Who Inspired Tripp Palin Johnston’s Name?

Bristol Palin and her baby daddy Levi Johnston gave birth to healthy boy on Sunday. His name? Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. Say what? Is that the name of a new nail polish color? Was little Bristol trippin’ when she bought her baby books? Or perhaps she was paying homage to many “famous” “Tripps” on TV and in movies. After the jump, check out some famous “Tripps” that could have inspired Bristol and Levi…

1. Josh Hartnett
“The Virgin Suicides”

Trip Fontaine is the neighborhood heartthrob. Levi was the genius behind this one. He wants his boy to be hunky and dreamy so all the Alaskan girls can swoon over him — just like his daddy.
2. Matthew McConaughey
“Failure to Launch”

He’s just Tripp. No last name. But he’s a commitment-phobic mama’s boy. Naming her son after him means she never wants her baby to grow up and leave the nest.
3. Donald Sutherland
“Dirty Sexy Money”

Patrick “Tripp” Darling is a rich, wealthy and powerful man. Bristol may not want to be a hockey mom like her momma, so naming her son after this Tripp means she wants to bounce out of Alaska and live lavishly in New York City.
4. Bill Murray

Tripper Harris plays a camp counselor who befriends one of the lonely kids. Bristol may want her son to be popular and embrace the idea of love and friendship.
5. Kevin Kleinberg
“Power Rangers: Time Force”

Trip Regis is the Green Time Force Ranger who had green hair and a jewel on his forehead which amplifies his psychic powers. Obviously Bristol wants her son to have a vivid imagination and be creative because she already feels he is going to be socially awkward.
6. Linda Tripp
She recorded phone convos with Monica Lewinsky to set her up and reveal Lewinsky’s affair with President Clinton. Naming her child after Linda Tripp means he’s going to be a snitch and an instigator and always get into trouble. And he won’t be popular.
7. Bradley Whitford
“Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”

Danny Trip was a TV producer on this now canceled TV show. Bristol wants her son to be successful and flourish in his career aspirations so he can provide for all the other kids she’s planning on popping out.