iPhones Can Save You From Drunk Dialing

Before you go out and get sauced on this New Year’s Eve and risk drunk dialing, drunk texting, or worse, there are a few applications you may want to download to your iPhone. A Sacramento writer volunteers his liver and sipping skills to test four sobriety apps. After the jump, find out which one is best for you.R U Drunk

How it works: R U Drunk has a bunch of “are you sober” games and “its own versions of field sobriety tests via the iPhone’s touch screen (walk in a straight line, balance on one leg for 30 seconds, take a hand-eye coordination test).” R U Drunk includes an alphabet test where the user is asked to type the alphabet backwards in 45 seconds. Hmm, I’m not sure I could do that sober.


How it works: Press a button to tabulate the amount of drinks you’ve consumed. Without knowing your height or weight, the application will tell you whether you’re “OK to drive” and how many “hours until sober.” It also includes a Call Taxi feature that connects you to 1-800-taxicab, all of which is $1.99 more expensive than calling a cab yourself after you’ve had more than a couple drinks.

Drink Timer
99 cents

How it works: “Enter relevant drinking information for ‘units,’ ‘ml’ and ‘%’ (for percentage of alcohol in your drink). Drink Timer then gets busy and calculates the time until you’re sober again.” Ugh! Sounds tedious; Pass the pitcher!

99 cents

How it works: “Plug in the amount of drinks you’ve gulped down, your weight, how many hours you’ve been drinking and if you’re male or female. Your approximate blood-alcohol level is calculated. These results register on a thermometer for levels of ‘tipsy,’ ‘drunk’ and ‘too much.’” It’s a buck cheaper than BarHopper and seems to yield more accurate results, but I’d suggest an even more accurate result would be to count the number of times you’ve had to take a leak in the last hour. Twice: tipsy; Three times: drunk; Four or more: people will be talking about this for years. [TechNewsWorld]