There’s Something So Wrong About This

Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has created a $2,000 vibrator. You’re probably thinking, “What kind of effing vibrator costs that kind of money?” It’s called the “Little Steel Tonight” vibrator, so we guess it doesn’t offer much besides a satin finish, a row of 28 diamonds and promotion for Stewart’s latest solo song. We’re not really sure what satin finish means. We thought all vibrators were supposed to be smooth, especially ones in shape of a bullet. This sex toy is also meant to be worn, hence the diamonds. The makers have threaded a leather chord through the cap and there’s also a custom guitar pick attached to the chord. Why anyone would want to use a vibrator that had been worn all day is beyond us. The chorus from Stewart’s song encircles the bullet, also. Plus, you can download the song for free after purchasing the vibrator. Yay! [Via Dlisted]

Tags: vibrators