Face Off: DListed Vs. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton and Michael K work from opposite cities, on opposite sides of the country, and they cover opposite sides of the media machine. While these bloggers are certainly not cut from the same cloth, they are both out Latino loud mouths cracking us up about culture and celebs — who’s doing what, who’s doing who, and who is gayer than Gloria Gaynor. We follow these two bloggin’ boys like they’re as famous as the people they write about. So, let’s see how they stack up, side by side with a Perez vs. Michael K Face Off!

STRENGTH Takes a lil’ time before he just spits info out. But good things come to those who wait for the K’s rapier wit. Perez has the celeb 411 before anyone regularly breaking news before even the biggest tabloids like Us Weekly and People.
FANS OF THE FANS K is a niche market with a loyal audience who has a sense of humor — just read the quips of the “Caption This” photo section winners! Like the pop stars he loves, Perez reaches a broader audience, with 4.5 million readers each month.
TALENT SCOUT Treats the raddest Youtube “entertainers,” lucite loving ex-strippers, and obscure attention hungry models, like superstars! Well, that’s why his site is called DListed. Identifies up-and-comers who are dying to make it big, like Mika and Adele, in his “Listen To This” section.
OBSESSION Worships redheads — from Carrot Top to Phoebe Price To Prince Harry. Divas like Leona Lewis — he even did a VH1 show about the baddest women in music.
CRAFTSMAN The K creates awesome slang like “Prince Hot Ginge” and “MiserAlba.” He’s a one-man urban dictionary. Hilton draws fake drool, penises, snaggle teeth, thought bubbles, and cum splatter on a celeb photo like a fine artist!
‘TUDE The K is kind of a writerly recluse. He doesn’t make big splashy TV appearances. He inserts himself in his writing, like the recent hilarious “slut smelled like cheese butter” sex story, but his whoredom is strictly reserved for his personal life, not his professional one. The self-proclaimed “Queen of all Media” loves as much spotlight as the stars he covers on his beat. Perez changes his hair color like we change into a new pairs of undies and counts celebs like Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, and Dita Von Teese among his besties. When he tongued John Mayer two years ago, he was the first to kiss and tell.
BLOG IN THE CITY Lives and loves in New York. Graduated from NYU’s prestigious acting conservatory in 2000, then moved to LA in 2002 where he began blogging out of a coffee shop.
NAME GAME Changed site name from “The D-List” to “D-listed” when Kathy Griffin sued over her Bravo TV show title. Changed the site name from PageSixSixSix.com, a spoof of The New York Post’s gossip column.
BIG BREAK Michael K started blogging while working at a boring dot com desk job. So he dropped off his last name so he wouldn’t get busted at the office! Now, thank to his blog, he’s a self-employed man! Hilton’s real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr, but he writes under an alias based on one of his favorite hoes, Paris Hilton. However, he could easily be confused with his celeb-ish doppelganger Gummy Bear.