2008 Was A Sexy Year

The Daily Beast has a sexy roundup of the top sex-related stories in 2008. What were the hot sex trends this year? 1) Cheating: From Eliot Spitzer to John Edwards, this was the year of the straying politician. 2) Starf***ing: Whether it was David Duchovny’s sex addiction or Madonna dumping Guy for A-Rod, 2008 was chock full of star-crossed lovers. 3) Researching: The year of the sex study exposed old people still get it on, some people like TV and the Internet more than doing it, and sneezing can get you off. 4) Skin-Trading: Playboy stock plummeted, Playgirl went digital, but Miley Cyrus in a sheet scored headlines. 5) Screening: Harry Potter stripped in Equus and John Updike won for bad sex, exposing that getting dirty in public is a young man’s game. 6) Banning: No gay marriage in CA, but Connecticut legalized it, and “Milk” won Oscar buzz. 7) So, what did we learn about sex in ’08? When it comes to sex, America remains conflicted.

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