The Top 5 Women’s Rights Wins Of 2008

Women, like 41-year-old mother and five time Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres, made a lot of headlines this year. However, we also made some incredible strides out of the swimming pool. In honor of all those hardworking, won’t take no for an answer kind of bad asses who made those achievements possible, here are the Top 5 Women’s Rights Wins of 2008:

1. Aborted Anti-Choice Legislation: As America enthusiastically voted in Obama, the overwhelming majority also rejected anti-abortion legislation that would have restricted women from their legal right to choose as dictated by Roe v. Wade. Way to go South Dakota, Colorado, and California!

2. Connecticut Is For Lovers While most people will think about Prop 8’s disappointing win in the Golden State, almost a month beforehand, Connecticut was able to shed some light on the issue. It joined Massachusetts, becoming the second state to legalize gay marriage. This type of law solidifies that women, based on their gender, do not need to depend on a man solely for social or financial security. Sisters are really doing it for themselves!

3. First Female President, Almost: While no one feels slighted by the historical milestone of the first African-American President (except for maybe those P.U.M.A. dimwits), it was totally awesome to see Hillary Clinton become the first female Presidential candidate endorsed by a major party. And, hey, she still came out on top! The Senator is headed to DC for the next four years to be the Secretary of State — oddly enough, a position her husband granted a woman, Madeleine Albright, for the first time.

4. Can’t Buy Me Love: In 2008, officially half the states in our union turned down federal funds for abstinence only education since government studies have shown how completely ineffective that narrow-minded view of sex ed truly is. Hey, knowledge is power!

5. A Piece Of Prime Time: This past fall, Rachel Maddow, 35, became the first lesbian prime time news anchor. On her MSNBC show, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” she’s been a great ally, speaking out against Bush’s recent “Right Of Conscience Bill,” which is a thinly veiled attack on women’s reproductive rights. Maddow is our woman fighting on the front lines of politics in the media, and to boot, she’s completely hilarious. Dream best friend alert!

[Waking Vixen]