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Quickies!: How To Hump A Vampire
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Michelle Williams
"True Blood" Live Blog This Sunday!
Fashion Slideshow: Ombré Clothing And Accessories
Hot Outta The Oven: Sloppy Joes On A Recessionista's Budget
Crave: Swarovski Crystal Pencils
Quick Pic: They Go Together Like...
Lizzy Caplan & Zooey Deschanel Are Practically Twins!
Poll: Is Your Halloween Costume Sexy Or Funny?
The Sarah Palin Halloween Dress-Up Game
15 Songs To Get You In The Halloween Mood
Vivienne Tam Creates Stylish Laptop For Women
Sex On TV: "Grey's Anatomy" Shows Lesbian Sex Is Worth Crying Over
The Monogamist: When To Reveal Your Crazy Side
Casting News: Courteney Cox's "Cougar Town", Jon Hamm Scales "30 Rock"
The Daily Squeeze: I Heart Ronson, Attractive Candidates, And Intricate Pumpkins
Save Project Runway!
Star Couplings: Simpson-Wentz Baby Due Any Day Now
Quickies!: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets A Lot Of, Um, "Fan" Mail
Town Cracks Whip On Family-Friendly Sex Shop
Commenter's Ball: Our Five Favorite Comments Of The Week
Hot Outta The Oven: Egg Drop Soup On A Recessionista's Budget
America's Next Top Model: Naked Lesbian Bubble Bath Time!
A Woman's Guide To The ABCs Of Dating
Crave: London Fog Wales
Slideshow: Obamas All Over Each Other
Girl Talk: I've Got Endometriosis
Safe Sex Makeup
Style On The Street: Ruffled, Yet Composed
Quick Pic: AnnaLynne McCord Proves You Can Dance A Jig In Liquid Leggings
Michelle And Barack Obama Steal Each Other's Material
Ask The Astrosexologist: Should I Swing With My Aquarius Boyfriend?
The Daily Squeeze: The Beckhams To Become Superheroes!
Dating Don'ts: Six Things Not To Do On A First Date
What's Your Halloween Costume?
Star Couplings: Gwen Stefani Continues To Show Off Zuma
Who Should Anne Hathaway Date Next?
Quickies!: Robert Pattinson Does Dali
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Tina Fey
Quick Pic: Spotted! Zuma Nesta Rock!
Slippers That Will Keep Your Tootsies Toasty
Who Should Star On The New "Melrose Place"?
Hot Outta The Oven: Tortilla Espanola On A Recessionista's Budget
Cheapskate: J.Crew Is Having A Mega Sale
Crave: Zelda Bow Top
25 Things To Do With Your Extra Hour This Weekend
Who Is Gerard Butler, Anyway?
Quick Pic: Rihanna Takes A Fashion Misstep
Mind Of Man: Why Everybody Hearts Dapper Don Draper
Get Nailed By Minx!
What Would Be Better Than Gwyneth's GOOP?
Fashion Slideshow: Floaty Mini-Dresses
The Relationship Novice: How To Not Lose Your Friends
The Daily Squeeze: Moschino Hotel, Recession Beauty, & Brad Pitt On Marriage
Sarah Palin Offers Tina Fey Bristol's Babysitting Services
Prince + Obama: What Barack Would Look Like With Feathered Hair
Star Couplings: Britney To Stage Yet Another Comeback On "SNL"?
Quickies!: Lauryn Hill Resurfaces
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Giada De Laurentiis
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week of October 28th 2008
Hot Outta The Oven: Cumin-Roasted Cauliflower Pasta On A Recessionista's Budget
Wear Red, Get Asked To Dine At Chichi Restaurants
Who Is Anna Paquin, Anyway?
My Next Boyfriend Is Going To...
Crave: House Of Harlow Collection
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Constitutes Cheating?
Fashion Trends That Should Burn!
Love Vandal: Pretty In Pink
Would You Admit To Researchers That You've Cheated?
Romance On TV: Gossip Girl's Awkward Kiss
Poll: Would You Ever Snip Down Below?
Getting Spooky With Style
Quick Pic: Robert Pattinson, Just Cause
The Daily Squeeze: Music Videos Galore & Michelle Obama's Latest Outfit
Amy Sedaris Demonstrates How To Clean Your (Felt) Vagina
Star Couplings: Jennifer Aniston Spends Her Off Nights From Mayer With A Butler
Quickies!: Time To Get Your Cycle On, Ladies
Monday Menage: Guitar Hero's Risky Business
Halloween Costumes: True Blood Or Madonna & A-Rod On The Cheap!
Will Confessions Of A Shopaholic Bomb In This Economy?
Pick-Up Artists: Mystery Vs. Don Draper
Is All The Attention Being Paid To Sarah Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe Sexist?
Crave: SIGG Water Bottles
From Ab Flab to Ab Fab For $69
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Anne Hathaway
Nine Negative Effects Of Dating Locally
Get Up And Do Something
Another Sarah Palin Doll Just In Time For The Election
Hot Outta The Oven: Soy-Glazed Chicken On A Recessionista's Budget
Dealbreaker: Dating Below Your Class
Poll: Would You Stay In A Sexless Relationship?
Mad Men: Peggy Olson's Choice & Betty Draper's Lack Of One
The Daily Squeeze: Giving Birth To Grandchildren & The Beckham's TV Offer
Star Couplings: Did Kanye West Suck Face With This Kisser?
For The Week Of October 27-November 2, 2008
Fashion Nightmare: Croc Winter Boots
Quote Of The Day: Robert Pattinson On "Twilight" Pressure
Quick Pic: Gwen Stefani's Halloween Costume Is Making Me Hungry
Female Crotch Grabbing: Hot or Not?
Don Draper's Guide To Picking Up Women
Breaking News: Yay! Amy Poehler Had Her Baby!
Slideshow: Laptop Bags
Hot Outta The Oven: Grocery List For Five Recession Friendly Meals
Beauty How To: Voluminous Vixen Hair
Halloween: A Scary AND Safe Holiday
The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For October 25-26th 2008
Quickies!: Another Naylin' Paylin Clip!
Polaroid Film May Be Dead, But Its Look Lives On
Halloween Costumes: Juno & Paulie Bleeker Or Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass On The Cheap!
Ellen Gives Hayden Panettiere Panties!
Poll: Is This A Stupid Idea?
Crave: Victorian Bird Box
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Sarah Haskins
"Shimmer" Is "Glitter" All Grown Up
Slideshow: Truly Outrageous Footwear
Dominatrixes: Hit Hard, Hit Back
Who The Hell Is Sasha Fierce?
We See Chick Flicks: Zack And Miri Make A Porno
The Sartorialist: The Book?
Tips From A Recessionista: How To Make Extra Money In Your Free Time
The Daily Squeeze: Warm Hands, Jessica Biel's Voice, & Dita Von Teese's Halloween Costume
Quick Pic: Britney Spears & The Kids Visit A Pumpkin Patch
Bush Meets Palin On "Weekend Update Thursday"
Star Couplings: Mandy Moore Plays Nurse for DJ A.M.
Quickies!: Lindsay Lohan Shows Her Ugly Side At "Ugly Betty"
Guy Ritchie's Rebound: Madonna Vs. Kelly Reilly
The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Big Poppa Revealed
The Celebrity Guide To Nasty Breakup Behavior
Style On The Street: Manly Coats And High Heels
Sarah Palin Impersonators Give Dating Advice
Crave: Chocolat Moderne Drinking Chocolate
Be The Palin Family For Halloween!
Stylista: Still Not Convinced This Is Worth Watching
All The Pretty Boys
How To Enjoy A Honeymoon Destination When You're Not On Your Honeymoon
"Lost" Season Five Coming In...2009? Wah!
5 Reasons We Love Kristin Wiig
Quote Of The Day: Jennifer Lopez On Her Past Relationships
Ask The Astrosexologist: My Gemini Fiance Has A Secret Gay Porn Stash!
The Daily Squeeze: Plants, Bartending, Sperm, & Jayden
Dating Don'ts: The Four Types Of Guys On TV To Avoid
Recession Sex Is Good For Women
Star Couplings: Madonna & Guy Ritchie Were Very Nice To Each Other
Quickies!: Ellen Smacks Down Sarah Palin On Gay Marriage
Ritchie Rebounds With A Redhead
Commenter's Ball: Our Five Favorite Comments Of The Week
San Francisco Voters To Decide Whether To Decriminalize Prostitution
If Sarah Palin Shopped For Her Campaign Clothes At Walmart...
10 Songs That Objectify Women (That We Really Love)
Crave: Ebelskiver Stuffed Pancake Pan
The Star Trek Movie Cast: Pretty Boys, Goofy Scotsman, & The Perfect Spock
Crimson Chronicles: How I Came To Love Red Hair
Last Chance To Win A Tim Gunn Bobblehead!
Your Craziest Celebrity Dreams
The 10 Shocking Things I've Learned From The Guys On My IM
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Nastia Liukin
Quick Pic: Becki Newton & Michael Urie Are Chummy In Real Life
The Daily Squeeze: The Man Who Has Fathered 46 Children & The Olsens' Thoughts On Skinny Jeans
Who Is Elizabeth Banks, Anyway?
Star Couplings: Anne Hathaway Replaces Raffaelo
Quickies!: Send Us Your Crazy Celeb Dreams
Britney's Fetish Fashions
Slideshow: All The Presidential Candidates' Accessories
Quick Pic: Kate Hudson & Liv Tyler Have A Date Night
Divorce: Reading The Sign(s)
Sweet Release: What's In And Out The Week Of October 21st 2008
Gossip Girl: Chuck Bass Needs Love, Not Sex
Crave: Leifsdottir Silk Dress
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do Guys Like To Be Pursued Or Not?
Whitney Port Arrives In New York
Quick Pic: Guess Who's Filming An Episode Of Gossip Girl
Love Vandal: Love Is A Construction Site, Not A Battlefield
STD's: Say It With An E-Card!
What's So Great About Rachel Maddow?
Win A Tim Gunn Bobblehead!
The 10 Most Influential Women Of 2008: Sarah Palin
The Daily Squeeze: Super High Heels, Expensive Eyelashes, & Snapple
Zac Efron Gets Footloose!
Star Couplings: Jennifer Aniston's Body A Wonderland For John Mayer's Baby?
Quickies!: Guys May Hate Uggs, But Women Don't Care
Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed Of The Last Decade
A Very Important Message From Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones
Fashion Slideshow: Trench Coats
Genius Idea: Divorce Registries
Crazy Celebrity Dreams
Boo-tiful Halloween-Inspired Jewelry
Crave: Fall Furlough Bag
Quick Pic: Who Is Telling Keira Knightly A Naughty Secret?
Quote Of The Day: Halle Berry Has Good Orgasms
Frisky Sweepstakes: Tim Gunn Talking Bobbleheads
Monday Menage: A Sneak Peak of "Nailin' Paylin!"
Sarah Palin: The Most Sexist Of Them All
Nippies For Your Nipples
Mad Men: Joan Holloway's Date Rape Probably Not That Rare
Dealbreaker: The Lightweight
The Daily Squeeze: Vacuums, the Spitzer's Anniversary, Foot Botox, And Scouts' Lessons
Star Couplings: Brangelina Fell In Love While He Was Still Married
For The Week Of October 20-26, 2008
Quick Pic: Kate Bosworth Rocks A Red Lip, Red Shoes
Five Reasons You Should Be Watching "True Blood"
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