Happy Women Have Curves

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and drop a dress size or two, you may want to reconsider. In a recent poll in the UK of about 3,000 women, size 14s (a US size 12) rated their happiness higher than everyone else, with about a quarter saying they liked their appearance, half reporting career satisfactions, and a third rating their love lives as the best possible. Size 12 women (a US 10) were the second happiest group of women, with nearly three quarters reporting satisfaction with their friendships and almost half satisfied with their careers. Size 8 (US 6), 16 (US 14), and 10 (US 8) rounded out the happy camp, respectively. Nigella Lawson, a TV cook, thinks the secret to curvy girls’ happiness is a pleasurable sex life, saying: “I do think that women who spend all their lives on a diet probably have a miserable sex life: if your body is the enemy, how can you relax and take pleasure?” Still, not all women with curves are happy with their lives. Those who wear sizes 20-24 (US 18-22) were among those who reported being most unhappy with their lives. Maybe dropping a dress size in the new year isn’t such a bad resolution after all? [Dailymail.co.uk]