Archives: January, 2008

Posh & Becks Wear Their Hearts On Their Sleeves
Tyra Banks: Crazy Like A Fox
Jane Austen's Men
Getting Knocked Up Has Never Been So Easy!
Senior Citizens And STDs
Bath-O-Magic Gets You Nice And Clean With The Touch Of A Button
The Daily Squeeze: Paint Ball Wedding Photos, Cell Phone Porn, And An Anti-HIV Gel
Vintage Hottie Sandwich: Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna
Sex In Design/Design In Sex At The Museum Of Sex
The Daily Hotness: Matthew Fox
Star Couplings: Paris Hilton Visits The Island Of Lesbos
Fergie, Seventeen Mag & Candies Talk to Teens
Nips & Tucks: It's What's Inside That Counts
Love On A Park Bench
NPR Host Raises More Than Funds
Love Heats Up The Ice
Oscar Music Strategy
Romance On TV: Dating A Millionaire Means No Sex
The Daily Hotness: Kylie Minogue
The Daily Squeeze: Naked Flights, Cougars Find Love, And Online Dating Science
The Hottest Politician Drops Out
Tony Romo Won't Stop Believin' In Jessica Simpson
Star Couplings: Becks Wears Love For Posh On His Chest
Communication Breakdown: Mercury Is In Retrograde
Hot Piece Of Ass: Silverchair's Daniel Johns
What Clay Is Aiken To Tell You
Note to Johnny Depp: Drag Queens Lip-Synch Better Than Your Wife
Hottie Trend: Rockstars Get So Much P*ssy
New Kids Back On The Block?
Parents Want Kids' Doc To Talk To Them About Sex
The Daily Squeeze: Chameleons' Sexy Colors, Herpes Outbreaks, And A Romantic City
My Fair Brady: Peter Brady Not So Into Fake Lesbian Action
Laugh Like The Girls Next Door
Star Couplings: Drew Barrymore Snogs The Mac Guy
The Daily Squeeze: Equality In Bras, Smoking's Side Effects, And An Online Dating Scam
OMG! My BF Is Totally Going To Be My MOH, But What Will My FSIL Thing?
A Real-Life Lesbian Love Crime Story
Juno Had Mad Pregnant Style
University Publishes Steamy Student Sex Survey
Who Wore It Better: Ugly Betty Or The Other Boleyn Girl?
Dog & Cat Prove Inter-Species Love Can Be Feisty
Pay Off: Former Publishing Exec Beats Rupert Murdoch
Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?
The Boob Tube
Weekly Hottie Sandwich: Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan Taints Our Brody
Brad & Angelina Neck At The SAG Awards
Hot Piece Of Ass: Brad Pitt
ScarJo Set To Become A Singing Sensation
The Daily Squeeze: J.Lo Plays Jasmine, Bad Grades, And Reality Porn
Crave: Sharpies, A Simple Heart Ring, And A Poster With An Important Reminder
Hot Piece Of Ass: Maroon 5's Adam Levine
Botox: Looks That Can Kill
Can Oprah Stop Male Genital Odors?
Delicious $3 Abortion Makes You Fat
Star Couplings: Angelina And Brad To Welcome #5 and 6?
Hillary Clinton: Fashion Victim
The Moment Of Truth: Could You Beat The Lie Detector?
The Daily Squeeze: Workplace Romances, REM At Babeland, And The New Word For Lesbians
Sex On TV: Abstinence And American Idol
The Mother Land of Down Under: U.K. Men Obsessed With Hot Underwear
Britney Spears: "All That She Wants" Is Another Baby
The Anti-Squabble Toilet Paper Holder
Lose Your Virginity In Space
Time Magazine's Romance Issue
Heath Ledger: Our Fascination With Celebrity Grief
Hot Piece Of Ass: President Josh Brolin
Star Couplings: Eva Longoria Gets Inked
The Daily Squeeze: Lady On A Leash, Protests At Heath’s Funeral, And Sexy Church Billboards
Bill Clinton Says He "Kind of Liked To See Barack And Hillary Fight"
One Intense Subway Kiss
Studies Find Civil Unions and Marriage Equal
Charlie Sheen vs. Denise Richards Part Deux
Go Ahead, Yell At Him
Why We Love Yale Sluts
Thirty-Five Years Since Roe Vs. Wade
Five Years 'Til Sex With Robots
Cho 'Nuff: Comedienne Comes To Britney's Tampon's Defense
Poll: When Did You Last Get Laid?
Star Couplings: Jared Leto and Paris Hilton Swap Spit
Hot Piece of Ass: Dr. Drew Pinsky
RIP: Heath Ledger
Simcha's Got It
Star Couplings: Scarlett Johansson Might Be Off The Market
Sunday Is Sappy Love Night
Couples Dating Is The New Swinging!
The Daily Squeeze: Stealing Bras, Stylish Condoms, and Everyday Corsets
Confession: I Hate My Gynecologist
Star Couplings: Heidi Still Blind To Spencer's Antics
New Orleans: The Big (Vag)-Easy
The Daily Squeeze: Rose Trends for Valentine’s Day, Vibrator or Bomb?, and Long Legs All Around
American Idol Introduces Us To Father/Son Purity Pledges
Denzel As A Dad
Teacher's Sexy Ad Gets Her In Trouble
Poll: Who's Got The Hottest Name On The Playground?
He's Just Not That Into (Having Sex With) You
Hot Piece Of Ass: Javier Bardem
Star Couplings: Eddie Murphy's "Marriage" Over Before It Begins
StyleHiving: A Frisky First Date Ensemble
Was Oprah Wrong About Promiscuous Teens?
Rachel Bilson, Sex Doll
Sit In Someone's Lap, Literally
Broadway Bids Rent Adieu
Spiderman Is Single
We See Chick Flicks: Juno, Atonement, and P.S. I Love You
The Daily Squeeze: Aggression, Chicago Singles, And A Funny Song
Star Couplings: Matthew McConaughey Spreads His Naked Bongo Playing Seed
An Illustrated Guide For Buying Lingerie
The Daily Squeeze: A Brothel Sticker, Dinosaur Sex, And A Cautionary Tale
Jenna Jameson Retires From Porn. Sniff.
Star Couplings: Britney Headed To The Altar?
Monster Love for The Weepies
It’s Not Fair That Guys Are Incapable Of Getting Pregnant
Star Couplings: It's Raining Babies!
We Missed Out: No Pants Subway Ride Day
Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses Still Available
The Daily Squeeze: Wii Chocolate, Another Dead Lover, and Chicago’s Busy Fridays
Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Padded Down
Kate Nash's Insights
Star Couplings: Lindsay Lohan Adds Adrian Grenier To Her Entourage
The Most Romantic Story Of The Day: Dog Mourns The Loss Of Cat Best Friend
Gossip Girl's Dan Says "I Love You"
Ricki Lake's "The Business Of Being Born" Awesomely Icky
The Daily Squeeze: A Wife In A Brothel, A Man In A Wedding Dress, And A Reason For Divorce
Star Couplings: Pamela Anderson Knocked Up
Hot Piece of Ass: Johnny Depp
Are You A Swinger?
Hillary Heckler Harkens Back To 1955
Brunch Is For Girls
Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Are Just Too Cute
Woman's Wedding Cake Looks Familiar
Star Couplings: Angelina And Brad's PDA
Star Couplings: Jennifer Aniston Scores With Sex And The City Hottie
Celebrity Engagements: Which Will Stick?
Divorce Greatest Threat To The Ecosystem After Pollution
New York City Daters Get A (Reality TV) Guru
Can You Judge Man's Sexual Prowess By Man's Best Friend?
Divorce-O-Grams: The New Spam?
Is Three Still A Crowd In Modern Marriages?
Did The Citizens of New York Pay To Protect Rudy Giuliani's Affair?
The Ex-Files: Is It Possible To Just Be Friends?
Sweet Valley High: The First Time We Read A Book That Made Us Feel Funny Down There
Celine Dion: The Greatest Ballad Singer In The World Is Also The Funniest!
The Daily Squeeze: Banking Vs. Sex, Monkeys, And A Fake Orgasm Lawsuit
Star Trek's Wil Wheaton Ditched By The Suicide Girls
Star Couplings: Kim Kardashian's Butt Still Single
Hot Piece Of Ass: Barack Obama
The Daily Squeeze: Sexless Turtles, Women’s Viagra, and Obvious Sex Statistics
Malaysia's Minister of Health Stars In Sex Tape And Resigns
Depressing News Story of the Day: Dad Allegedly Kills Daughter For Marrying Without His Permission
Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia Overcome 12-Year Age Difference To Be Together
Star Couplings: Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz Ring In The New Year