Lose Weight When You Walk

Ladies! Throw those weight loss resolutions out the window. There is a new piece of workout equipment destined to change your life. It’s a shoe. I know, I was a skeptic too. But The MBT (Massai Barefoot Technology) is being called the world’s smallest gym. It looks like a sneaker but the sole is curved and thick. Initially, when you put them on it almost feels like you might fall backwards because it seems like you’re walking on a springy mass (like a trampoline) or a sandy beach. But once you get comfortable walking in the shoes, it’s like a total body workout without even putting in work. You just walk like you normally do. You can run your errands or go for a walk, only this time you’re getting a serious workout in. The shoe works on firming and toning your abs, thighs, legs and butt muscles. I’m not complaining about trying to drop a couple of holiday pounds. It also helps improve posture and relieves stress on our joints and back. The shoe is so hot reportedly celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cher and Heidi Klum own a pair. There are two downfalls to this mini-workout. The price ranges from $150 for the basic sneaker up to $350 for the boot. Still cheaper than a yearly gym membership or those other pieces of equipment that sit in your house collecting dust. The other downer? The shoe is fugly. It’s nearly the most hideous thing you could put on your foot — aside from Uggs and Crocs — which is hard for those who are slaves to fashion. Just make sure you accessorize really well and hopefully no one will notice these giant brick looking things attached to your feet. [Swiss Masai]