This Month To Help Fight Breast Cancer
Sex Advice: How Do I Tell My Mom To Let Me Grow Up?
Katy Perry Fans Get Persecuted
Dating Don'ts: Five Sure Ways NOT To Get Over Someone
Quick Pic: Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson Take Their Love South Of The Border
The Daily Squeeze: Register To Vote By October 6th!
In Her Own Words: Sarah Palin On Abortion
Star Couplings: Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Hear Wedding Bells
Quickies!: What's The Point Of Boy Nipples?
The Duggar Family Visits The Big Apple
Quick Pic: Britney Spears Back To Lookin' Lovely & Happy
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of September 30th 2008
Rachel Zoe Shows How An Impromptu Shopping Spree Is DONE
Fashion Slideshow: Fine-Lookin' Feathers
Crave: The Jenna Bracelet
10 Favorite Dolls From Our Childhood
Kim Kardashian Voted Off Dancing With The Stars
Do We Really Need To Know Who's Googling Us?
Gardasil Required For Young Female Immigrants
Obama Camp Reportedly Seeks Rape Victim For Campaign Ad
Quick Pic: Mask Or Bag?
The Monogamist: What Marriage Feels Like
The Daily Squeeze: Katie Couric's Ratings & Christina Applegate's Nude Photos
First Look: Whitney Port's Fashion Line
Clips: Women Collect Dolls On "The Today Show"
Star Couplings: Was Heather Locklear FRAMED?
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